Initiation into the Taliban starts early, in this case a 12-year old boy is being coached in the finer points of beheading. It takes him a while to saw through the head but notice the pride in his face when he finally holds up the severed head! 

You can see the video by clicking on the link below, but be warned, the site has a lot of porn on it:

Still shots from the above video of 12-year-old beheader trainee:
















462 comments on “12-YEAR OLD TALIBAN BOY’S FIRST BEHEADING (WARNING: Extremely graphic images)

  1. a complete wipeout, of the biological gene pool, perhaps a solution to these fanatical two tunged Fu***ng muslim inbreds

    • Thats exactly what they do against non muslims.

      We have to learn from them.their language and then hit them only then they will understand

    • Don’t Forget That Obama is the one who armed, Trained and sent the So Called ISIS Troops out to scare the people of america and canada to be forced to listen exactly what we say don’t fight back because thats all that they want from us to be more specific YOU They Want YOU to join the army don’t listen.
      Remember This “Why Wont Obama tell the people huh?” Exclaimed Russia…

  2. sooner or later we the plebs are going to have to sort this shit out as the big boys don’t want to or even invite them onto home soil. i for one want to make a physical contribution to the elimination of this faith. shag the flag from the UK.
    grate site by the way.

    • One of the great achievements of Western Civ was the invention of childhood…we’re astonished at a kid cutting off a dead man’s head…kids have pulled their weight from the time they could walk, cleaning, fixing, working in the fields, killing chickens, goats, etc, for family food, doing what their parents’ told them…
      until the reform of the Industrial Revolution, and then going to school and having leisure to be…CHILDREN.

      There weren’t any little lazy kids before then. As a farm boy at seven I miled…by hand…as many cows as I was years old. Family rule. Chopped…ytes, by myself, with an axe! kindling for the stove so Granma could cook and warm the kitchen…and whatever chores I was assigned. And there were lots of them,

      Fed and selected and killed animals on assignment, too…and by the way, if you have an army that buys its shrink-wrapped meat and never deals with butchering…how well will they stack up against a determined group, locked together religiously, who have killed their own meat?

      Certainly not as mean and casual about kiling, wouldn’t you say?

      Your useless kids will convert in a snap, your girls will sucumb to having their clits cut out, not because there is nothing to fight for, but because THEIRS are skillful already at basic killing skills,having practiced on animals, and cruel to women…

      I am an old man, but I did my time in good military units, and although I am proud of the leisure time my culture and civilization granted me to improve myself, we also must always have a ring of steel…ie, hardened, skillful military types to protect our softness, we may have gone too far and most of the US has no concept of what a perversely powerful enemy of all living Americans…and our allies…Islam is, NOR EVEN WHY.

      I hate living among dull, stupid, ignorant people…but I’m a loyal American. What choices do I have?

    • I’m sorry but you are completely wrong. Christians who follow God do not commit such atrocities. Whatever you think about this video you watched is untrue. It was a crime by Mexican drug dealers NOT Christians. Besides, this site is dedicated to exposing Islam not drug dealers. You are raging on the wrong site. You are in the wrong place.

      • I’m sorry but your cant really be serious??? Christians who follow God do not commit such atrocities? You can not seriously be that ignorant. Christianity is full of atrocities and some are worse than beheading. In 356 AD it was punishable by death for anyone who participated in pagan service. That is mass genocide. In the 6th century pagans were devoid of rights. Did you know that in Stedling Germany 11000 men,women and children were murdered because they did not pay a church tax. Then for 200 years you have the crusades. Dating right back to the beginning of Christianity you have the “witch hunts”. I could go on and on but you get the point. Wake up and dont be so ignorant we live in a enlightened world stop living in past when everything that could not be explained was ” gods will”.

        • Sean, you are talking about ancient history. Stay in the present. As for the Crusades, you conveniently forget that they were the long overdue reaction to Muslim domination and atrocities. We desperately need a new Crusades today.

    • asseem..did you think no one would look or no hables espanol? You dumb lying fucktard! Nowhere was Christianity mentioned. That was Zetas Cartel. They executed those women because the woman’s brother was a member of another gang, Gulf Drug Cartel. Unlike lying asslifters, they did not mention God or their religion. Only moslems shout out allahu assbar! But, if I were you, I wouldn’t be carrying on too much about the Zetas. They were doing this shit before isis was out of diapers and they do not like little boys disrespecting them. STUPID LYING FUCKIN ‘ MOSLEM. VIVA CRISTO REY!

    • Did you know that so called human beings fighting for Isis are testified of being captured by woman fighters. The will slauter them cut them up keeping their head of keeping them a trouphys, also a pig Isis soldier will never enter heaven because he has been killed by a woman. They are all verified fighting woman soldiers. The next idiot wanting to fight for Isis from England will have his or her family visited by people who want to put thing right or even,that is what i have heard anyway.

    • Yea, like to see them pussies try to cut my head off. We need to stop playing with this trash and send n our elite forces. Anyone that has anything to do with these people should be eliminated. Men, women and children without exception. We should stop being politically correct and deal with these people n the terms they understand. They don’t want to act respectfully, we should therefore accept nothing less than fear. Kill one who does not believe as u do, we kill 100 who supports that crap. Their mothers, their fathers, their sisters, their brothers, their homes, their cities. They should not have a moments rest. Mr Obama is a good man and does not want young men/wemon hurt or killed. He does not want the suffering and pain the families will experience. I understand that but sometimes U have to nip it n the bud so it does not spin out of control. I respect my President as a man, however I feel his decision to not put our warriors on the ground over there has allowed these monsters to gain power and a following. That one wrong decision has n fact cost more lives than if it would have been dealt with n the beginning. We need to drop small nuclear bombs on every known terrorist training camp world wide. We need surveillance on cities and towns suspected of providing support. When it is determined that the majority of the citiy/town is supporting these cowards, drop the bomb and let it b known, You are with us or You are not. If You are not, you will die n short order. While they are at it, send n our special people to take out all of Iran’s Administration. The world has forgotten that we have the ability to b more monstrous than anyone else. They have n fact taken our kindness and regard for human life as a weakness.

      • Obama is not a “good man.” He is importing hundreds of Muslim terrorists into the United States every day. He can’t send US troops to war against Islam, so he is bringing Muslims to America to war against us!

    • No all Muslims are like this for example if a white man kills someone he is considered angry but if a Muslim kills someone he is regarded as a terrorist peaple in the world are disgracing Muslims or maybe a white person does something bad nothing happens but if a Muslim does it the social media are all over it the media are giving a bad name to the Muslims

        • The animals in Daesh and other criminal groups are just that. Criminals
          They are not true believers of Islam
          They pervert the teachings of ian
          And before you ask, I am a. Bridgman
          However it’s not a religion that we need to wage war on but a bunch of criminal als.
          Identify the cowards and those who support them and finish them off for good.
          But let’s not do it in the name of religion lets do it because the world does not need this filth to be sucking oxygen

        • Peter, you are NOT allowed to call them Daesh here. They are the Islamic State or ISIS. They are NOT perverting Islam, they are practicing what Islam teaches Muslims to do in the quran.

          They are not criminals, they are Islamofascists.

          And yes, we are at war with Islam.

          YOU ARE BANNED.

      • It is not the killing, it is the rituals which are based on the Qur’an. The suicidal bombing, beheadings, etc. Terrorist attacks to inspire fear (as Muhammad told Muslims to inspire fear into the hearts of the enemy by brutal executions and displaying the sinners/victims, so that everyone will know). Like all kinds of countries did in medieval times (Romans crucified, Christians burned/stoned, the French beheaded, all in public, etc., etc.).

        White people shoot at schools and kill all their bullies. Or shoot everyone at work because they got fired. In short, they get terribly pissed off by something and go mad. But they don’t claim to do it in the name of Islam/religion and they are not celebrated by (many) other white people. Maybe just Breivik, but he was still a loner.
        So there is a huge difference between the cases you are comparing. Both people are insane, I agree. The problem is that the Qur’an has way too many references to violence and telling muslims to hate the jews (who have enraged Allah) and pity the Christians (who are lost/dwelling). To kill the disbelievers and make sure that everyone agrees that there is only one God/Allah and Muhammad is his prophet. Not all muslims act upon this, as the Qur’an also states that the killing of a person is as if to kill the entire human race. Nonetheless, it’s direct references to violence against all but Islam itself, the portrayal of Muhammad as sometimes a warlord and on other times a great peaceful man, the eternal and literal interpretation of the Qur’an (because it says so…) are reasons Islam will burst out in violence every few centuries. In prosperous times all is well, in times of poverty all is hell. Even a lot of muslims themselves are realising this and are calling to reform Islam. Then again: they are often threatened or killed for being blasphemers, apostates or infidels.

        That’s the scary part. What Islamic State, or Daesh is doing, is all part of Islam*. It is legislation from about the 7th to 9th century and is considered to be Islam at it’s finest moment. So they are changing everything back to then. A few examples: Islamic taxes (higher if you are non-muslim and oblige to muslim rule – jizya), full Sharia law and restoring countries to what they were a few or several hundred years ago: changing their borders, names and all artwork/craven images are destroyed. No music is allowed, just talking, prayers and chanting. Executions take place in public, are witnessed by little children and will be displayed for days.

        They want everyone to believe the same and are making sure this will happen to everyone in the world, killing everyone who disbeliefs and doesn’t want to pay Jizya. Every muslim believes in this. But the difference lies in how to do this. Most muslims don’t want to do this by force. A small group is willing to, however. There are 1 to 2 billion muslims.
        If you consider 1% to be violent, you still have about 10 million potential terrorists. And the cause still is: the inability to reform Islam because it is the eternal word of God. The tribal nature of most arabic/muslim countries and the presence of several (religious) movements and or groups in the middle east, like Shia, Sunni/Wahhabi, Kurds, Alevi, Ba’athists, Jews, Christians etc. isn’t helping at all.

        So keep dreaming about a peaceful Islam. It will never exist as long as there is freedom. If the entire world agrees that there is only one God and that Muhammad is his prophet; then there shall be peace…

        *all but the burning of a man which is forbidden, because only Allah punishes with fire

      • Don’t you DARE try to justify this. If you Muslims would band together to stop this you could but you won’t because you want the Caliphate but your religion of peace dictates that you should lie to forward your mission to usher in the Imam. We ignorant Christians are on to you now. Convert, Repent, and God will save you from HIS wrath.

      • your right… these retards can not see that this is not an issue of religion but of a range of sociological factors… you all need to get educated… and i dont mean that as an insult… i also need to learn lots

        • the most sensable thing ive read on here, and so alas we come full circle, to the realization that these people cant be helped, we should just ring-fence them off until they learn to get along, or wipe themselves out. POVERTY & CORRUPTION are the real enemies of these people. Young men fed up with their lot, pick up guns and take what they want in the name of religion, that may work in the short term, until someone else points one at them. At least SADDAM new how to control the tribes, we should not have ever got involved in the region.

  3. There is apparently nothing wrong with the content on this site considering all the world seemingly condones if not support muslin atrocities. There are enough young men around the world who would only love to volunteer to eradicate the muslim faith anywhere it exists in the world.

  4. So I have been checking out this page for a few days after I found It while watching the japanese hostages situation. Thanks for all the vids BNI as gruesome and shocking as they are. They’re eye opening to say the least.

    I know this is an anti Muslim site and I know nothing of any religion, but I’m trying to get my head around it. I think there’s a lot of comments about nuking all muslims wiping them out but would this make us no better than them? I think I read once that other religions had their own eras of let’s say skeletons in the closet and have pretty well reformed, is this not possible with muslims? I read a note on one of these pages about radicals cutting your head off and moderates wanting a radical to cut your head off. If that’s true then maybe they’re beyond changing but if the less radical ones are truly peaceful then maybe they can modify their bible to suit the modern world? Maybe I am just naive?

    It seems to me that ISIS is just a bunch of bloodlusting sickos who would be doing what they’re doing just under a different banner if there was no such thing as muslim(Islam?). Maybe the change has to come from within these groups themselves, these so called moderates should stand up and destroy the so called radicals and maybe the world would believe that they mean well.

    Cheers for reading

      • I am leaving my comment here for lack of knowledge of whear to let you know I have just recently found this site and although rough to watch only by seeing the true uncensored primitive brutality can we as the moral compass for the world stand together against this plague against humanity called Islam. I ordered your infafadel shirt and plan to wear it with pride and a bit of arrogance knowing that I am well informed and ready to stand my ground should any liberal democrat have the guts to comment on it. Thank you for being a true American willing to call Islam what it is a bunch of goat humping Arabs trying to control the world by fear. Thank you for standing your ground and know that I will stand for what is right as well without fear of reprisal.

      • I too am new to this website. Some very eye opening and thought provoking stuff here, that the whole world should see, as hard as it is to watch and comprehend to us Westerners!
        I used to think, naively, that all religions believed in a common God but each affixed different names to him. This was obviously wrong, because I can’t see any “true God” condoning the actions of these extremists! There ought to be a law against Allah!

    • Sorry to say you are naive . If this was only in the middle east that’s one thing but this is world wide. They are teaching kids in school and on T.V to kill. The Muslim Bother came out of the White House stating they will kill the president of Egypt.
      Why because Arabs are getting tried of all the killings so they kicked the brotherhood out.

      When the brotherhood got their guy in he killed over 1 million people in front of the president palace. The president is trying to protect his people like Israel is. But our White House sides with them. That is why Egypt has made Obama co- conspirator in the murders with Dr Morsi.

      After ww1 Wilson stated the League of Nations. But when Hither and Japan started fighting everybody the league talked a lot but did nothing. The founder of the Muslim brotherhood was a Iman but he was also a General in the SS for Hither.

      After the WW2 they started the U.N now the U.N talks a lot and blames the innocent parties like Israel when the Muslim terrorist are starting the trouble. But the countries that are in trouble won’t talk to Israel. As long as Israel gets it that’s fine.
      We are going into ww3 and it won’t turn out good for us.

      Our weapons are old and our country is broke. We got carriers that have trouble landing planes on them. Our older carriers that could land planes were not put into moth balls as they did before. They were sunken for the fish. Our jets are about 20 years old. Obama got rid of 1200 majors and colonials in Afghanistan . He got rid of 80,000 of our troops. Obama even forced general’s to retire.

      If we go to war they have to train people but this war will come to fast because they will come for us first. Since Clinton there was 17 Arab camps in the U.S they were watched by the F.B.I. Now fox reported there are 37 camps and F.B.I was told not to bother them. Leads you to wonder what side Obama is on.

      So if you think we can talk to them remember this we are infidels in the Koran it said’s we can’t be their friends and they can lie to us. So how far you think we get by talking to them. Plus the fact they are running the U.N.

      • Thanks Jimmy for your comments very insightful.

        What I am really struggling to understand is that this is every Muslim that does these acts? Surely human nature is to protect other humans. Like when you pull up to a car accident the larger population will get out of their car to help others that they don’t even know. It’s human nature. Are these guys so brainwashed they lose that humanity? Or is it just the hardline bloodthirsty sickos?

        I realise those that leave their country and head to America(or other countries) probably have an agenda and you’re right I imagine they’re preparing to attack from within. But I read there’s billions of muslims surely they can’t all be nut jobs?. The other slogan I read is not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.

        As you said I am naive we are pretty secluded on the west coast of Aus so it’s all so surreal what I see on these pages. Other than the Lindt cafe siege I’d never seen any of this till the japanese guys got beheaded. As for the images on this actual thread with the kid beheading someone is mind blowing.

        • I think your error is starting your thought process believing that Islam is a religion, it’s not, it is a “system”, a poli-socio-economic system that is very organized and driven by one goal – World Domination. What you also have to understand is the muslims who migrate to non muslim countries seeking a more “peaceful” setting to practice their ‘religion’ are doing EXACTLY what the system is designed to do, spreading out into all reaches of the globe.
          As a human being raised in a free country such as America for example, our first thought is to ‘humanize’ everyone to make sense of it. So we see the so called peaceful muslims and think “wait, they aren’t ALL bad”.
          The problem with that is once they continue to populate into our countries, it is always, and I mean ALWAYS followed by the steps that have been put into place for decades to slowly integrate, stand out, demand and then take over. There is not one country on this entire planet where muslims have immigrated to and NOT have destroyed it. They are methodical and patient.
          So you have a friend at the corner store “Ahmed” who moved to your neighborhood to leave the extremists in his home country to continue murdering, raping, torturing, murdering, maiming, etc.. and he smiles when he sells you your cola. Well where is “Ahmed” going to be when the extremists start doing that in your neighborhood, I tell you where, NOT on your side. He will either do what he’s told to remain alive with other muslims or he’ll be dead after he’s declared an apostate.

    • Sorry to tell you but think back to Germany and Japan they were all to blame. 1st for at least 25 years japan drilled into the kids they were the best and to fight fight fight. They did just that to our troops. This is brain washing so it was inbreed into them. They won’t stop they would kill right to the end.

      Germany Hither did the same thing to hate Jews they were to blame for everything. So they had to be wiped out. True the gas chambers were set up because the troops were getting sick being murders. But they still were to blame they did nothing.
      As they said in the Nuremberg trial the general’s said they were only following orders. They were told that is no excuse.

      Now Muslim mothers say they are proud to have a child to become a bomber.
      Sorry no mother wants their child killed. The Boston Bomber is on trail for the bombing his mother stated the F.B.I lied about it. They didn’t I live near U-MASS Dartmouth . The Arabs there are rude to everyone . Some kids from India are afraid of them. But they are getting housing on the tax payers dime.

      Getting back to Germany and Japan they lived that way not more than 25 years they had some humanity left in them. But Muslims been that way since 600 ad they don’t care about this life they care about the after life. The men want their 70 virgins . But think of this how did Mohamed get his 70 virgins when they think Mohamed is still alive in his grave. What is he doing playing cards.

      What they are doing is going world wide and they are starting trouble in every country and the governments are not doing anything to stop it. Everywhere they go rape of children goes up. In England a group of Muslims set up a sex slaves of 13 and 14 years old Social workers knew about it for years. But they said nothing they didn’t want to offend the Muslims what about the kids.

      Obama has said that Christians are to blame for everything even slavery so were you think this country is going Arabs don’t give up everything. Obama proved a interfaith prayer meeting that he like his father is Muslim . People say only 2 more year Don’t count on it. He is taken the power from congress and now the senate.

      They say they don’t want to follow our laws . Seems no one wants to they come over the border so American tax payers will support them. It time to stop being politically correct and start putting them in their place. Before we become their slaves.

      • Is it any wonder that a sniper having seen this kind of
        brutality in Iraq,wouldn’t have a second thought about
        putting a round in the head of a 12 year old!

        They are being trained to be animals,(I take that back)
        animals kill to servive,these human animals kill for no
        reason but hatred of someones religion.

        Some country had better stop these people before they
        become an unstopable force in many parts of the world.

  5. Just to let you know, in some arabic countries including Lebanon a child is considered an adult by age 9. By age 12 they are proficient with a bolt action rifle. Do not be fooled. these are no longer children. western soldiers should understand that when fired upon by accurate fire in the hands of a “child”

    • Allah there so called god is half beast half pig fuck it I’m saying it all bad Muslims must die run all of them out of the west 4 good. Nuke all Muslims world wide then we will c how bad they think they r’ if they r man by 9-12 they must all burn 2. :-) UK.

    • That is why they NEED to be seen as a form of ZOMBIE period, We cannot wrap our minds around it and we need to STOP thinking we can, If you care? do train your own kids it is the only way, Teach them self defense to the MAX!! Let them know there are people who look like people but think NOTHING like the humans do who they are used to knowing, Slowly and carefully teach them the serious and REAL differences. I am afraid if we do not do that they will make assumptions that these monsters can be talked to or reasoned with.

  6. This site is either sponsored by a propaganda interested group or there are some ignant ass blind sheep ba ba’ing around these parts. There were no al qaeda turroriss until there was land / resources to be confiscated / ‘liberated’. Their lands are invaded, raped of the mineral resources present, the phony new governments installed by the conquerers install central banks and harsh military rule to guard it, to ensure perpetual enslavement, a land of peaceful living muslims, christians, and native jews was invaded and cleared of its native population by terribly violent means and then idiots want to put up videos disseminated by US GOVERNMENT INTELLIGENCE that this terrible enemy (whose lands we have invaded) are training to kill us! How dare they train to fight people who have invaded their lands?! IDIOTS! We, the American people, desire peace ultimately in the world. What is the best way to do that? By advocating “wiping out” 2 billion people? or by thinking about why they are angry? Lets be realistic. They do not control world finance, they do not own the media, they are not invading western nations, they are not wiping out people in the world. They don’t control shit! Yet some idiots amongst us are telling people, “They’re gonna git ya if we don’t git them first!” and showing propaganda videos! They only people who that video is aimed for is people like you idiots to get more mad and continue to bolster the (over)growth of your government’s power and reach, until you idiots will realize you created your own tyrant. Or maybe you’re so stupid, you wont even realize it. May you find guidance.

    • It
      pretty much sounds like you have had an indoctrination and steady
      propaganda diet yourself. There are many ways to control! Don’t act like
      Muslims are poor, pitiful souls who just wanna have a peaceful
      co-existence. If you look at that film and agree to conditioning
      children to be haters and coldblooded killers, and I look at that film
      and feel disgust at a country that would do that to their children, and
      sadness for the child who is a ruined perversion of what a child should
      be, then clearly one of us is not thinking about this in a sane,
      rational way. This is because you, if you sympathize with that, cannot
      accept any world view but yours no matter how sick. For you the abnormal
      may be the norm. Then we seem to have a problem.

      Funny how some countries now want to pretend and oversimplify the past.
      That’s the only thing they can do to divert their people from their
      shortcomings in giving them a better life.

      Well, let’s take a little walk down memory lane. It was reported that
      even Nazi observers were horrified at the sheer brutality of the
      Japanese. The people in this film are in that same category, because
      they remind me how seemingly normal looking people are capable of such
      monstrous behavior.

      If the US would not have taken the decisive action on Japan after Pearl
      harbor, for example, the US would have been invaded, and the same
      massacres that occurred in China at the hands of sweet, quaint, tiny,
      little Japan would have been the out come. By that time, Japan had done
      similarly what these Jihadists are trying to do, by trying to take over
      all throughout China, where they killed, not just the comparatively
      small combined number like the 50,000 to 80,000 deaths from the bombs at
      Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but the totals killed by the Japanese up to
      then was in the MILLIONS (estimates range from 3 to 15 million men,
      women, and children depending on Japanese or Chinese estimates). This
      was a situation that did not escape our leader and our generals. THAT
      similar Japanese murder and mayhem China had experienced is what the US
      prevented on our soil. That put a stop to the Japanese reign of
      widespread destruction. For a while there they were as big and bad as
      the Spaniards, English, Germans, Dutch, you name it. Who’d have thought
      little bitty Japan would be out there knocking lights out right and

      The Japanese were great at taqiyya as well, and that is what gave them
      the surprise attack advantage. They had a diplomatic entourage here
      diverting our government’s attention all the while knowing the Japanese
      planes were dispatched to unleash on Pearl Harbor. So, we did not have a
      dog in the fight at that point, and did not want to get involved. But,
      we were left no choice. Strategically what may have seemed like a
      horrible thing, that is the bombs on Japan, in the long run stopped the
      carnage, in the US, limited the carnage in Japan, and pretty much saved
      the rear ends of countless Chinese and the Filipinos, and other peoples
      of the south pacific area.

      But consider a most interesting thing. Though the US clearly whipped
      Japan’s butt, and once in WWII also spanked Germany pretty good, we
      allowed them to be totally autonomous after the conflict and our
      victory. We did not go in and take away their borders (although the
      Russians jumped the gun and got greedy), nor their language, and most of
      all, the US did not take away their CULTURE. We even, at great expense,
      helped to put these Humpty-Dumpties back together again. Today we are
      in a robust trade with them. The standard of living for, not just the
      wealthy leaders and their cronies and affiliates, but for almost all
      their people in those countries have a decent standard of living. Can
      Mohammed say as much for the people of the Middle East? Look as the
      standard of living for most of the general population in many of the
      countries of Islam and Mohammed.

      Just look at the setting of that 12 year old learning to hate and behead
      people, and compare his lifestyle to a 12 year old in Germany or Japan.
      Then try to tell me how much you love him! Before the internet and
      social media, it was easy to suppress people because you could keep them
      from knowing any other way of life. That is probably why the leaders of
      these places want to control the internet. They want to keep their
      people uninformed, unenlightened, uneducated, and unaware there is even
      another way of life besides this destructive and violent existence so
      that a few in these countries can live like gods among them, while the
      average person had to live and die for what? So the few can live like
      gods among men who do their bidding.

      You act as though Mohammed did not pillage and plunder. But,
      Islamization of Western Asia, North Africa, Central Asia, and parts of
      South Asia and Southern Europe, and the Fall of the Sassanid Empire, and
      the Permanent loss of Byzantine North Africa, Mesopotamia & most of
      the Levant did not just happen by magic or by chance. He was a busy
      little bee as well. How’s life going for the average Joe today in these

      Maybe your god is trying to tell you something. Maybe rather than
      beheading and Jihad your god wants you to try to participate in
      positive fashion in this world that was provided to you by him. Why go
      to the trouble of making this setting, if the only thing is death
      without the pleasure of enjoying the beauty all around us? Maybe he
      would like you to be grateful for this world too, which he also prepared
      and provided, and not spend the time he is bestowing on you spreading
      death and destruction. Maybe that is the way god would like to be
      honored as well.

      We only make the mistake of trying to trade with a group of individual
      leaders who need someone to buy their goods, but pretty much disapprove
      of everyone else. They and theirs clearly are rich beyond imagination,
      and yet they let the average citizen live in squalor and abject poverty.
      But, I guess without a point of reference, if squalor is all you know,
      then that is what that government feels is good enough for its people.

      You, it seems, can only dredge up the past, and seethe on a steady diet
      of vitriolic hatred. I loathe mothers that are so brainwashed and/or
      truly stupidly perverted to feel it an honor to sacrifice a child. They
      are pathetic! Even lower mammals have more maternal connection than
      women I have seen in these videos bragging and feeling so proud at
      getting the crumbs of approval of the demons who impregnate them, then
      encourage them to offer up their young as objects of destruction. Their
      sick motivation is to get status and approval from sniveling, cowardly,
      men, who live a lowly existence, in order for these women to get relief
      from their horrid abusive, suppressive, even lower existence given to
      them by these lowly men. What god does that to his creations? And what
      god honors the destruction of his creations by those he created? Quite
      insolent and presumptuous I believe!

    • You must be a special breed of an ass to make this statement against the UNITED states these cockroaches are spreading like wildfire across the globe! Be careful what bridges you burn their next target might be your neighborhood ! Then what are you going to do dial 911 get rea.

      • You call the Islamic cockroaches, I call them vermin, as in rats and mice! They are multiplying like crazy and spreading everywhere. Soon we will be overrun by them, and the Pied Piper of Hamlin is long gone.
        Don’t be fooled, there is no real difference between a “peaceful” Muslim and a militant Muslim. They are all tarred with one brush! All it is is a sick and sinister version of “good cop, bad cop”! If the so called “peaceful” were to root out and expel those who are extreme militants, and turn them over to the authorities, then I may possibly believe them. But they don’t. It has never happened yet, as far as I know. So, they’re all in it together! It’s a scam and a ruse to fool those who are naive enough to fall for it! After the attack on Pearl Harbour, the US scooped up every person of Japanese descent and quarantined them. They should have done the same with the Muslims after the 9/11 attacks! It should be done now! Round them all up, strip them of their citizenship and their passports, and give them all a boot in the ass out of the country!!!

    • There were no al qaeda turroriss until there was land / resources to be confiscated / ‘liberated’. No but there have always been muslims.

    • You need to wake the hell up and look at France, Sweden and other places if you don’t think they are trying to take over!! What an @sshole you go get raped and your head chopped off in your sweet and sickening sympathy, I knew these people personally and yes they LIE all the time that is their way of life and it is in there BOOK to lie to you all the time!!

  7. This all shows that islamic religion must be wipe out of history and life, islam is the religion of the devil and syria and irak,iran,pakistan, should be wiped out by atomicbombs, to clear the world of the religion of the devil. islam must be banned.

    • SGT who do you think you are fooling blaming US intelligence for this sick act? Beheading, totalitarian control and slavery is the culture of these Muckslime savages. They have agendas to conquer Europe and then other countries after that. Their shit has been going on for 1400 years – long before there was US Intelligence. I suspect you are a Muslim sympathasing troll! If you are, take a stroll down to the nearest intercity highway.

    • I totally agree that Islam is a religion of hate, and it’s spreading, and we must defeat it. Although, I’m afraid your not much different. You use similar hate words, under the guise of religion. Hate is hate, no matter which faith it is cloaked under.

      • Well then, tell me how I can love a cult (I refuse to call them a religious group) who teaches young children how to behead another human being? You wouldn’t slaughter an animal so viciously as this!! Yet here is a 12 year old boy being instructed by his father on how to do it, no different to them than you or I taking our child on a hunting trip and showing him how to field dress a moose! Only this is a human being, not some animal! Sadly, I can’t call them human beings. They are beasts!!! Vicious beasts!!! This is the most sickening and perverse thing I have ever seen!
        Hats off to Bare Naked Islam to showing it to the world! All we get on the TV news is a heavily edited version that doesn’t demonstrate the true viciousness of this cult. Bravo! Well done!!

  8. I understand that this is an Anti-Islam site so can I assume it is also Pro-Christian? I have of late been studying as much about Islam,the Unholy Qur’an,Muhammad and about the IDOL Muslim’s bow down to (in direct violation of the Law God gave to Moses in Leviticus) housed in the Kaaba in Mecca. The entire religion is made up of falsehoods but wrapped up in a few truth’s to disguise it’s true face…and I am glad that you are getting plenty of photograph’s of that true face. I argue with Muslim’s on video’s on You Tube and like to direct them to your site,usually I ask them why they do not object to the violent behaviors of their “brothers” they usually stop writing entirely. Often I lead off with the following home made advertisement.
    Want to RAPE women,little girls and boys? Want to LIE,CHEAT and STEAL? Want to TORTURE,CRUCIFY,BEHEAD and otherwise MURDER innocent people and have it sanctioned by a “religion”? JOIN ISLAM NOW! A Religion Of Peace.

    • Lady if you are vegetarian then i completely agree with you but if you’r not then you don’t have a right to take a stand on this.

    • God gave us free will. Once we destroy ourselfs this world will be clensed. We are the only race to kioll rape and murder in the name of God or Allah. Religion is the biggest bullshit under the sun.

  9. Dear god…
    I am an israeli jew and to say i am happy to see websites such as this is an understatement (for those who do not know, we’ve been taking too much of their shit for too long). It genuinely brings tears to my eyes to see that the world came to its senses at last infront of this barbaric, fast growing, manipulative, lying, cunning, vicious group of unevolved apes who together form the faith called islam.
    Unfortunately, israelis know too well the cunning of those barbarians, firing rockets first and later on, uploading pictures of their dead ( which, btw, are mostly fake or from the war in syria, etc’…and for those who do not now know, Islam permits and encourages its believers to lie in the name of islam in order to streghen its foothold as an epidemic faith worldwide).
    It gives me great pleasure knowing that other people across the world start realising that ISLAM AS A PEACEFUL RELIGION IS AS FICTIONARY as disney’s tales are.
    These pictures are priceless. It shows the true nature of those savages. No more lying, straight up, undisputable truth.
    Thank you BNI. You are helping to make the world a better, moral place.

    • dude, and a big welcome to you. We only have a few Israeli commenters here so I hope you will contribute often. Check out the Categories section in the sidebar under “Islam and the Jews”

      • To bare naked islam mannager, u have more than a few israelis here (:
        me and my friends are in love with your website, THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE TO SEE THE TRUE ABOU THOS MONSTERS !

        Thank u for your grait and impotant job my friend !

        love, dudi from israel (:

    • I guess it’s all about how you look at it – something like the difference between robbing an old lady in the street by bashing her head in, stealing her money, then claiming the act glorified G-d – or murdering everyone about 100 years ago who stood in the path of creating a privately-owned banking cartel which, over time, destroys this old lady’s savings and indebts her offspring perpetually to that ethnic-heavy banking cartel which destroys nation after nation in wars based upon packs of lies, when those nations depart from using that ethnic group’s fiat dollar. Oh, and this, too, is done in the name of G-d, if the truth from within synagogues be made known to the milk cows outside. And ‘no’, I am not a follower of Adolf Hitler. He was only half-Jew, and I always found that little moustache unattractive.

      • It is always so curious to me that the leeches who feed off this country and enjoy their standard of living and aren’t really willing to give up their iphones, tablets, cars that uses the gas and oil (and don’t get me started on electric-because where do you think you get electricity?), your big flat screen TVs, your computers, lattes, cable, etc., etc., etc.

        Maybe they should go live in the country with this little guy, and sacrifice for him. Maybe he’ll let you keep your head. Oh right, that’s what Peter Kassig thought when he went to volunteer to help the little sweethearts like this. He thought sacrificing and even converting to their way of thinking was gonna keep him safe.

        That makes as much sense as protesting a white police officer shooting an unarmed black youth, but then vandalizing and burning other black people’s, and other minorities’ businesses to the ground. That’s just moronic and idiotic, and/or just an excuse to get more something for nothing, ’cause your a greedy SOB!

        The mental disorder that is liberalism has created the situation we have today. Everybody is supposed to have all the aforementioned stuff and them some, but only half the people work.

        These nuts have regulated and taxed our businesses into the stratosphere, to where fair competition for our companies is not possible in a global marketplace. When they pay 10% or 15%, and we pay 35% to 40%, it shouldn’t take a genius to figure out what’s wrong with this picture. So, we have more and more foreign companies buying up our companies.

        We have moving overseas and outsourcing necessary because along with attractive incentives for foreign companies to scarf up our companies, pay rates in other countries are way lower in their economy, but higher than the normal local business jobs for those foreign workers. But everyone of them represents a job and salary that is not stimulating the economy here in the USA.

        We have militants agitating the race relations situation and divisiveness perpetuated at the highest levels to proportions I have not seen in decades. This is not feeling like just coincidence!

        We have groups in the country trying to destroy the language, borders, and most disturbing, the culture of the USA. Every country who lost those things did not make it. We certainly did not do that! Japan is still Japan, and Germany is still Germany!

  10. What a retarded bunch of hypocrites. I don’t believe in any religion and all I can see on this site is hatred. On here pretending to be intellectuals when really you all obviously believe everything you see on videos and read and interpret everything in your own typically uneducated manner, you stupid bunch of sheep. Narrow minded people like yourselves are the main reason for most of the extremist views in today’s world. Extremist Americans fearmongering about an Islamist takeover….. What the hell did your people do to the native Indians? They wiped them out! So should Americans be erraticated for this reason? Should the Romans have to pay for their centuries of slavery and unjust invasions? Should the English have to return the land they robbed from so many in the early centuries of the millennia? Should the Germans all die because of one mans horrifying vision to commit genocide? I say no because I’m not a twisted dickhead bent on a past history that was more than likely wrongly documented and fabricated by the people in power at the time…Extremist Christians had been slaughtering people for centuries as did Muslim extremists. Races eradicated in the name of extremist religious views… Grow the hell up people and don’t believe everything you see in the media or on sites like these. Sometimes I am ashamed to a part of this stupid arrogant gene pool we call ” human”.

    • Squid, you cannot compare what some did 50, 100, or thousands of years ago with what muslims are doing today. There is no moral equivalency. And if you want to talk numbers, Muslims have slaughtered some 280 million people worldwide since Islam’s creation more than any other group.

      • OK set it straight since the time of Christ the Muslims started everything. They wandered in the desert with their sheep but never farmed . When the Romans went to the middle east the Muslims started stealing off them then they build an Army to fight the Romans . When the Romans left because like today part of the Roman people wanted their troops brought back home.

        The Muslims went to Rome and took what they could get . The Empire fell . They first had 2 kingdoms then 1 then none .The last kingdom fell was Constantinople in Spain. They killed everyone. But soon the ones that ran North from Rome started France and England ,built a Army and fought them back to the Middle east.

        Its only stops till the breed eought to start again. Napoleon Bonaparte went to Egypt and conquered it. Napoleon told his men to convert to Islam and they be left alone. The Muslims built a Army and killed most of his men. The English save what they could and took them back to England were they spent the rest of their life.

        Shows we have to do what they do. Like Turkey tried to kill off the Armenians. If Muslims are wiped out they can’t breed anymore and can’t go to war. Think that’s coming soon with WW3. But it won’t be easy when you got fighting in every country. Like the United States Shithead in the White House has open our doors and let them come in.

        • You cannot advocate violence against any individual or group (except Muslim terrorists) Extremely and/or excessive foul language is also restricted as is antisemitism, anti-Christianity, and hatred against other groups that aren’t Islamic with certain exceptions like leftists.

      • Squid Christians don`t behead each other, like blood thirsty muslims are doing today yes they did that centuries ago, but islam is a threat to the world, if you can`t see that your blind my friend, they want to take over, religions all bullshit any way.

      • Most people are historical morons. Murders under the guise of religion are Godless acts. We are not put on this earth as fodder to be slaughtered . Each person is here for a purpose. All religions fail to understand the universal laws of the Universe. Godless, misguided serial killers have been here forever. This site promotes hatred. And promotes the gore and sickness of humankind. Obama is a fine man. His eyes exhibit his decency. And frankly I am sick of rednecks who tend to be illiterate being racist towards him. It would be a far better world if we had more like him. Oh yes, Muslims are slaughtering innocent people. Some have lost their connection with God. And they have lost their souls. They are Desentized towards the horror of torturing and brutally killing innocent people. Nations of the world should revoke passports of those who have little compassion towards the lives and freedoms of others and send them to their countries of birth. Cultures are threatened by invaders who do not wish to honor and abide by those cultures. The bullying by Muslims must be challenged. And Muslims of peace must be heard. And those who promote hatred must all be challenged.

        • Lee White you seem to think Obama is a god. Sorry its not being a redneck or a racist to speak the truth. First our law said’s if anyone is in danger for their life they are allowed in this country . But your hero has banned Catholic and christen from coming into our country. In his 1st 4 years he let in 4,500 Muslims a month into our country . At the beginning of his 2nd term it went to 9,000 a month.

          Now after illegally allowing 12 million illegal Aliens to stay he made a deal with the U.N to take another 50,000 from Syria .But he said no Catholic or Christens will be taken only Muslims. So is he letting ISIS into our county . Its either he’s stupid or hes out to destroy our country. Am betting hes not stupid. He’s been promoting racism since he took office.

          His Attorney General went crying he was treated real bad because he was black,. That fool forgot about John N. Mitchell and Vice- president Agnew went to jail. If our government was being run right he would be in jail as well for fast and furriest giving weapons to the drug cartel.

          Now our laws mean nothing laws are not for Black people. Our Police are being killed but that’s OK. The only one that shouldn’t of not been arrested but he did resist arrest was the one in New York he died because the mayor and governor wants tax on cigarettes. But everyone forget if he had cigarettes he paid taxes on it doesn’t matter were he got them.

          A week before the 2 cops were murdered they attacked a number of police officers it was filmed. The mayor said it didn’t happened they were peaceful. Sorry that mayor is a retard. As for Obama he got uncle Al doing his dirty work . Uncle Al is nothing but a race monger . When the 2 cops were murdered he ran to New York to try and stop everything being turned around on him. Well his rioters were saying what you want, they said dead cops, when you want it ,they said now. They got what they wanted.

          Well Uncle Al is no Martin Luther King and Obama is no Nelson Mandela. And America has fallen low since he took office. Americans will not allow this country to fall . That goes for all Americans Blacks Whites or what ever they are. If you want the truth about Obama check youtube.com Obama 2008 on meet the press you find he is out to destroy America. AS FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH Obama tried to cut it off the net.

          So he did like China he got yahoo and Google and youtube to censer people. And now he’s trying to get the U.N to do it for him. And as for those students who were so depressed about the ones killed they couldn’t do their mid-term exams . Well maybe instead of rioting they should of been in class then they could of did the test.

          Now they are upset because air blue offered to fly free family members and 2 police officers from each state and they were attacked for it. How about the company that paid to fly rioter to 5 states . The only company that supports liberal agenda is Comcast. They charge eought to make a profit and do this for liberals. But maybe they are like Uncle Al they are not paying any taxes . Uncle Al owes 400 million in back taxes. So why isn’t he in jail. Or the film shown on Fox him selling drugs.

          Maybe that is why in Chicago kids are killing kids . UNCLE AL why don’t you try to help those kids .

    • Who made treaties with the natives (such as they are ) and compensation THE USA . Who abolished slavery? THE USA.
      Who continues after 1400 years to try and eradicate an entire race of people ? Long before the USA was created, and oil was a precious commodity. Who has never stopped the practice of slavery? Fucking muslims! .Who time after time publicly, with echoed support from its neighboring countries a prove of sharia and caliphate , and who sits by with their moderate heads in the sand? Fucking muslims .Apathetic apologist scum like you make me sick

    • You too, like those in the video, are a coward. We live in the present, shaped by the past, with goal to learn and create a better world vs what was done years ago. Islam harbors the enemy within…what begins as “moderation” migrates to fanatical belief and actions soon as numbers overwhelm what poses as temperate faith.

      This is an enemy and cowardly religion. The persons we see in the videos, and all those who support, must be exterminated…period. Any who support muslims over Israel, the only democracy in the Mideast are fools.

    • For the most part, your right.
      If the Islamic situation is not taken care of, Europe will suffer the same fate as the North American Indian.
      These open hearted European countries didn’t do their research ahead of time.
      Sadly, another war will be required to fix it.
      Can’t make this one quietly go away.

  11. How can these people sleep at night after doing what that 12-year-old boy did? Training them to decapitate humans is pure child abuse. They don’t even use a sharp knife blade! They are subhumans and should be eradicated from the earth.

    • I think that when ISIS is finally surrounded they should not be killed but have both hands and their penises cut off then sent home.

      • i like how you think BB but i’d rather they be crucified naked on a cross doused in the blood of swine, after slits are made in their skin; fireants wouldn’t be a bad addition

      • ISIS is moving very well Turkey is helping out all the way. Seems Obama has a good friend in turkey they give weapons to Isis and Obama don’t give the Kurds any. Obama fights a war like Hither so we know we can’t win. Think that is the point with Obama.

      • I really like that to happen, but leave the hands but take their eyes. but would it be possible for us to commit such atrocities like them.

  12. Mohammed was a paedophile. The reason muslims aren’t allowed to make a likeness of his face is because no child rapist wants their picture to be famous.
    Religion is an ultimate excuse and religious people are mentally unbalanced.

  13. hey bni wtf? you thnk it is cool to skewer one group of satanic scum while denying truths about your own people? you just ban people if they have an opinion against what Israel is doing to little kids and forcing its own young men and women to take up arms as well? hypocrisy is a sad sad thing buddy boy!! You need to grow up and get your soul wrapped around some universal truths and laws….ie- be man enough to listen to the opinions of others who may not tell you whatyou wish to hear about your precious semites,,,, and the rothschild owed and run fiefdom that kills and degrades the palestinian people, who were living there for hundreds and thousands maybe yrs before Israel terrorized its way in to getting the UN to allwo their lies to create it

      • Thanks for closing that camel’s mouth before he spread Ebola on your site! LoL 😛 By the way, great site, lots of information & articles to share! Peace!

        Few Facts On Muslims Habit:

        1) If you refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to liquor,
        You may be a Muslim.

        2) If you own a $3,000 machine gun and a $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can’t afford shoes, You may be a Muslim.

        3) If you have more wives than teeth,
        You may be a Muslim.

        4) If you wipe your butt with your bare hand but consider bacon to be unclean,
        You may be a Muslim.

        5) If you think vests come in two styles: Bullet-proof and suicide.
        You may be a Muslim

        6) If you can’t think of anyone you haven’t declared jihad against,
        You may be a Muslim.

        7) If you consider television dangerous but routinely carry explosives in your clothing,
        You may be a Muslim.

        8) If you were amazed to discover that cell phone have uses other than setting off roadside bomb, You may be a Muslim.

        9) If you have nothing against women and think every man should own at least four,
        You may be a Muslim.

        10) If you find this offensive and don’t forward it,
        You may be a Muslim.

      • Why are you banning people who are anti Judaism but are fine with anti Islam? That’s clearly discriminatory. How is this open discussion if you shut down those you disagree with? I guess freedom of speech is not accepted on this forum. Ironic really.

        • Paul, did you miss the name of this website? Jew-haters are not welcome here. There are plenty of Nazi blogs they can comment on. We discuss Islam. Get it? My blog, MY rules.

          The first amendment limits what the government can restrict in the way of free speech, not individuals. Apparently you are one of the democrat low information voters.

    • Funny this guy don’t know a thing. First the Arabs are running the U.N. with their lies. So how can Israel get their lies in as he saids. 2ND B.N.I said she had a husband and he called her a guy. How stupid can one Arab get.

    • The difference is, Israel is not up to conquering the world and shoving up its Judaist religion our throats. Hence why i say ‘GO ISRAEL!’ Israel, go! Punish muslims severely so that others behind them are dispersed in fear. Kill their children if necessary. They are already brainwashed. 10-year old beheaders, 4-year old boys training to shoot using AK74. For God’s sake. The only thing i hate Israel for, is their refusal to NUKE muslim scum when they can. Everyone knows IDF has WMD. But i don’t blame Israel. Human rights whining whores will make shit hit the fan if it happens. They’re so crazy and hysterical when it comes to ‘the muslim issue’ and always ready to defend these savages.

    • That’s really funny you should mention Israel and terrorism in the same sentence. Israel is the biggest terrorist fighter in the world. I happen to be Israeli and i say that with much pride. You will obviously say im contradicting you because it is natural for me to defend my country using lies. But, before you say what is very very obvious and mundane, let us agree that the real liars are muslims. Lying in Islam is not a bad act. On the contrary, it is strongly supported.
      Now, let’s get down to bussines; when and where did you ever see an Israeli commiting such a disturbing act against a fellow humanbeing? Please let me know.
      Furthermore, Israel used helicopters to spread thousands of warnings of incoming aerial strikes on regions in Gaza where there has been credible intel of hammas terrorists hiding. Let me know if another country, during war, eliminated its element of surprise just to prevent further innocent casualties. Now, not only did Israel warn gaza civilians, but, it called off some of those aerial attacks after hammas forced the residents of those areas not to leave their homes just so they could later on take pictures of how bad and immoral Israel is. Once again they showed their true cowardly nature, using citizens as shields.
      Those who know the truth are Israelis and the citizens of gaza. The only problem is, as i mentioned before, muslims tend to lie to achieve their goals.
      Oh, i almost forgot, hammas kidnapped 3 innocent Israelis and killed them. That’s what started operation protective edge. Later on, hammas fired hundreds of rockets towrds israeli cities everyday. If you believe those rockets where addressed to killing Israeli armymen, like a normal war between countries, you couldn’t be any more wrong.
      It is a war between a state who seeks peace and a brutal, lying, barbaric terrorist organization.
      Those rockets were ment to kill as many innocent Israeli civilians as possible. The more the better.
      Israel has to fight in order to protect itself infront of those who seek to destroy it. Its not our fault we are winning (we are winning because we are much more esucated- unlike hammas and other terrorist org’s, we invest in education and not weapons or underground bombing tunnels). Long live Israel and the good people who know the truth and support it.

    • Hey sd Barr Keep your Bullshit with you. Who stole who’s land, just for the record they are not the Philistines but Palestinian Arabs.

      sd Barrl lied about the Palestinians Israeli Conflict just like all Muslims DO, hence, I had to straighten his records by giving him the history lesson, and it goes like this,

      This is a condensed version of the History which happened nearly more than 4,000 years ago, hence I had to summarize a lot to Fit into this post without the original truth being taken out. Take time to read,

      For the record that land was known as Cannan. And it was promised to Abraham and his generations known as the Hebrews and as Jews today, by GOD more than 2000 years B.C. And it belonged to the indigenous people of that time known as Philistines.

      But they landed as nomads in the land of Egypt looking for food, for there was famine all over the land. Though they were treated well in the beginning but when Joseph and the Pharaoh died they were soon forced into slavery by the Egyptians. Hence they were in this land trapped as slaves for nearly 400 years, till God brought them out of it through Moses. Thus the history of the Exodus began.

      They wandered almost 40 years in the wilderness before reaching the promised land Cannan that once was theirs. And it was then that they received the TEN Commandments from GOD. And it was not so easy for them to just go and claim it back again. Because now they had to fight Cannan back from the barbarians known as the Amalekites, the Ammonites, and the Amorites, hence the name Canaanites were given to the Hebrews.

      Just as they claimed what was once theirs and just when they began to build the nation, they were attacked by the Philistines again. You would have heard the history of King David and his son King Solomon who ruled wisely over them. And it was called Israel, the name GOD gave to Jacob the son of Joseph. But it wasn’t long before they tasted freedom again when the Babylonians invaded and took them as captives.

      And soon after them the Persians invaded them and took them again as captives. And again later Greece invaded the Persians thus taking all of them as captives till the Romans invaded them and took them back again as captives. Hence they were ruled by Romans till the coming of the Messiah Jesus Christ. But the Jews were utterly disappointed with Jesus for not being able to give them the true freedom from the Roman empire and its rule.

      For they have misunderstood the Savior who was prophesied to come and deliver them and the world from the bondage of sin and from death, and from the devil, as from the oppression and tyranny and of the rule of the Roman empire. For Jesus taught them to love their neighbors and even their enemies, thus commanding them to live in peace with everyone including the Romans. And they without understanding the true reason for the Messiah to come, so they plotted and then aided the Romans and crucified Jesus on the Cross.

      Thank you for that and it was the stupendous work of GOD to send His Son Jesus Christ as a perfect sacrifice for us. I mean as a propitiation of our sins, hence to destroy the work of the Devil, Death and Sin. But it was not over for them, I mean the Jews. Just as the Roman empire disappeared and just when they got back their land and began building soon after Hitler waged war against them to annihilate them from the face of this earth. Though many died but the remaining escaped from Hitler and got themselves scattered all over Europe, including Russia and even America

      And as for the so called Palestinians they are just Arabs who moved into Israel conveniently and made it their home. and you can GOOGLE it on WHAT IS PALESTINE? WHO ARE THE PALESTINIANS?

      Now after the world war they were rightfully given back the land but then it was divided between the Palestinians and the Jews. Hence a deal was brokered between the two by the leaders of the world. But it was a raw deal because the Palestinians got the better part of the land but the Israelite got the worst, I mean the deserts and mountains were given to them. But the Israelite’s did wonders to their land and turned it into what it is today.

      As you can always see how the Muslims will turn their land into bloody war path with riots, tyranny, oppression and slavery, hence like all Muslim land the Palestine side became a Shit Hole. And just as the grass is greener on the other side in the land of Israel, they, the Palestinians with burning jealousy wanted it back. And they even tried to wage war over them, hence withe the help of the entire Muslim world they fought with the Israelite’s but they lost.

      And this war was over in 6 days, and it was known as the 6 day war. Please GOOGLE and find out this fact Six Days In June (Six Day War – Israeli victory) – Documentary – HD

      And since then they have tried every dirty tricks in the book and all that is available in the history of mankind to get this land back, to the point of even claiming Bethlehem the land where Jesus was born and even Jerusalem where Jesus grew up as their Holy land, can you believe it. But since the Muslims claims the whole world is theirs hence the small piece of land where the Israelite are, will not be really a surprise for me.

      Hence the moral of the story is: Whenever you HEAR the true story of the Muslims, then you must consider all the facts of Rippleys Believe It or Not. And though be it from the History channel or even the Discovery Channel, please do not believe that everything as the TRUTH, because the truth is there, but it is out there somewhere.

      Thank you for reading

  14. BNI, this site rocks. The world is blind. I would, however, ask that the pro-Christian religious nonsense be limited from the comment reel. Not only does it detract from what appears to be the main agenda of this site, but it also highlights a stunning paradox in the minds of these deluded bible-bashers. The Christians have plenty of blood on their hands, motivated by their religious leaders, throughout all ages. When priests motivate murder, and Imams prompt jihad, on a national level WITHOUT the criticism of the people of their faiths, only one conclusion can be made: their religion is disgusting. The church did this, Islam does this. And just because christanity has decided to be quiet and ‘kind’ in the last century, it doesn’t absolve them of their past sins, nor does it clean the stains on their religion. After the Christian tramples the Muslim (and I hope he does), knock him off his high horse and remind him that his morality is a product of current (and fleeting) social norms, not because of the purity of his religion.
    The Muslim has merely stollen the limelight away from the stage of murder that was occupied by the Christian for so long.

    • I would point out to you that by the 7th century, yes SEVENTH, under the influence of Christians, slavery had been largely phased out. It took the vermin cult of Arabia to revitalise the dreadful trade. The Inquisition took place in the country that had been under the psychotic Islamic pedophile cult for 700 years – they learned ALL their cruelties from the Muzrats. Equivocation is the opiate of appeasers. I suggest you stop equivocating. The Christian doctrine gives you the freedom to make your own choice, the Islamic necrophilic cult does not.

      • I wasn’t comparing the two and I don’t think that it is necessary to engage in a Christian debate on this forum. However, being better than a Muslim isn’t much of an achievement. And being susceptible to their brutality is an embarrassment too.

        BNI, you are doing sterling work.

    • Shut the fuck up you moronic fool. You are just using this to spout your own brand of hate for Christiandom. No one really cares what you believe. I’m just responding because you do make me laugh.

    • Ask yourself why muslims are? Who is allah? This large group of peoples who live in areas mostly untouched by western civilization who suppress their females and children are growing in numbers and spreading across the globe in a very predictable manner. It is in the Bible that it explains it accurately – allah is satan, or Lucifer is allah, however you want to say it. We have a devil’s army called muslims. Why is there a devil? It is because there is a Christ. You can’t limit Christianism on the very site where it’s most appropriate. That would be akin to trying to explain the flavor of sour without understanding the flavor of sweet, or dark without light.

      • I disagree, and apparently BNI does too.
        Please note, I suggested LIMITING the references, not forbidding them. And I was referring to the evangelical sappy nonsense, not historical or social comparisons.
        Don’t be so sensitive. You’d think I just said ‘pork’ in front of a Muslim or something!

      • I’m not sensitive nor was I shocked at your original comment, I’m sure you were hoping for either of those responses; I’m pointing out a fact, plain and simple, an unemotional unequivocal fact. And I too agree “religion” needs to be handled carefully, personally I don’t like it, the Bible and/or my relationship with Jesus has nothing to do with religion. But the irony is it brought out emotion in you. Again I will pose the question why? What is at work in your life that would make you try to slap a name on me (sensitive) or try to make a joking comparison to myself and a muslim with pork in a somewhat disrespectful manner when we have come together on a blog on the same side?

      • You are laughable, enough of this, I am becoming what I hate about comment reel commenters.
        Enjoy your childish chess game between your Christ and his big brother satan.

      • Well I have to say your reply was predictable, I could have wrote it myself and saved you the time – you claim to laugh yet you can’t give an intelligent reply to questions I pose. Whether you believe I speak the truth or not as a commenter (your word) you’d think you would be able to hold an intelligent conversation or debate.
        I’m beginning to see the two sides of the coin I had posted about in another venue saying there is no such thing as a “good muslim”. Whether a muslim follows Islam as it is written or not doesn’t mean one is extreme and another is not. I say this because as Islam grows, and it is, muslims must either fall in line to the extremists way or they will be killed – either outcome is no good.
        Now I see there may not be a “good atheist” either. An atheist may not want to kill a Christian and an atheist may be aware of Islam and be anti-Islam but to a Christian their non-belief in the Truth is dangerous not only to themselves but everyone around them, such a shame.

      • Okay then. Why? You ask. For many reasons, but simply because We come here to read about the follies of Islam…the very reason BNI made this site, and the same reason why he limits the extent of people’s bible-bashing here.
        And by the way, just because a person doesn’t want to hear sanctimonious religious rantings on a site about Islam, it DOES NOT make him an atheist.
        Perhaps an atheist might feel the same way about you now that you have offered “shame” to all of them for being damaging to themselves and the world. Hypocrite. I, as it happens, am not an atheist.
        Keep trying to figure me out.
        I will not reply to you again.

      • I’m not trying to figure you out, you’re pretty transparent. And I’m not trying to shame you either, I don’t even shame my child. I am however trying to have an intelligent conversation with you but that’s obviously not going to happen, you spit out a few lines in the form of a response that is meant to be demeaning. I am typically a very blunt person, I was trying to be thought provoking in my previous replies and it didn’t work. So to be blunt – you have the evil one working in and through you, since you claim to not be an atheist, fix it.

    • STFU! You’re a real Ignorant you know that! You really don’t Understand The Difference!
      If A Muslim Kills A Jew, He Is Following The Clear Teachings Of His Prophet Muhammad In The Quran.

      If A Christian Kills A Muslim, He’s Acting In “Contrary” To The Teachings Of Jesus Christ In The Bible.
      Anybody Can Claim To Be A Christian But It Doesn’t Necessary Mean That He’s One!

      BUDDHISM: The Teachings Of Buddha are PEACEFUL.
      HINDUISM: The Teachings in Hinduism are PEACEFUL.
      CHRISTIANITY: The Teachings Of Jesus are PEACEFUL.
      ISLAM: The Teachings Of Muhammad are very VIOLENT AND SUPREMACIST.

      The Goal Of Islam Is The Subjugation Of The “Entire World” To Islam Through The Establishment Of A Global Islamic Rule (Caliphate) And The “Eradication” Of ALL Non-Islamic Populations, Cultures, Religions, Thoughts, Knowledge, Symbols, Traditions And Ways Of Life.
      This Goal Is Non-Negotiable In Fundamental Doctrines Of Islam And In The Eyes Of True Muslims.


      “NOT EQUAL Are those BELIEVERS (Muslims) WHO SIT (AT HOME) and RECEIVE “NO HURT”, And Those Who STRIVE and FIGHT in the CAUSE OF ALLAH with their Goods and their Persons. Allah hath Granted a GRADE HIGHER to those who STRIVE and FIGHT with their Goods and Persons Than (COMPARE) To Those who SIT (At Home). Unto all (in Faith) Hath Allah promised good: BUT those who STRIVE and FIGHT Hath He Distinguished ABOVE Those Who Sit (At Home) by a Special Reward.” Qur’an 4:95

      ISIS Group,
      Boko Haram,
      Palestine Islamic Jihad,
      The Taliban,
      Jemaah Islamiah,
      Lashkar-e Tayyiba,
      Ansar al-Islam,
      Al-Nusra Front,
      Fatah al-Islam,
      Al-Tawhid Wal Jihad in West Africa,
      Al’Muwaqi’un Bil-Dima,
      Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG),
      The Islamic Jihad Union (IJU),
      Youth Islamic [Mujahideen] Movement
      Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD)

      “FIGHT AGAINST THOSE “Who Believe NOT in Allah”, Nor in the Last Day, Nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger and FIGHT Those who Acknowledge NOT The Religion of Truth (i.e. Islam) Among the People of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), Until they Pay the Jizyah (High Tax) with willing submission, and Feel themselves subdued.” Quran 9:29

      NEWS REPORT: Islamic State Gives Iraqi Christians One Week To Convert, pay Jizya Or Die: http://www.jihadwatch.org/2014/08/islamic-state-gives-iraqi-christians-one-week-to-convert-pay-jizya-or-die

      “O BELIEVERS (Muslims), FIGHT THE UNBELIEVERS Who Are NEAR TO YOU; and Let Them Find In You Harshness; and know that God is with the God-fearing”. Quran 9:123

      “The Messenger of Allah (Muhammad) said: I Have Been Commanded To FIGHT AGAINST PEOPLE TILL They Testify That There is No God But Allah, that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”. Sahih Muslim (1:33)

      NEWS REPORT: Death Toll Rises To 168 People – Muslims Massacre Christians in North Nigeria: http://pamelageller.com/2014/06/update-death-toll-rises-168-muslims-massacre-christians-north-nigeria.html/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter#sthash.DvD9d8zG.dpuf

      “Prophet! MAKE WAR ON THE UNBELIEVERS [Non-Muslims] and the Hypocrites and Deal Sternly with them. Hell shall be their home, Evil their fate”. Quran 66:9

      “WHEN YOU MEET THE UNBELIEVERS, SMITE THEIR NECKS (BEHEAD), then when you have made Wide Slaughter Among Them, tie fast the bonds, then set them free, either by grace or ransom, until the war lays down its burdens”. Quran: 47:4

      NEWS REPORT: Syria: Muslims Force Christian To Accept Islam, Then “BEHEAD” Him:

      [Remember] When your Lord inspired to the Angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I WILL CAST TERROR INTO THE HEARTS OF THOSE WHO DISBELIEVED SO STRIKE [THEM] UPON THE NECKS AND STRIKE FROM THEM EVERY FINGERTIP.” Quran 8:12

      “ALLAH HAS CURSED THE UNBELIEVERS and proposed for them a blazing hell”. Quran 33:60

      Suicide Bombings,
      IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device)
      Flying Airplane Into Building,
      Car Bombing,
      Rocket Attacks,
      Acid Attacks,
      Honor Killing,
      Cutting Arms or Legs,
      Grenade Launching

      “Islamic Jihadist TERRORIST Has CARRIED OUT More Than 23, 749 Terror Attacks IN THE NAME OF ALLAH Since 2001”.


      The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim
      The Beltway Snipers were Muslims
      The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim
      The Underwear Bomber was a Muslim
      The U.S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims
      The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims
      The Bali Nightclub Bombers were Muslims
      The London Subway Bombers were Muslims
      The Moscow Theater Attackers were Muslims
      The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims
      The Pan-am Flight #93 Hijackers were Muslims
      The Iranian Embassy Takeover was by Muslims
      The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack were Muslims
      The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims
      The Beirut U.S. Embassy Bombers were Muslims
      The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims
      The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims
      The Kenyan U.S. Embassy Bombers were Muslims
      The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims
      The Beirut Marine Barracks Bombers were Muslims
      The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims
      The First World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims
      The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims
      The Bombay and Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims
      The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims
      The Airport Bombers In Southern Thailand were Muslims
      The American Airlines Flight #77 Hijackers were Muslims
      The Nyanya Motor Park Bombers in Nigeria were Muslims
      The Westgate Kenya Shopping Mall Attackers were Muslims
      The Volgograd Train Station & Bus Suicide Bombers were Muslims
      The Failed Car Bomb Plotter In NY Times Square in 2010 was a Muslim
      The Failed Plot To Derail A Via Rail Passenger Train In Toronto, Canada were Muslims
      The Failed Toronto, Canada 18 Bomb Plotter In 2006 was a Muslim
      The Beheading of The British Soldier In The Street Of Woolwich was a Muslim

    • Hey ME, why are you hiding behind such a silly name when you are the devil in disguise and I can see clearly through you. You could remember all atrocities done by mankind in the name of Christianity, but sadly you could not remember one good deed the Christendom has done for the world, hence I take this opportunity to bind your ever work in the name of Jesus Christ

  15. This kids whole innocent family was brutally killed and murdered by the american forces so he has picked up arms to take revenge.

    • Your people loves everyone. You don’t hate anybody. In the middle east Israel is wrong all the time. As you said this kid is a victim who is in training to kill Americans for them killing his family . Now this is very sad. They are training to kill Americans by using each other to train on.

      The guy in this video is a Arab not an American. If what you say is true they can’t have much an army to go after Americans if they train by killing each other. This guy being killed is most likely a Christen . So out goes the love of other religions. Plus in the west bank there is a kids show aimed at kids were they have mickey mouse teaching little kids to kill Jews because they are evil.

      So look at the show 1st they a using mickey mouse who is a trademark of a company so this is stealing. 2nd teaching children to hate is child abuse . Not only the people who produce this garbage is guilty of it but the parents are as well for letting them watch it. But that shouldn’t matter either were Mohamed married a 5 year old .

      You say Americans are wrong to go fight to save life’s of people. Sorry our troops shouldn’t get their boots dirty by stepping foot on your dirty sand. We got drones for wiping out shit. It would be a cleaner job for a nuke to drop. But boots on the ground is better because we have morals . We think of those children. That’s why children are used to kill our troops

      • Jimmy: I agree with you until you start insulting their Land. I don’t blame you, truly I don’t. However, let’s understand the circumstances well before passing judgement. I am one of those who would kill for the United States Of America, to defend its people ((AMERICANS(not Zionists)), but not for Sewer Rats Zionists. All this mess in the Middle East, which in fact does not involve the United States People security in anyway, with the exception of the Oil and its Minerals, and off course the Suez Canal and Military control, is happening because of Israel. Like I said, I understand your feelings, and your emotional state, but lets be honest, we would kill if any country would dare to land on this Great Beautiful Land of ours trying to control us in any way, or indoctrinate us.

    • The only part that comes to question is the correct use of the word innocent in your sentence, joseph dyer.
      They are Muslim. They accepted Quran. Good that they died, and whoever who disagree: please don’t bomb my house and rape my entire family just because I am capable of having an opinion against Mujihaideen.

      • Sorry. What the hell are you going on about? This is racism at its worst. Don’t dare tar all people of the Muslim religion with the same brush as a select few extreme nationalist s. That would be like Muslims thinking all Brits and Americans were like you filth. The people in these videos have been brought up this way and know no different. This is their life. You would admonish them for being ignorant of our way of life? Then don’t be ignorant yourself.

        • Hither and his gang of thugs and drug addicts and Muslims were part of it wasn’t only ones at fault for all the murders. The German people knew and went along with it because it was good for them. Muslims today are as guilty their silents convicts them. Now in Syria and Iraq they are learning what you get with silents .

    • please define “innocent” first; because from i have seen over the last few years not only does your “God” differ but your dictionary suffers in translation BIG TIME – well it’s kind of like Devil vs God (guess who wins in the end?)

    • All muslims are morons, but not all morons are muslim. Get out there and find them.
      Sura 666
      Allah speaking to Mohammed through Gabriel ( a christian moron).

    • There is a difference between extremists and Muslims. That child and those men are extremists, and I am Muslim. Allah loves everyone, except those who kill, regardless of reason. Allah akbar!

    • Stop blaming us for the Muslims barbaric actions…these animals have been doing this type of shit long before we were even a country, fucking idiot

  16. So so shocked by the video, how brainwashed/conditioned the poor boy must be…I consider myself spiritual and even like some of the reflective/meditative aspects of sufism; which for me is similar to Buddhism….

    But this video?? WTF…. A 12 year old boy hacking the neck of a man like a sacrifice to the gods? Resembles something the Mayans would do… Really saddening what some parts of the “human” race have become.

  17. Muslims claim that Jesus (or “Isa”), and never claimed to be the Son of God. They even claim that he wasn’t crucified. What they do claim is that Jesus/Isa was a Muslim prophet, and that the scriptures that we believe have been “changed.”

    Some of the Quran teaches religious tolerance; however, those verses (the Meccan portion) have been “abrogated” by verses that Muhammad taught when he moved his operation to Medina. There, his teachings became hateful towards any religious teaching that did not follow HIS. In Muslim countries that follow Sharia Law, any Muslim who converts to Christianity is guilty of “apostasy,” and is usually put to death, while Christian children are often kidnapped by Muslims, and forced to renounce Christ.

    BTW, BareNakedIslam is correct when he says that Muslims tend to be complying when they are a small minority. However, if they are being educated in Muslim schools, and these schools are funded by Saudis, then I can guarantee you that they are being taught the supremacy of Islam, and that it is the goal of all Muslims to bring the earth to its submission.

    Also, Muslims believe that Jesus/Isa will return to earth to be the spokesman for THEIR messiah, who they refer to as “Mahdi.” This messiah will destroy all of the non-believing religions (non-Muslim), and bring the earth to submission to Islam. Everything that they believe regarding this Mahdi is what Christians believe with regard to the Antichrist. That should give you something to pause and think about.

  18. Hello all, I’m from South-Africa. Here we are a large mixture of religions and customs. I am however a Christian, but I have a lot of Muslim friends. We get a long well and never argue about religion. The Muslims here in S.A is also not violent and are very kind and loving people :) As far as I know, the Quran and Bible do have some significant relations. All major difference is that prophets differ, Muslims have Mohammed, Christians have Jesus. But as I know the Quran and Muslim religion does not preach violence, in fact the Quran teaches that Christian followers must be seen as religious people because they fear and love and worship the same God in heaven as the Muslims worship, therefor the Quran inhibits Muslims from getting violent with other Allah fearing brothers and sisters. Also does the Quran not allow burning of churches because it is seen as a building where God is also being worshiped. According to the Bible, God clearly stated “we must not eat of the unclean meat of pork”, what God says is rule, point. Nowhere in the Bible did God change His view over unclean foods. So there the Muslims and a minority of Christian also believes the same, pork is unclean meat. Just as in Christians, not all are true in religion and towards God, and so you also get Muslims that isn’t true towards their religion. That is why they have “Eid Mubarak” its the time when you fast and clean your life and sole from impurities and sins and you pray to God to help you be a more devoted person in Islam, living more to what the Quran teaches. Terrorism is not part of Islam, that is just sick. It is Muslims who is not living the love of Allah and will of Allah. Its is governmental, and terrorist rebellion groups formed by own will and by power of flesh and not from God/Allah. Muslims themselves suffer from their own brothers in religion who turns out as terrorist who bomb their own people. It is sad and sick. We as Christians and Muslims must both pray to God to help us and protects us from these terrorist! May we all stay peaceful as God expects it from both us religious groups, Inshallah (in Gods will). Love Zarix

    • Zarix said, “The Muslims here in S.A is also not violent and are very kind and loving people.”

      Give them time. When their numbers are small, they are like this. As they increase, you’ll change your mind.

    • Sorry Muslims are out of control in Africa. But they say Jesus is a prophet of Mohamed . They say they are a religion of love. But the Koran said’s you can lie to infidels. In-mans say in Mosques and on the streets to kill infidels, American and anybody who gets in their way.

      But their hands are out for money. Am not as polite as B.N.I but read your piece and am sure your a Muslim lie-in like the rest.

      • I respect your view, and no I’m not Muslim, I’m Christian, a Seventh day Adventist. I only have some Muslim friends. That’s how I came to know just a little of what they believe in. I actually commented on this page to find out some more interesting facts and opinions. Tanks for your reply, point of view and comment. :) xo

    • A couple weeks ago I was picking up a truck and turned the radio on and couldn’t get it to work them 91.1 FM came on I never turn that station on I try to get 94 hjy. It seem to be the news but it was a religious station. They were reporting that 1500 Syrian Muslims had come to a refugee camp in Kurd held part of Iraq.

      They asked them if their was anything they could do to make their stay more comfortable. They all were asking for the same thing Arabic written bibles . They said they had some but wasn’t unloaded from the trucks but they would get them. As they were passing them out they were asking them why and they all gave the same answer.

      They all said they had a dream and Jesus was in it. Jesus had told them that he was the light and he is back to lead them to Heaven but for now they need to wake and leave fast they weren’t safe. 3 hours later the area they were in was hit with chemical weapons. So they wanted to learn more about Jesus.

      If I was a psychiatrist I would say these people were mentally ill from shock. But I believe Jesus is back to bear witness to the end of mankind. Our governments are lie-ing to its people. And madmen are running around teaching children to kill children. They want the right to rape children . I know god don’t like his children being harmed.

      The bible said’s the earth will be destroyed by firer that’s nukes. Putin talked about god but he don’t lift a finger to stop Iran or North Korea from getting nukes. Obama don’t lift a finger to do anything but bust this country apart. Black men say he can’t do anything wrong. But Obama like his father are Muslims and he’s lie-ing to everyone about everything.

      A demarcate said tonight he had been on food stamps and the Republicans are only being mean to take them away from hungry people. Well I believe in feeding the hungry and am a demarcate. But why should we feed people who is trying to kill us. Am not going to drop my gun to feed a killer a burger then I will need a psychiatrist.

      But that is what Obama is doing he making us broke so we can’t defend ourselves . His own general went to Congress and said we could not win a war. The best is a story I heard on fox news our money is base on gold and our gold is at Fort Knox . Congress got a tip to call for audit of the gold but no one is being allowed in to do it. Congress was wondering how Obama was doing things that wasn’t approved.

      Now its believed the gold has been shipped out. If true our money is worthless so how are we going to feed all those people and ourselves . Keep printing play money.

      • Hey :). Jeah most you are saying is truth! Reason I believe why the presidents aint doing anything is because all are involved with the Illuminati and one world order system. Revelation in the Bible is clear that world power will try and dominate the world, destroying the Christian religion especially those doing God’s will. Money at the end will have no power, no value at all. Sometimes I also think that the presidents of our countries ends up making conflict between us people. The men in the suits create the conflict and we dummies fight. While we die and fight, these people in the high ranks sit and laugh, sit around the same round table, all having the same fingers in the pie. Satin is busy creating his army here on earth to destroy us believers and to try and make war with Jesus on his return to earth to come save His children. We must pray for protection and that God will come to those who wants to know Him, and show them the truth. :) Thanks for your reply, its truth! Take care

    • You sound just like a muslim to me. And one who has not read the Koran but is happy to spout a sanitised version. Scratch the surface and you will see the Koran exhorts its ‘greatest’ followers to murder in Allahs name. Thats why this video does not surprise me. Islam is nothing less than a cancer on the face of Mankind. Oh, by the way, Islam only accepts Jews and Christians who accept Allah as the one true God. Dont let the deviates brainwash you.

    • Zarix..You are a very confused person. The reason there are similarities between bible and Qran is because the Qran is made up of stolen bits of the bible that muslims used to make the book. You call Jesus a prophet and assimilate him alongside mohammed but Jesus is not a prophet he is almighty God, The everlasting Father, muhammed was a man, and epileptic thief, murderer and liar. I can assure you that the Qran is VERY violent and 60% of it is about destroying Jews and Christians, and taking our wives as war booty etc.
      Muslims and Christians do not “fear and love” the same God, for the muslim god is Satan, a false god whos name was taken from a stone effigy by mohammed. Muslims “fear” their God because there is no guarantee of salvation unless they die murdering for ismal, but Christians do not “Fear” the true God because they have eternal forgiveness because of Jesus shed blood, so we LOVE God, and have a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with him, muslims would KILL YOU if you dared suggest such a thing! No, we do not worship the same God I assure you.The Christian true God is not worshipped in a “Church” he is worshipped in our hearts which is why burning a church does not affect Christians.
      On unclean foods, God DID change his word on this, in fact he said “Let you not call unclean that which I have now made clean”, and unclean foods were under the Old Testament, but we live under the NEW COVENANT of Jesus whereby we can eat ANYTHING…. Muslims cannot do this because they do not worship our God, they worship Alllah (Satan). EID doesn’t “Cleanse Christians from sin” JESUS DOES by his death on the cross… muslims will stay in sin and die in sin…Allah doesn’t offer salvation..which is why muslims are terrified of death and being in sin.

      Take some advice brother or sister, stop believing in the Qran (if you are a Christian) get into the bible and join a Christian fellowship, youll be a lot happier…and you wont be so confused… you are weaving in and out of Islam but call yourself a Christian. You are very confused.

    • “… As far as I know, the Quran and Bible do have some significant relations. All major difference is that prophets differ, Muslims have Mohammed, Christians have Jesus. …”

      Yes – the koran is a bastardised plagiarised garbled mess of a second hand version of the Christian and Jewish scriptures that were commonly found in the area Mo was living in the 7th century.

      One very major difference is – muslims say Christ never died on the cross and was never resurrected. In effect , the murdering, caravan raiding child sex fiend Mo supplants Christ in the muslim theology – and left a very destructive little green book of ignorance as part of his evil legacy.

    • Zarix , simply put , you are naive. I live in South Africa & up to a few years ago I shared your opinion.That was until I had a bad run-in with a muslim which has spiralled into a jihad of sorts against me, involving his cronies .Since then I have made a study of muslims & islam & it is’nt pretty. Suffice to say my superficial life as I knew it , is no more. Sounds melodramatic , but it’s the truth.
      As an exercise ; draw a picture of a guy with a beard & title it, “mo the prophet” & show the nice, friendly muslims you know .HIGHLY UNRECOMMENDED.

  19. The link to the video is no longer working, which is probably a good thing. Eliminating islam from the planet would also be a good thing. The correct mantra should be to renounce allah and his prophet Moinkhammed or be buried alive in a mass grave.

  20. The comment above is hearsay. Even if I did the hearing. I would like to sincerely apologize to BNI and BNI readers for my comment above.

    To cut a long story short, the episode about the hindu pilgrim was described to me by a Kashmiri muslim who seemed in his late thirties/early forties when I was 12 years old, and I was on vacation. This muslim left me traumatized for a long while, for various reasons I won’t get into.

    A little before I posted this comment I recently came across additional information pointing to similar barbarism and brutality inflicted by muslims. You can view these here http://www.newsofdelhi.com/i-just-knew/the-father-of-captain-saurabh-kalia-whose-body-parts-were-cut-including-private-ones-in-pakistans-prison-still-waiting-for-justice-even-after-13-yrs and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saurabh_Kalia#Kargil_war. When I read these, particularly the fate of five Indian soldiers during the Kargil war, I snapped and went insane for a while. Hence my ridiculous comment. There are more episodes in Indian history.

    Once again, my apologies for having offended anyone, of any religious group, through the above comment. I really should just have posted this under my original username, and related it the way I am doing now.

  21. Assalam Aaleykum, my name Najma Ehle Al Tayyabji. I wanting tell you that Islam is true religion but Muslim men very bad. My first husband beat me, my second husband beat me, third husband, every husband beat much shit out of me. Literally. I in hospital now. I want tell that people of other religion very nice and treat me well. But Muslim men, all want to destroy other religion with all method. They also cruel. They took Hindu pilgrim and cut off reproductive organs in front of crowd. Poor Hindu was crying. Then they put chilli on wound screaming Allahu Akbar. Then they cut out hindu eyes. Then they scream they will destroy all Hindu peaples. Hindus don’t know all this because dead body due to great bleeding was thrown in the river.

    • And you say “Islam is true religion!? are you utterly mad woman?? Cant you see that it is ISLAM that is behind the nature of all these madmen? It isn’t their grandmother is it? Stop being afraid, TELL THE TRUTH that Islam was beating you, but using the hands of your wicked possessed husbands. Islam is SATAN, and SATAN was in your husbands, and those others who castrated to pilgrim. Surely you see?

  22. The Great Civil War is coming, between the civilised world and the Muslims, and amongst the first people who must pay the penalty is our own European and North American political elites who treasonously encouraged them to migrate in the first place and then lied for them, and instituted laws to protect them and give them privileged status.

  23. I highly advise that you talk to a psychiatrist. I am a muslim and I have never in my life witnessed or even heard anything like this. People who do this are in reality the opposite of musls and they are going to hell. I have lived in Egypt, and I know several people who live or have lived or visited almost all muslim countries. Lastly, you can be sued for slander and libel and most likely found guilty. Try talking to a muslim about these things and I gaurentee that you won’t hear any evil things like you think we do.

        • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

          To the contrary, all your pro-Islam ranting and raving can’t even cover up ONE IOTA of the SATANIC MONSTROSITY that Islam actually IS!!!!!

          We non-Moslems here hate Islam PRECISELY BECAUSE WE KNOW WHAT ISLAM REALLY IS!!!!! We know what it does both to Moslems AND non-Moslems, and we know how IRRATIONAL, PSYCHOPATHIC and SATANICALLY EVIL Islam is – there’s absolutely NOTHING GOOD about it whatsoever!!!!!

          Turn away from your Qu’rân and open your mind!!! For example, if Islam were so good, WHY do you have to kill those who want to embrace another religion?? Why do you have to kill those who question it?? WHY do you have to wage war against those who refuse to accept it??? Can’t you see how EVIL IT IS?????

    • marwan you need to search your soul. Under Islam you can lie to infidels. This is the truth you under Mohamed you rape children. Mohamed wife was 5 years old that’s rape and being a perv. Your people kill in the name of Allah what god teaches to kill. My god is the god of love and hes coming to send your people to hell. In my opinion Allah is a false name of Satan.

      Lastly I feel your from C.A.I.R. So go rape a camel perv.

      • I do not understand your mindset. Sure there are horrible Muslims, but not all of them are bad. There are Christians, Jews, and atheists that are a lot worse. Do we continuously criticize Christians or Jews. No. Not even in muslim countries. Plus in statistics I saw, terrorism is being done by Muslims like the second least or something. Also, even if us Muslims were terrible people and had weird beliefs and perverted minds, why do you care. Nothing is hurting you.

        • NO… you simply KILL Christians and Jews and atheists in Mohammedan countries. Further, you talk of the “statistics” you saw… well, I daresay you lie. 85-95% of all the world’s current conflicts and wars are propagated, pursued, and continued by Mohammedans.

          Furthermore, History cries out against Mohammed and his followers past and present! Unlike the Medieval Catholics, who had to twist Yeshua’s (Ya’sua, NOT “Isa” *Isa being the Arabic equivalent of Esau, the brother of Yachov (Jacob)*) message to justify their actions; and unlike the Jews, whose Torah tells of Yahweh’s command to clear the Canaanites (whose religious practices involved not only adult human sacrifice, but also child sacrifice) from the land was for a specific time, against a specific target; the Mohammedans came out the gate slaughtering anyone who didn’t fall down and submit to Mohammed. Mohammed, himself, when he could not convince by words and preaching, the Meccans to submit, went RIGHT TO THE SWORD, attacking trade caravans, looting, raping, and murdering the Jews of Yathrib (now Medina), and finally wearing the Meccans down until they could do nothing but submit.

          Oh, and don’t try the story of the pre-Mohammedan Arabs being such awful, brutal, and twisted beings. In fact, the pre-Mohammedan Arabs didn’t go out to try and conquer ANYBODY. The Arabs of that time saw Mohammed as a demon-posessed, evil madman.

          That is all for now.

        • Fool you lie again . They insult other religions and have kid shows on TV telling them to kill Jews. Plus they tell how great it was for beloved Mohamed to have 5 year girl for sex. Furthermore they have sex in the family boys or girls. But don’t forget they have sex with their pets.

          Like camels, cats, rabbits , goats, and of course jackasses. Get it jackass. And don’t forget your favorite dickhead Mohamed Obama because brave men died in Libya like our ambassador because the British left our solders to protect chemical weapons from Gaddafi .

          Obama took the troops out left a few of our people to die. Those WEAPONS ended up in the brotherhoods hands. Sent to Syria and used on the Syrian people. They wanted the government of Syria to be blamed. Because Obama said if they were NATO and our troops will go in.

          Now the U.N got part of the truth Obama is next.. We are heading for WW3 Russian jets fly over the U.S all the time . China hit L.A 18 months ago with a missile without a warhead. Obama did nothing. Iran is getting the nuke and North Korea gave orders for foreigners to leave south Korea because they intend to nuke them.

          Truth they ordered Americans troops to get out. China could stop it but don’t. Any thinking person think Obama is going to do anything. No he hasn’t done anything before , he’s has done nothing to protect the U.S since taking office but cover up.

          China would not be there if it wasn’t for Truman he fired Gen MacArthur who wanted to nuke them first . Truman wanted Eisenhower to firer Patton because he wanted to go kick Russian ass. Because of Truman our troops been killed by other counties with Russia and china behind them like Vietnam .

          In Korea Russia and china put North Korea up to it. Korea couldn’t do it. China sent in troops over the yellow river were they changed into Korean uniforms. After that they didn’t care if we knew they were in on it.

          China and Russia is putting jr. lap dog up to nuke the south. When they firer subs will be off our Pacific Coast . And Russian jets will be over our sky’s and Iran ships that’s in the Atlantic coast will firer on the U.S . Do anybody think the Iranian ships are unarmed.

          Gen. McChrystal was set up by rolling stones rag for Obama. In return Obama gave them the first Presidential interview. McChrystal was fire-red for speaking out for his men. He knew his men was there to fight not be targets for terrorist. Lots of top brass has left and our military is in controlled by a puppet of Obama.

          When Obama won in 2008 he went on meet the press said in plain English he wanted to bring down our country . Well he has he is disarming us. Not only military but civilians now. When they had the Summer Olympics . Arabs were found with weapons in boxes from U.S BASES. Who gave it to them.

          Others countries smell stupidity, cowardliness, AND TREASON in our White House they know its time to attack.

        • Marwan, we know ALL MUSLIMS WANT SHARIA. SHARIA IS EVIL. Enough said. All muslims are the enemy of civilization.

      • I take a bit of exception to calling Allah “Satan.”

        Satan is much more intelligent; has much more actual power as “Prince and the Power of the Air;” and would have written a more coherent book than the Qur’an.

        Further, there are certain things the Mohammed and his followers do that beneath even Satan.

        • LINKD DELETED (Sorry, Maro, links from the IslamoNazi website Loonwatch are not allowed here unless I choose to post it. —BNI)

          Look at this and tell me what you think @DSDunlap

        • Do you really want people to know hes Satan and his son is Obama. Like the pic of OABAMA holding his dick while everyone else has their hand over their hearts for our flag. The picture was on ABC. No wonder they covered him.

        • Of course the filthy hideous donkey that is in control of this page deleted my link. Of course, why would he let anyone see the truth. Just like the Christian priests. They delete and insert all sorts of nonsense into the bible that now it has become a retarded mans attempt at literature. By the way, when was this page started.


  24. A-kash: A real Christian follows this: “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” – Yeshua (Jesus) Matthew 13:34

    Any divination from Yeshua’s commandment above means this person was or is a pretend Christian and not a real one.

    The one exception is self-defense.

  25. Could not watch the video.

    “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Matthew 18:6

    Barbaric and demonic to teach a child so much hatred.

    Wrong on so many levels and sad.

    • Boast, lie, distort, contradict and blaspheme all you want, you FILTHY MOHAMMEDANS!!!!! It’s we PROUD “infidels” that are almost always FAR CLEANER, healthier, saner, happier, more loving, more developed, more loved by far and welcome WHEREVER WE GO – compared to you truly-DIRTY, sick, EVIL, HATING, uncomprehending, STUPID MOSLEMS!!!!!

      Every last little word your EVIL slave-master Mohammed said against us PROUD, HAPPY, WORTHY and EXALTED “infidels” actually applies totally and strictly to you ignorant, ineducable, unlovable, EVIL MONSTERS that you Moslems truly ARE!!!!!

      Fancy that: exalting a genocide, murderer, rapist, thief, liar, torturer, necrophiliac, bestialist, pædophile (child-abuser), hater of life and good, and everything else of SUPREME EVIL as your “ideal man”!!!! That proves how EVIL Islam is – and how EVIL ALL REAL MOSLEMS ARE!!!!

      You’ll NEVER win the world or anything else of good – and even if it seems you will, Our Lord Jesus THEN Will Return as THE Messiah and banish your true master – SATAN named “allah” – into a bottomless pit for 1,000 years!!!!

      Again, “allah” is SATAN and Mohammed is THE ANTICHRIST AND FALSE PROPHET of ALL time!!!!

      You Moslems are doomed FOREVER to be the ETERNAL LOSERS – unless you wake up and RENOUNCE that EVIL, HATING, utterly Godforsaken, FILTHY “religion” that is every bit as totalitarian as Nazism, Fascism and Communism EVER WERE AND ARE!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM – and ALL OTHER TOTALITARIANISMS – now, forever and unto ages of all ages!!!!! AMEN!!!!!

      • Abdullah: Islam will not win the world – Yeshua will come down and throw you and your muslim brotherhood that follow, knowingly or unknowingly into hell for all eternity.

        It takes a real man to protect, cherish and show mercy onto women, children and animals.

        Love comes from God.

        Hate comes from lucifer.

        You have been tricked.

        May Almighty God have mercy upon your poor misguided soul.

      • ADHD: I can see and even feel your anger. Pray to God our Heavenly Father and His Son, Yeshua (Jesus).

        These are men that have sex with little children, rape women, have sex with animals and are following lucifer.

        There is no reasoning with someone with that satanic of a mindset. They are soulless and already belong to satan.

        Yeshua will deal with them in time.

        They will answer to God Almighty for their brutal ways.

        Pray for them.

        Yes pray that maybe per chance some of them will see their Qu’ran is not of God but from lucifer.

        Even my dogs have more sweetness and kindness than these demons, and yes I believe the ones that commit these savage deeds are indeed possessed by demons.

        • Well said: they DO need our prayers indeed; all the more so as they ARE demoniacally possessed!!!

          However, we still have every right in the world and beyond to defend ourselves and our neighbours, their possessions, beloveds and everything else!!!

          Even if we ourselves INDIVIDUALLY are willing to part with our own lives at the hands of those SATANISTS, we don’t have the right to make such decisions for others!!! THAT’S WHY we must fight instead for others’ sakes.

        • Also, you need to realise that dogs are TRULY Mankind’s BEST Friend!!! Many dogs can have MORE love to give and offer than enough non-Moslem human beings (let alone Moslems). It’s not a question of “even my dogs”, but a question of that anything and anybody non-Moslem is capable of being better than ANY Moslem, period!!!

          We don’t know everything (and just as well as otherwise each of us would have to be God!!!), but I think there’s every reason to believe that animals have souls just as much as Mankind!!

    • No it won’t. As long as we have the Christian military, any threat of force by Muslims will result in devastating defeat. Jesus will ALWAYS defeat the forces of Satan.

    • Abdullah can;t you see how you are being fooled?

      Allah does nothing.

      Give us an example of when your Allah actually did anything.

      What is the difference between satan and Allah.

      As far as I can see satan doesn’t tell anyone to cut people’s heads off.

      So who is the good one Allah or Satan.

      Hang on i get it.

      Satan has convinced you he is Allah and you do all these evil things.

      You suckers!

      Allah is so good he does nothing and never does and never has.

      Satan has killed him.

    • Islam is THE ONE AND ONLY ONE hate spewing religion to have existed on earth. It is high time this scourge is wiped from the face of earth. And thankfully, Muslims are doing their bit. Killing each other in Porkistan (Pakistan), Middle East, Afghanistan.


  27. Yes That was Sunni Scholar who was killed by 12 years old Deobandi (Wahabi) Taliban.This incident took place in Pakistan.

  28. Fraeed, and anyone else reading this, he appears only shocked that Muslim is killing muslim. Set aside mine or anyone else’s religious beliefs . . . It s wrong to kill anyone! The need to kill for any reason is wrong and to do so in the sick manner of recent executions means that the killers have failed. They have failed here on earth other than to be murderers and they will have failed in the after life when they stand before God. Even if readers do not believe in any God, this is wrong. There is evil in man, there is evil in this world. If the Muslim faith wants to be respected, this has to stop. Man throughout the ages and religions has committed awful acts, no religion can say their’s has not or glorified and paraded it . . . But Islam please learn from this, do not repeat it, be above it . . . . It is wrong, it is vile and you must turn from it.

    • Just by chance I read few comments, someone is holding very harsh opinion and strange meanings about Islam and someone does not know a pin about Islam yet still talking about Islam, most of the comments are rubbish and useless….There is difference between Islam and Muslim.
      There is Wahabi sect created and generated by AlSauds in Saudi Arab. They also claim to be Muslims. According to their version of Islam is to introduce Islam by the sword, so kill the infidels (Kafar) as much you can. You will go to paradise if you did so. To achieve their goals they kidnap young kids and they put them in a training camps where they are trained, they have brainwashing centers in different countries, for this cause Saudis and Qataris are pour billions of dollars. They have injected these (butchering) hatred and lethal preachings in many Islamic schools called (Madrasas) in various countries.
      Remember none of these teachings are Islamic nor the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed p.b.u.h. These are the teachings of some sick mind sitting in Saudi Arab and in that region. This is nonsense and they must be stopped by source and force of civilized people. The ruthless killers have killed barbarically more than 80,000 innocents in Pakistan. They have killed and beheaded people and played football with their heads, they eat peoples heart like animals in Syria and elsewhere, those bastards release video & pictures of their victims too. God’s curse be on those ruthless killers and their mindset.
      I wanted to add my opinion to some reasonable people. People who are not fanatic because fanatics in any form or area of life is not sober wise peoples job. Anyone passing even a minor remark must obtain the full knowledge of any topic then comment, it would sound reasonable and convincing, fine. Don’t jump into water without knowing how to swim.
      The pictures or the films you see are a bunch of bastards murdering innocents and creating terror amongst the gentle societies, they want to rule over others by these acts of terror because they are the followers of their forefathers who martyred prophet Mohammed’s grand son Hussain and his entire family in Karbala Iraq 1400 years ago. The entire family of Hussain from age 6 months old baby to 90 years old were beheaded The same vicious circle is still going on and on. The same mindset is still amongst these kind of people. Hamza was Prophets relative and got killed in a war 1500 years ago and Hinda was a woman who ate Hamza’s heart. I hope my point of views and hints could say something so you guys can understand that we are dealing with some devils not mankind.
      The conclusion is that they are not the representing Islam or the real Muslims. The real Islam is the religion of peace and harmony and real Muslims are peaceful not violent. May God’s blessing be upon peaceful people.

  29. guys i respect all religions because i don’t want any other people do disrespect mine because of me, now i hate the way you usa/euro people treat muslims, first of all americans handed military forces to kill our fellows muslims and childeren in palestine(israil),iraq,borma,china,pakistan,afganistan………etc. you put us in the shadows buy saying rude things to us and our belifes, i want to recall to you that we are also humans and i know that not all americans are rude and mean like the following comments above ,but you amercicans and israillians(jewish people) give birth to our hatred, we can’t stand back and watch how our fellow people die in front of us, that’s why osama bin laden(the mass murderer criminal) attached the twin towers, now i don’t say that he was right either but we also must fight back, each time you curse us or call us evil you give birth to more and more hatred, we are people for god’s sake, you people stand comfortable at your house with your family and you start calling us evil and satanists behind your pc,while in our country your army kills millions of people and children and fathers we won’t stand in vain watching how our people die and cry because their child dies or that the mother dies, these days muslim childern must know how to survive between you, people you are hearting us but we will continue to fight no matter what.soo you can keep your rat”s ass randy we don’t need them

    P.S.(please stop using mean coments and i am sorry if i insulted you in any way)

    (the truth inside my heart)
    thank you :)

  30. ppl plz dont post this kinda things plzzz!!!!
    Muslims are not lyk hw u think….ofcouurse there r bad ppl in all religion all country all society……it doesnt mean tat dey as a whole are bad too!!!

    • And how about how you muztards treat dogs and pigs – not allowing them into your cars (taxicabs) even when they’re helping blind people??? How about “infidels” (the Qu’rân and Hadiths openly say that we must be killed, humiliated and despoiled, or converted!!!), for whom you at best are indifferent (no matter how much they suffer!!!), at worst openly hostile?? How about women, who you despise as mere work-animals???

      This CULT hates everything and everybody “un-Islamic”, so for you ANYTHING BAD that happens to us is not worse than “hunky-dory”, so don’t you DARE say that those perpetrators are “bad people of Islam” because you’re exhorted and COMMANDED to do these things to us, you Moslem LIAR!!!!!


      • We will keep telling the honest truth about a CULT that believes in and exalts EVIL towards any and all non-Moslems: WHY should we be willing to be enslaved, converted or killed – and lose our freedoms anyway – for the sake of Mohammed the ANTICHRIST, murderer, genocide, rapist, pædophile, liar, thief and so much else of EVIL?????

        We want to keep our art, music, science and medicine – we want NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!!! For us, OUR WAYS ARE BETTER: if you Moslems were wise, you would STAY IN YOUR COUNTRIES and shun us all (and we’ll be shunning you too before too long)!!!! You have 57 Islamic nations – more than enough space!!!! LEAVE US PROUD “INFIDELS ALONE, understand???

  31. T-T I’ve read everyone’s comments.
    Can we not live in peace together with mutual respect for each other?
    And for the video, you can’t COMPLETELY blame anyone except for those from which it began. They were raised an influenced to believe those ways. And who are we to criticize each others religions? They may be like this but, you can’t force the mistakes of one man onto others.
    If you are catholic, christian, or Jewish, you’re not supposed try and force people to change. And for Muslims, it was proven that they accepted jews and Christians as people of book.
    If we are to reach eternal life in ANY religion, violence between the 3 religions of the book must stop.
    Also, I’m sorry for making that long winded

    • Typical Communist shill!!!!

      Read the Qu’rân and the Hadiths, and then tell us if it’s AT ALL possible to live in ANY proximity to those Moslem MONSTERS!!!!

      As to Jews and Christians in Islam, they’re at best Second-Class residents without ANY citizenship rights!!! They’re meant to be bitterly humiliated and made to go into eventual destitution under Islam!!!!

      RUN, don’t pass GO, to http://www.thereligionofpeace.com!!!! That’s where you need to spend the next month of your Internet-time studying all its articles (verifying matters with the links to the three authoritative on-line Qu’rân translations available from the University of Southern California).

      AFTERWARDS, perhaps some sense will trickle into your head – as it did with Eric Allen Bell…

    • u r xcatly rit jax!
      we shud live in peace together with mutual respect for each other!

      but y cant these ppl understand..??? i mean der r a group of ppl frm ALL RELIGION who tries finding bad abut other religion whereas dey demslfs r damn bad!!! :(

      • It’s the fault of Islam that we Westerners (and Hindus, and Japanese, and Chinese and all other non-Moslem people) can NEVER live in peace with you Moslems!! NEVER FORGET IT – we’re on to your perpetual taqiyya and kitman, so GET OUT of our hair while the going is good!!!!!

    • I too have read all the comments…. and OH MY GOD….

      how anyone can imagine anything other than that we humans are filled with hatred and violence, I do not know.

      when individual family members cannot ‘get on’ with each other, how unrealistic is it to believe that races and nations can live together in peace?

      unfortunately humans have been killing humans since the beginning…. people live their lives in patterns and without a conscious shift in pattern-changing, nothing will ever change…

      I suspect that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will be typing the same hate-filled and intolerant words. (not that i agree with violence, i do not)

      PEACE will only prevail if everyone of us truly treats others with respect and love….

      plus…. peace will NEVER make the warmongers rich…..

  32. world war 1 was started by muslims?? NO
    world war 2 was started by muslims?!? NO

    define “terror” first, then blame whoever you want. and if you want to blame muslims, blame “MUSLIMS” , not “ISLAM”.
    the islamic extremists say “islam tells us to do so”. they are sons of satan, liars, and they want islam to be destroyed and defamed. and you have fallen in their trap. you, admin, are not guilty. you are just victim.
    i feel bad for my religion. a religion of love which you cant see. but its not your mistake, its ours. i hope Allah will soon destroy those satans and the truth islam will unfold when you get rid of your blindfolds.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      What of the Qu’rân, Sura 9, verses 5 through 41??? Its entire message is one of HATE towards us PROUD INFIDELS!!!! You’re commanded to deceive, butcher, plunder, rape and back-stab us merely because we reject Mohammed, the supreme pædophile (child-abuser), rapist, thief, liar (even his best friends couldn’t trust him!!!) and genocide as a “Prophet” of God (and your “Allah” is the most POWERLESS god that has ever existed – truly a real SATAN!!!!)!!! We’re supposed to either convert, accept inferior status (whereby you Moslems live off OUR labour while we’re supposed to in essence be your slaves!!!) or die!!!! NO THANKS – we PROUD “kuffar” will NEVER willingly bow to the likes of you!!!!

      You’re commanded to take over the ENTIRE world and leave NO OTHER ideology, culture, civilisation or anything else that is “un-Islamic” in existence upon it!!!! You destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas, the Library of Alexandria, the beautiful freschi of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul – and even now you Moslems are destroying monasteries, churches, synagogues and everything else in places as diverse as Pakistan, Bosnia-Hercegóvina, Kósovo-Metóhija, Turkey, North-Africa and so many, many others!!!!

      You hate our art, music, science and even medicine just because it is “un-Islamic”!!! Your ideal Moslem-experts in Boko Haram and the Taliban would rather that people die of eradicable diseases like smallpox, polio, rabies and tuberculosis than allow Western medicine to cure them and destroy those scourges of humanity!!!!

      AND YOU DARE to write that Islam is a “religion of love”???? It teaches hate (against dogs {Man’s BEST animal friend!!!!}, pigs {another good friend of Mankind}, women {who’re sub-human compared to men!!!} and “infidels”), deceit and destruction instead!!!! There is NO wish or urge to CREATE positive things – instead, you hate even our best “classical” music, art (you want to destroy the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna, Italy merely because it depicts the EVIL Mohammed suffering in Hell as he TRULY WILL!!!), science (you only want to use it to DESTROY us!!!) or anything good!!!!

      Can’t you see how horrifically WRONG you truly ARE??? HONESTLY????

      As to terror: Qu’rân 8:12 gives us ALL the answer we could conceivably want, especially when for you our “infidel” lives are worth NOTHING WHATSOEVER!!!!!

      • In the fourth big paragraph above, sentence two regarding women, parenthetical statement should read “{who in Islam are sub-human compared to men!!!}”

        Mea maxima culpa… Also, sorry not to have noticed as much at once…

  33. Muslims are threatened by Allah with being “replaced” and experiencing a “painful torture” if they don’t “go forth” in Its cause (see Quran 9:111, 38 and 39). And yet, it is Islam that teaches that their pedophilic butcher of a cult leader, took a flying donkey like creature ride from Mecca to Jerusalem to visit two structures (the Temple of Solomon and the Al Aqsa Mosque), that never existed together at the same time.

  34. hinduism is the best religion..every religions originated from it…christianity is the most common religion..and islam is the worst religion…every muslim should pay for what htey are doing..

    • REALLY???

      What about the Dalits’ (Panchamas) lot??? You think that they deserve to be so maltreated just because they were born to the wrong parents?? That’s no better than Islam, sad to say…

      Only Christianity truly offers love and a way out of so very, very much that is evil.

      I’m NOT out to debate religions ‘per se’; however, I can’t but feel horror and loathing about the very idea of maltreating ANY human being (or animal or plant) just because it’s supposedly so mandated!!!!

      • ADHD. The Hindus do that. Hinduism didn’t tell them to do so. Lemme remind you, Yoga, uhh, practically everything originated from Hinduism. Christianity is certainly great, but don’t compare our religion with Islam.

      • Even all the Christians aren’t pure. Yet we don’t compare Christianity with Islam. Don’t compare Hinduism with Islam either.

  35. Dear All, “For God so Loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so that whosoever believed in him should not perish but have an everlasting life”

    Christian religion was right from the begining of Adam and Eve, by the sacrifice of JC the bible was over. People started believing in God, Satan selected Mohammed after his 40 Years of filthy life and satan in form of Mohammed came into existence to deny the death of JC and to destroy the faith of all humanity. Brothers This is just the begining Worlds end is yet to come Muslims will become more powerful and they will bring the wrath of revenge and anger on all the humanity. These devils will be judged. I think Christian religion is the base of Love and Peace.God Bless the World

  36. Yeah, Christians have NEVER done ANYTHING like this before (like the shit ton of crusades there were, the Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witch trials, the bombing of abortion clinics, et cetera)… I’m not saying that this isn’t fucked up or anything, believe me, it is. But look at your own history, and look at how much death is called for in the bible. In the end, religions warring with eachother is a giant shit-slinging match, it’s fighting fire with fire; No matter which fire is extinguished, as long as there is one, something is getting burned.

    • The Crusades were a belated response to fight back against the MOSLEMS’ unprovoked, unsolicited, unnecessary ATTACKS against EVERYBODY non-Moslem – exactly as Mohammed COMMANDED!!!! The Crusades were NOT bad but GOOD: they were more defensive than offensive!!!

      The Spanish Inquisition wasn’t even one-hundredth as bad as Islam has been!!!! Islam has 275,000,000 lives’ blood upon its hands over 1,400 years!!!! The Inquisition likely didn’t even get to kill ONE million people over its 500-year existence, and likely considerably less. The Salem witch trials (26 women + 2 dogs) was a ONE-TIME affair in 1692, monstrous as it was!!!

      Also, ATHEISM (in the forms of Communism and Nazism) have over 150,000,000 deaths’ on ITS CONSCIENCE!!! Communism killed 120,000,000 in PEACETIME over 95 years (1917-2012); NAZISM has 10,000,000 over less than 12½ years in peacetime (including 6,000,000 Jews) + another 40,000,000 via World War II.

      SO THERE, Communist SHILL!!!!!

  37. Filthy muslim bastards, hope our soldiers are killing plenty of them out there. Barbaric ragheads, there like 7000 years before us, developed wise.

  38. We can only hope that the poor bastard beheaded was a muslim. That’s one more out of the breeding chain. 2.3 billion to go.

  39. They WOULD read the koran, IF THEY COULD FUCKING READ. They are SO pathetic, they have to have someone ELSE TELL them what it says!

  40. all of you islamic assholes discusts me you think your the all mighty….well news check your not its not your choice to choose who dies or not its GODS…and for that i hope we bomb the fuck out of ya’ll in the near future payback is a bitch and its comming straight for you…

    • WE WILL TEACH THOSE INFIDELS !!!! THE MUSLIMS !!!!! WE WILL SLEEP WITH THEIR WIVES AND DAUGHTERS AND MAKE THEM WATCH IF WE CAN”T GET THEM OUT WE WILL BREED THEM OUT Let’s hack off a few heads while we are at it ..hell it’s almost halloween I need to decorate my yard

  41. The people of Germany circa 1930’s were not hate and war mongers, only a small percentage were, the NAZIs. However, it didn’t matter once the NAZIs gained control of Germany. We killed millions of good Germans in order to take down this evil. The same may now be true for Islam. Regardless of whether or not Islam is actually a religion of peace or not is irrellavent, since Islam has, and still is, being lead by hateful people that want to kill all infidels and forcibly bring about their prophecy that all the world will eventually be Muslim. Good Muslims, if there really are any, need to do far more than just talk about how Islam is a religion of peace. Their actions speak louder than their words.

    The actions of the USA in Islamic countries has had the negative effect of turning regular folks to jihadists in order have some form of fighting back. We should leave their countries and let them rot, which they will. More importantly, all western nations should deport Muslims back to their native sand pits and prevent any immegration indefinitely until these animals evolve a little more.

  42. This is a warmonger site I’m not agreeing with
    Muhammad but why waste a soldiers in a
    Land that will never change. When we should
    go to Mexico and stop the drug problem but
    If we do that the pig I mean the police/D.E.A
    Wouldn’t have a job so don’t believe the police/A.T.F
    when they say we want to stop the drug problem
    Because they are the ones supplying them with
    the Aks/m4s just like the bushes and Taliban

    • Make sure to include ATHEISM in that bunch too!!!!

      Communism in 95 years killed off 120,000,000, second ONLY TO Islam (killed 275,000,000 in 1,400 years). Nazism also has 50 million lives’ blood upon its hands…

  43. Don’t get me started. On the zionjew who own
    America did you know we give the Zionist money when ever they want yes from your Taxes
    Just to kill the native Palistinian/CHILDREN and that’s why some of these and i said some these
    Muslims. Hate us because we Americans are owned by Zionist Jews not American sad but true

  44. Remember this is another country different
    things happen in different lands for all we know
    this Guy could have been a child molester
    Or at traitor to his country WE”LL never know
    But I don’t believe that all Muslims do this sure there
    are some Islamic extremeist but not all are like this
    Because if they were wouldnt we see this stuff/beheadings
    all over America oh wait a minute there is butt its not
    the Islamic extremeist its the Mexican cartel America wake
    The fuck up

  45. Islam is not a religion of peace. That being said Christianity was no better until a few hundred years ago. Christians were every bit as vile and sick. I despise religion as a whole because it serves no purpose other than to control the masses by inciting fear. People will kill people till this world ceases to exist. Hopefully we can all move past the horseshit that is religion by then.

  46. Hi, Looks like my comments were deleted. I think the above video is sick!!!!! I wonder why my post were deleted????? Is it because I called for action? I seen you told anther person his post were removed because he was off the Subject??? Could the subject be genocide? To Barenakedmuslim when a group of people want you wiped off of the face of the earth what do you suggest to we do??? I think there is only one clear solution and that is they have to go!!! If people just sit around and wait it’s going to be to late. I hope our government Changes. And I hope that our next president is just Like Reagan!!!! If were going to die, let’s die with our boots on!!! We should not leave this for our children to have to deal with. It need’s to be dealt with now. The way the USA use to deal with issues. It’s ok for them to post on site’s that they want to destroy us. But we can’t post the same??? I wrote what I wrote because I wanted to let the Muslim people know my thought’s. You are weak, you are held hostage by fear that if you speak you will die. You choose to live that way, and because you do you are going to take the brunt of it. Grow a spine, stand up for yourselves & your so called religion. If you do not you are just as guilty as the people who are standing behind that little boy. And if you take pride in that I hope one day you feel the horror the Victim felt.

    • BB, my last blog location was removed because of violence-promoting comments from readers. If yourS was removed, it is because of that. It is not necessarily that I disagreed with your comments, it’s that there are now limits on free speech in this country. Thanks to the Muslim Nazis from CAIR and the Muslim in the White House.

  47. um ok beheading aside
    I can’t believe some jackass just referenced Tom Cruise the Last Samurai

  48. i think it’s time for the world to come together. There is a saying that only a sword cuts a sword meaning that, tit for tat, and do whatever is done to you back to them, The Muslims are over the head and very egoistic, anti-peace, cruel believe in killing and getting killed. They use fear as a tool to convert people into their religion telling them we would not kill u if u become us. but on the contrary they kill their own kind as well. Nostradamus told us that a day will come as a danger on Christians and Jews, and also told that Both Christians and Jews will fight together and get rid of all Muslims. It is a total Bluff that they are peace loving. Their teacher Muhammad married a 9 year old girl, meaning that this religion is only about boasting around, killing and spread darkness. i hate the day when it started.

    The words to all Muslims should go like – If u r a Muslim, convert to Christian or Jewish whichever but if continuing them we would kill them. just like they do to us. Then they will understand what is the meaning of messing with us. We must start a war against Muslims for the survival of our religions, all the Muslims who repent and are good should convert to Christians or Jews. The other peace loving Religions like Buddhism, Hinduism,etc. would also join us later in the war against Islam. This is our last hope.

    • You gave the ONLY VIABLE SOLUTION…!! I hope BNI is reading this comment of yours and tries to forward the message to the political leaders of West…!! And yes, IT’S GOT TO BE DONE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE… LEST THEY OVER-POWER US OVER HERE ITSELF…!!

    • You didn’t mention non-believers. Can we sit back and watch all the murder without getting involved? Are we not worthy? Or do we get a free pass to pull up a chair and grab popcorn?

  49. instead of giving your address get his and send a cab for him. You must know he will never pay to go see you. He would never pay a dime of his welfare check for that.

  50. Why do we still look at Islam as a religion. it is it’s own governing authority. They do not recognize any other government or countries laws, only those to their koran.
    They own banks and oil and many places you and I shop in. They are the beast of Revelation. We must learn not to tolerate this radical evil terrorism group.
    People we must wake up and fight back especially before push comes to shove.

  51. im also a muslim but this are crazy taliban are not muslims in the holy book dont write so anything i dont know what are talibans but i want to kill them fuck off

    • anjall, why is it that every muslim who comes here and comments of any of the thousands of stories/videos of muslim violence against muslims and non-muslims alike, they always say, “Because he did a horrible crime, he is no longer a muslim?”

      You might give each other a pass by saying that, but we don’t. Your quran and hadiths are filled with passages calling for horrific violence against all non-believers, so the people who commit these heinous acts are simply being good muslims.

  52. If I did not have an ounce of compassion for the human race I would propose that all believers in islam should be quickly slaughtered on sight.However I shrink from that and I demand that you and all the cohorts that were “conned” by Mohammed and his vatican tutors should not come to Australia and the present islamic residents should as quickly leave.The eventual consequences will not be nice to see.Or feel.We can very easily do without your barbaric cult.If you took time to study the history of it I really do not think you would stay with it. look up http://www.arctic beacon.com and read the real story. at least leave the women in peace.may you have a peacfull time in Hell.

  53. I am French;All I read here is TRUE.I was married in Lebanon to a prominent family Christian Catholic ‘s daughter;I am talking of 40 years ago;YES I saw young men showing beheaded sister who committed adultery;I know at that time(I do not know now)there were in Saudi Arabia brothels of animals;A Tunisian say;”the woman for the duty,the child for exercise and the goat for pleasure;I know in Algeria in the 90’s FIS killing people and throwing baby in the couscous soup,bowling.I know much more;All I say is true;I dedicated my life to Christ and protection of the Christian living in moslem land.Write me to get our website.God Bless,++Frederic

  54. Islam is the religion of peace, and its show the pattron of life, but those who dont know about islam, and those whom are the enemy of islam, they are doing propoganda againest it.Yes thers is self security in islam, if some one wants to destroy islam or islamiz state,Islam ordered to his followers, fight to those whom want to kill you and want to finish islam, but not againest to thm whom are innocent,otherwise kill all those whom want to kill you.so, what is wrong here, only the wrong is that, you bastard people dont like islam, and its followers, and remember, whenever you will try to overcome islam, you will find a hard fight back, untill ours or your death..We belive ISLAM will be alive untill the day of judgement.

    • HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

      If you want to have your “pure Islam” AND not have any trouble with those who hate it, go to one of your 57 Islamic countries and STAY THERE!!!! DON’T travel here and try to shove your EVIL beliefs down the throats of those of us who want nothing to do with Islam, GOT IT???

      We don’t want to annihilate you unless you force us to; however, YOU Moslems want to annihilate us because Mohammed COMMANDED you to do so!!!! And you expect that we’ll just stretch out our necks for your knives and swords?!??? NO WAY, NEVER!!!!!

    • Ashim K,I personally don’t mind, if Islam exists forever – in the Arab peninsula where it originated from. But WTF are you do doing in the West?!

  55. Hey my posts were erased. I hope I didn’t offend anybody (well any fellow infidels anyway, the radical islamists –I dont care).

  56. abraham,
    Anti islam? Yep, that would be an accurate assessment.

    You said:
    “so alot of the individuals here are probably other exteremists from christian or jewish religion. ok now that aside”

    Look, “probably” is not the best word to use, when making accusations. It causes an immediate loss of argument, to the user.

    BNI doesn’t post things that have “probably” happened. She posts facts.

    Sure, there are twisted individuals outside of islam. However, of all of the organizations and entities you rattled off, the only one that specifically calls for killing non-moslems or “unacceptable” moslems, is….islam.

  57. this message board has anti islam sentiment. Its quite obvious, so alot of the individuals here are probably other exteremists from christian or jewish religion. ok now that aside

    Im not gonna even watch this video, ive already watched several heinous videos of this kind the past few days, and now sick of this stuff, its disgusting.

    These ***** that commit such acts are not humans,and they will go to hell. This is just totally sick and unacceptable.

    The sad thing is these kind of sick events are going on places around the world. Behadings,amputations,burning of people,stoning,bombing, shooting, and all sorts…

    These are evil evil inhumane acts. Beyond beliefe.

    Its not just in one religion. Seen videos and images of U.S. army forces bombing civilians houses, killing & raping kid and families. Jews killing palestinians and destroying their homes for decades. Muslims beheading people,treating women terribly,bombing (sometimes in defence retaliation,sometimes in terrorist hatred acts).

    the point is these evil horrible perpetrators that carry out these sick crimes are not REAL Muslims,REAL Jews,REAL Christians, and should be very afraid of what is in store in the after life.

    P.S. btw as you see, they are beheading another muslim in this video, so its not necessarily against other religions .

    despicable. cannot imagine what the victims are going through at that moment, well can imagine it but is makes one sick to the core. There needs to be forces going around the world capturing these kind of criminals whether they are Muslims,Christians,Jews,buddhist or any other religion and bring them to justice. If it means building anthor 1000 jails. ( could say killem, but i dont accept makind killing one another)

    • Sorry to be rude, but you can shove your uninformed cultural relativism up your ass. Please read the quran and the hadiths!

      In contrast to other religions islam is the only religion who condones such hideous acts. The quran is filled with violence and written in the imperative form which means it is a collection of instructions that every muslim must follow. The violence comes from the core of this religion which shares a lot totalitarian political ideologies.

      As crazy as it may sound, but these people are the true muslims as they don’t act against the ethics of their religion like the other groups (christian US army soldiers, jews from the IDF et cetera) you mentioned but in the tradition of their prophet muhammad and the quran. In islam killing another human being is not a sin as it is for christians, jews, buddhists et cetera!

      Do you know muhammad had people killed and tortured? What you see here is pure Islam.

      Here is a good starting point to learn more about this:




      PS: I can assure you most of us are not (religious) extremists, but people who have had encounters with the violent nature of muslims, who have read the islamic scriptures and opened up their eyes to the history and teachings of Islam. This religion is fundamentally different to christianity and judaism. I am an agnostic atheist and a classical liberal/conservative and I come from a western European country which is a liberal democracy. I don’t want my country, the whole of europe and the western civilization to become an islamic theocracy with a muslim majority spiraling into the abyss like the shithole countries of the middle east and I have the right to feel that way.

  58. These assholes will never be civilized
    There slaughtering my people 24/7 in those lands

    And Sarah shut the fuck up I’m sick and tired of fucks like you

  59. To khader – ……i’ve been called a lot o’ things in my Life,but this word “bastarb”is a new one on me. Randy the Scots term”dead” angry is another way of saying”really”angry,sorry,but i forget at times that i should not type the way i talk,it really means”very”,keep up the good Posts Randy!!

  60. Randy – It Does’nt matter where in this Fair Land your Heart lies,Argyleshire or Edinburgh East (my area)if you have it in you, you’ve got it for LIFE,being Half Irish and Half Scots i’ve no choice in the matter – Thanks.

  61. Chris Curran of Bonnie Scotland, I thank you for your answer to my question concerning the Queen’s honorable soldiery. It is a comfort to know that indeed. Please forgive me for my Braid Scots is quite weak, but I take it that “dead Angry” is a good thing, right? Just know my heart is in Argyleshire where my mother’s Buchannon ancestors hailed from. Thanks bro.

    “Bonnie Scotland forever, and muzzie free!”

  62. Oh Rod, I generally don’t like to feed the trolls so to speak, nor am I the most computer literate person out there, but I beg to wonder why, with your college degrees and all, especially a Master of Divinity, you haven’t figured out the spell check function on your PC, or barring that, the leather bound default hardware program known as Merriam Webster, you know, the one that has been in production since the 19th Century. “…why ISN”T Emporer [sic] Cheney and his lap dog Scooter for leaking Valery Plaine’s [sic] CIA employment?”

    Methinks you doth think too highly of yourself. The above statement, I leave for posterity, it speaks for itself.

    So long Rod. 😉

  63. Randy….every time i read your post’s i run out off breath,you make me feel dead ANGRY,keep it up Mate

  64. @ROD: Well now, feel better now that you got that off your chest? I’m not going to criticise you for your service, for I’ve got two DD form 214’s. One for my active duty time (army), and one for my tour in SW Asia. In a few years time I shall have my third, possibly final one once I retire from the National Guard (21 years and counting).

    I’m gonna keep this short and not so sweet. I am very much working class, besides my training as an NCO and civilian law enforcement training, I have only a 12th grade education. I’m barely keeping my head above water here for I am far from rich. I have gone from driving a ’96 Corvette LT1 to driving a ’72 Chevy C-10 long bed (I actually like the truck better) and this Christmas was very lean as to be non-existent. As a single parent, I raised three sons to adulthood by myself and got one thru four years of chemotherapy starting at the age of three (leukemia). He is now 20, and cancer free. Furthermore I am a non-theist, I’m as agnostic as they come, because of that, I don’t go about pushing religion on people. By the same token, I don’t make a habit of taking people to task about their faith unless it has malicious designs (hint, read the quran and the hadiths). Don’t go lecturing to us about hardship, you have no monopoly on it.

    I am not the least bit interested in class warfare (except it’s demise), I do not covet that which belongs to others and I despise redistribution of capital from those who earned it to those who have not. That is what marxists do and OWS types want to do. BTW, I have seen Europe’s generous social welfare states up close and personal when I lived in Central Europe (Germany) for several years and I’m not impressed. What did impress me was the onward multi-culti rush towards social and cultural oblivion by the inclusion of ever increasing amounts of islamic immigration into Europe and the issues it creates, not to mention Europe’s high rates of unemployment and rising crime rates.

    Furthermore, I am well read, have studied European and Near Eastern history from classical antiquty to post modern, and cut my teeth on American history from pre-Columbian to the 21st Century. I have done this for the greater part of my 48 years of existence and all without the taint of tenured leftist university professors who couldn’t survive in the real world to save their own skin.

    I too am a gun owner and an NRA member, I vote, I keep in touch with my Congressman and Senators. This is all I have to say to you Rod, this forum is for the discussion of radical islam and the threats and challenges it poses to post-modern life both in the West, and elsewhere, not for somebody’s self-absorbed little conceits that do nothing but waste time, obsfucate the discussion, provide no concrete solutions, and puff up one’s ego.

    I will not be silenced by somebody with a college degree, and I will be heard.

    Nuf Sed

  65. What most dont know is that Islam IS the religion of peace….without a doubt its true. What we dont understand is that to muslims its the religion of peace once the entire world is united as one under allah. Once we are all muslims, all submitting to allah… is when the world will be at peace. But not until then. So yes, islam is the religion of peace…once theres no one left to kill. but wait a min… there will be other muslims left to kill. brother on brother…so wtf they talking about?

    • Too true lol. Once the Infidels/non believers of any major religion are eradicated then the ones “within” said religions “deemed” to be “not as faithfull” will have to be oppressed and eliminated and so on and so on.Peace will only get you soo far, it is war and the hate that begets it that foster progress.

  66. @Rod

    Whoopdee doo! The AF gave you a copy of your contract which states they can recall you and your discharge papers. That’s like bragging about getting a gold watch for your retirement. Everyone who wasn’t dishonorably discharged gets those.

    Which leads one to believe you are a “enhancer of the facts” therefore the rest of your bravado is most likely hooey.

    People are starving because they are too stupid and lazy to get off their arses and work and expect the nanny state to pay for everything. Instead of blowning money on your guns, which are expensive (I know, I own a few myself), donate money PRIVATE groups that help those who truly are in need. Got nothing to do with Jesus, it has to do with socialists creating a class that thinks it’s entitled to handouts without contributing to the greater good and middle and upper classes that spend beyond their limits and rather than stop spending and share they demand that others pay to keep the entitlement class in business.

    So, ROD, you’re part of the problem. Jesus ain’t going to fix it, socialism has created it and posting exaggerations about yourself and conspiracy theories isn’t even close to what needs to be done.

    • So if the Wiki leaks guy is a traitor for disclosing secrets, why ISN’T Emporer Cheney and his lap dog Scooter for leaking Valerie Plaine’s CIA employment?

      Or their puppet Mexican Gonzales not a sycophant instead of a sworn upholder of the US Constition and the laws of the land? Mr Gonzales is not having to drive a school bus today, but instead found a nice cozy law firm that took him on and hasn’t seen much of him since?

      I did my 18 months in SEA from Oct 1972 to end of March 1974 and it was NOT in the Phillipines, Okinawa, or Korea. On leaving Viet Nam I was awarded a gift T-Shirt that read “2nd Place SEA War Games.” It still hangs in my closet to this day. I last wore it to an anti Iraq war protest in a major American city with my wife, mother in law, son and daughter in law and 50,00 plus Americans. There were hundreds of Viet Nam war veterans there too that day and we all knew the sights, sounds, smells and sense of loss that comes with war.

      As clergy, I have officiated at too many funerals for friends, congregants and plain good Americans that came home with the shadows of a past that never left them alone and claimed their lives.

      Many of the people with whom I work on a daily basis are older Americans, many of who worked twnety plus years for companies that declared bankruptcy, were taken over by buy outs and the selling off of portions of their former employers or ceased manufacturing in the US and from Mexico went on to other third world nations.

      So you would have people believe that you are against government help: Why then do so many American business organizations accept Government help when they are on the fiscal ropes of failure and the US Treasury had to extend significant monies to keep them afloat. Many of those on Wall Strret then took those funds and paid themselves enormous bonuses as our housing market was on the skids. Millions of earnest, tax paying and hard working people found themselves out of work, out of health care coverage and out of their homes.

      The so called job creators continue to stockpile huge amounts of money abroad with no interest in creating new jobs other than those of the personal staffs they require for their mansions, Country Clubs, PR firms, Lobbying organizations, CPAs and of course lawyers to answer questions from the government. Look at Mitt Romney as recently as this week whose alleged blind trust funded his one of his own son’s businesses in the seven figure column.

      And speaking of offshore socialistic tendencies, would that include the health care of the SWISS? Last time I checked, they were and are FIRMLY in the capitalistic camp. Yet they accept the finest of care for ALL of their citizens.

      I grew up in a major American Texas city with an enormous medical center that draws people from around the world. My late father in law was the head of the American AUA, a brother in law is also in this AUA to this day and I have a cousin and friend (also another Viet Nam vet) who is a neurologist with the VA providing care to the American Veteran.

      Yet, there is a growing segment of OUR American population that is effectively cut off from health care as the insurance corporations death panels employ all of their immoral actions so that the CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, etc., can continue to “earn” their bonuses and fund the Country Club lifestyles that they FEEL entitled to by denying coverage for those who were born with an affliction or acquired a terrible disease are fell prey to an accident not of their making.

      I notice you urge people without jobs to go get one. The employment possibilities in the US have been drastically reduced and there are only so many door greeter jobs at K-Mart (Sears to shutter 160 stores after Jan1, 2012), Wal-Mart of burger flippin’ jobs at the Burger Joints. Last time I scanned the Jobs section, Southwest Airlines, Delta, American and Alaska Air don’t have bomb racks so many of the newly returned American Vet is not able to find a job that utilizes military skills. Same thing for Combat Infantry.

      Many American businesses have shuttered their factories and moved production to China, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Egypt and other such places where THEY can get people to work in polluted facilities, don’t worry about health care their as the host countries provide that (If the workers are lucky)and trhey can get people to work for pennies on the dollar.

      When I came out of the USAF, I was an MTI (Military Training Instructor) and I was able to translate that into a job training for the communications Fortune 500 company that I went to work for as I returned to college to complete my Bachelor’s and begin on my Master of Divinity degree.

      I still find time to target shoot (I no longer hunt) with everytning from my .22 Marlin, Winchester 40X, Mini Ruger and .30 .30. I like the discipline of breathing to sight and wishing the round downrange. I have a measurable loss of hearing in my right ear after target shooting for over 40 years. No longer do the 500 meter, but still enjoy the 300 meter ranges or distances. My eyes are no longer 21, hah!

      • RevRod, My husband was a Marine in Vietnam for 18 months and in over 3 years of doing this blog I have not mentioned it anywhere near as often as you have in your last several post.s I see where you are going (way left) and it is way off topic. Do it again and you will be banned.

  67. @Rod


    Next you’ll be telling us about reptilians and illuminati.

    So much crap in that post I don’t know where to start.

    Socialist health care is NOT working in England. Or Canada. Having no choice in doctors means more often than not one must wait weeks or months to get in for a routine check. God help those who live in sparsely covered areas. It’s a bureaucratic nightmare.

    America has no “official” religion. It is a secular democratic republic

    Nor do we burn witches at the stake. We do however have the freedom to burn books or any other damn thing we please so long as it complies with local fire codes. There are no religious laws that call for or condone the subjugation of any religious group. You are so far out of line comparing America to any musloid crapistan in that regard that I’d like to bitch slap you despite you possibly being a veteran.

    And you finish with the ows bullshi’ite. How about this: rather than you clowns expecting the government to be your nanny, banker and personal investor how about doing your damn selves? Don’t do business with the banks that “rip people off.” Pay for your own damn educations by working like I did. We’re in financial trouble because of all the god damned social programs the democraps have made us pay for.

    All in all I think you really need to go to the VA and get some counseling or we’ll be reading about you in the paper.

    • And the USAF provided me with a DD Form 4 AND a DD Form 214 for my service in Viet Nam. Also happen to be a nice gun owner and hold in addition to my Bachelor’s degree a Master’s of Divinity.
      Might I recommend reading some American History and not just chewing on your own tappen?
      Who would Jesus force to starve, pollute with greed or with hold FDRs Four Freedoms from?

  68. REV ROD PROMETHEUS: “Crazy domestic, “religious” nutcases of our own,” huh? Do you ever read the comments of others? You do realise that has to be one of the most used, most unoriginal, and downright stupidest retorts used by leftist obsfucators everywhere? Used, abused, and full of hot air! Hmmm, lets see, where are all the cold-blooded murders, beheadings, and acts of terror by these so-called Christian and Jewish “religious” nutcases? Can you find them? Fred Phelps and family? Yes they’re nut cases and being a soldier, I have more than ample reason to despise them, for which I do wholeheartedly! My sister-in-law beat the crap out of one of them at a counter-demonstration. But tell me where are those victims murdered by Westboro Baptist? Get a clue! If sickos are going to do this evil shit, then don’t you think it better that they do it over there, instead of in our backyard? Then why do you aid and abet these muztard extremists? That is exactly what you do by obsfucating the truth with P/C cultural self-hate that offers no concrete solutions and encouraging these people to immigrate here to the West, and do your damnedest to oppose anything concrete to deal with these filth. One must know who their enemy is before they can find them and destroy them. The power is in our hands to do so, the only constraint to doing so is people such as yourself. Your attempts at moral equivallence are lame, dishonest, and absurd. Education is the key? Thats rich! You do know the Taliban is well known for shutting down schools (especially girl’s schools) and destroying libraries and historical monuments (Buddhist statues. Look towards Egypt doing the same thing to their antiquities in the next few years as the Salafists consolidate their power. So much for the so-called Arab Spring). They only support religious madrassas, the ones that fuel jihad. What needs to be done, and this is my manifesto on the subject, is this. We absolutely must accelerate the development of energy independence from Middle Eastern sources, save for Israel’s developing, growing oil and natural gas industry. Forster and develop our own energy resourses both petroleum and alternative. We must multi-laterally pull our troops out of there, our embassy personnel, commercial presence and cut off formal relations with muslim states, including Turkey, by throwing them out of NATO while Europe needs to exclude the Turks from the EU admission process completely. This way, we can apply containment, a proven method of relatively peaceful regime change (see Truman Doctrine) This can only work within a multi-lateral framework to ensure an economic embargo upon ALL muslim states. All immigration of muslims to the West must be ended, period, the only exceptions being non-muslim refugees. Enforce a total ban of the practice of islam in the West being that it is a supremacist political/social system wearing a religious mantle. It is completely at odds with Western values. Yes, I am aware that various nations will pursue what they perceive as their national interests and will likely oppose such draconian measures, but what is worse? The containment of islam, or total war with islam? What is the lesser of the two evils? Either or, it will get to the point one way or another. At least containment would bring forward the possibility of muslims, due to extreme economic privations, leaving islam by the thousands, if not millions when they find it cannot deliver to the people’s needs. When this happens, these former muslims can take their rightful place alongside the rest of Humanity. I just won’t hold my breath anytime soon, though.

  69. Aussie, you support Is-scum? That makes you a traitor. Get out of my country. I don’t care if you are born here. The second you converted to that vile religion you gave up your rights to call yourself an Aussie.

    Shame shame shame.

  70. @the ROD

    America still has separation of church and state. Despite all the nonsense from the religious kooks NO ONE will be jailed or burned at the stake for NOT attending the kook’s churches. Nor will they suffer at the hands of the government for criticizing, chastising, or even offending the religious kooks. Nor do any of the kookiest kooks go on record giving “religious rules” on how to abuse and molest children. No government authority will arrest or execute anyone for “disrespecting” the religious kooks or simply for breathing while not being a religious kook.

    In just those few lame moral relativism points your attempt to compare America to anywhere in dar al islam has failed miserably.

    Thanks for playing. NEXT!

    BTW ROD they do have daily flights to Soddy Barbaria. I’m sure we’d all be happy to pitch in to buy you a one way ticket there.

    • This RevRodPrometheus. I am a Viet Nam vet (18 months in country), have held my clerical credentials since 1972, married for over 25 years, earned my college education after my enlistment, a tax paying property owner, a husband, grandfather and also happen to own numerous firearms that I use for target shooting. I have worked for a Fortune 500 corporation since 1982.
      I have officiated at too many military funerals and lost dear friends while in South East Asia and some that came home incomplete from that war and became casualties of it years after their return due to drinking, drugs, poverty and the sorrow one was immersed in while in uniform.
      I have seen people that had worked their entire lives for one company only to see pensions that had been earned vanish as companies were sold off piece meal or after CEOs had plundered pension funds.
      I have seen America edging towards 3rd world status as benefits evaporated, so that those who worship the love of money forgot all about being honest, honorable people who lost the desire to practice compassion just so that they could play the Country Club rules of MINE, MINE, MINE.
      If the right to have comprehensive health care in the once richest nation on our globe sounds “socialistic”, why does it work for the very capitalistic Swiss and most of the rest of the western world?
      For the insurance industry to benefit for cutting “expenses” at the expense of our middle class and the working poor is in my view, criminal. Why do the Members of Congress get health benefits that almost everybody else pays for? The health care insurance providers send American jobs to India and pay themselves bonuses in the millions of dollars while BECOMING the very agents of “deciding who lives and dies” that they and their bought and paid for PR, lobbyists, lawyers and electronic corporate media cite the left for?
      Now in regards to the Taliban and its adherents, they represent evil, illiteracy, ignorance and the most of the globe. Having said that, why does trhe paranoid and radical right fear educated men and, especially, educated women? Is America better served by returning to the practice of serfdom and a return to the dark ages with only the very rich and self anointed and self proclaimed religious “leaders” making and enforcing those actions that reward only those at the top of agolden pyramid.
      Who would Jesus enslave? Would Jesus expect guarenteed profits like our banks do? Or is it better to let those “above” decide for everybody else (you know, THE taxpayers)?
      America decided that we didn’t bowing to a king even though the Bush gang and its supporters think it’s just fine.
      What would Patrick Henry, Nathan Hale, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington say were they to cast their eyes on the money and power hungry contemporary Robber Barons?
      Taliban and a return to the Dark Ages where alleged witches and books were burned is NOT progress. Ask yourself this question: Why do the Swiss like not having an official religion and why do they want their government to provide health care for all Swiss citizens?

    • Your right rod there is a separation of church and state. We also have immigration laws. But the laws are as good as they are if they are enforced . And under Obama these laws and others are not enforced. Like I said before the city I live in the low cost market is selling Arab meat.

      The Animals suffer at their hands and because they pray to the devil we have to pay more for it because they charge a tax for the prayer. Which that tax go to support terrorism around the world. We also give grants to Americans to go to china and take the work from us so our people suffer.

      Yet lots of Americans don’t know 51% of all those factories are own directly to the Army who uses the money to buy more planes and tanks and anything else they want to fight us. The end is near because Putin has made a deal with china they are going to stop us from getting oil and try to take what we have.

      Iran and Cuba is with him. Obama was right its time for a change I always voted for demarcate but when he ran before I was in the hospital and didn’t vote now I know Obama can’t vote for him. Think lot more Americans should know its time for a change.

      • More deportations of illegal aliens have taken place under the current White House occupant than under both Bush administrations. And with the massive erosion of American jobs to the offshore nations, there is less reason for the South of the Border folks to sneak into the US.

        Obama is much more Conservative than the more traditional Democrats from the 50s , 60s and 70s. I view small business as good for the US. It is the large and out of control mega corporations such as the banking, investment, health insurance death panels and their pharmaceutical minions, along with the petrochemical giants as the villains that defy the laws.
        BP is now running ads on cable TV congratulating themselves for how they’ve cleaned up the Gulf. To date, NO ONE has been charged with any malfeasance or responsibility in the deaths of 11 good people working to provide for their families.

        BOA just agreed to pay somewhat over $300 million to settle predatory practices in loan operations of their Countrywide acquisition. According to Gov Romney, corporations ARE people. Yet if you or I were to have killed these same 11 oil workers or scammed credit worthy applicants to the more rewarding high interest loans, we’d be in jail.

        I’d be very interested in asking each of the candidates for President how many American jobs have been lost in their breaking up American companies and how much they earned for their job slashing.

        And, these are people who wear their religion on their sleeves. While the Taliban is certainly a terrorist organization, a great suit, tie, cuff links and $1K shoes can be worn by domestic terrorists who worship the dollar more than anything else. Who has gone to jail for the deaths of our miners in WVA for what has been described as avoiding safety regulations for the sake of saving money? Why has the US NEEDED to establish the so called Super Fund to clean up our air, water and crop growing land?

        A few bucks in the right hands and a wink and lives are bought and sold.

        So much for the personal responsibility that Rush (Best Druggie Name Ever!) used to crow about when Bill Clinton was in office.

        The Taliban scourge has blossomed because most of those people can barely afford rocks to maske soup with and so much of our Foreign Policy has to do with control of minerals, oil and materials that happen to be found under the sandals of these largely ignorant people who do as their 7th century grorunded Imams tell them.

        Last nite on the ABC newscast and NY Times it was announced that income for 98% of Americans was down while the wealthy Congressional population was up by 15%

        So the upper 1-2% continue to grow at the expense of a growing underclass that then becomes ripe for the same kind of struggle and evil that the Taliban glories in.

        Most of the Taliban is overseas. The growing poor here in the US are everywhere and we need to think of not letting the return to serdom or feudal conditions that are the seeds of violent revolution. Despair is not good for our country or, our citizens…

        • RevRod, so now you have revealed what a big leftie wacko you really are. And you have earned yourself an automatic ban for lying about Obama. (At BNI, lying = saying anything good about the muslim bastard in the White House) You will never post here again. So long, sucker.

        • Sorry RevRod……but by the way you speak does the Lord know you represent Him? I would have thought you may advocate salvation through Jesus Christ as the answer to the nations problems rather than through education and libraries …..

        • Your wrong under OBAMA he brought more Arabs into this country than any other President. And he’s got federal judges making them citizens right off the bat. As for border jumpers they are getting help to get all over the country by our government

          Now they get free rides to free classes for education for high school diplomas so they can become citizens . Plus after they get their diploma they are getting into college free. So they can have a better life. My kids would have to pay for their education and transportation.

          So I know its our taxes that pay for this but were did Obama take the money for it our defense funds. Is that why out dummy for sec. of war said we can’t win any wars. One thing for sure with Obama as commander-in-cheif he will surrender before the war starts.

  71. islam is not a religion . it is a malignant spreading cancer of hate. May the blood of swine fill each nostril of those haters of most peoples on earth.

  72. @aussi should be lebo or paki

    Sure, get all outraged over the messenger reporting the message instead of the ones actually sawing off someone’s head.

    THAT is why pisslam is NOT about peace or justice and that is also why you primitives are hated. If you savages actually threatened the ones doing the killing instead of threatening the messengers you might be a little less hated.

    The ummah destroyed Asia, Byzantium, Africa and parts of Eastern Europe long before America was created. Again you savages fail at history.

  73. Well Islam is 1400 years old religion. its mission is peace, justice, equality.
    America is the Terrorist. The creator of Taliban.

    America destroyed Asia, Middle East, Africa. Just for his own benefits. They don’t deserve to be called human.

    People plz dont abuse the Religion of Islam. because it wont help
    ANd if u dont have poltical knowledge then please go away. dont start world war 3 here.

    And Kindly report this page. It made me sick

    • Aussie, if the West is so bad why are muslim pigs like you living there? Report this page all you want, we have the first amendment here which gives us the right to speak the truth about a gutter religion like yours.

    • The US is very rich in radical, extremist “religious” organizations that spew “chapter and verse” from the four major Apostles to justify their gutter words and deeds. America has progressed from the big top revivals from the 19Th and 20Th century to the mega churches of today. One sees lots of hand waving and the necessary donations to keep these organizations profitable and the “clergy” well heeled. They preach the gospel of the dollar and proudly display American flag pins on their designer lapels.
      America was founded with a separation of church and state that is anathema to these self appointed and self annointed Speakers For The Almighty. Visit almost any American city and town and you will find a plethora of churches and temples. Strikes me as a deep sense of guilt on public display. Look at the still unfolding of child molestation cases across our so called God fearing nation. The machine guns kept by the Branch Davidians, the book burners of the American South and the various American politicians who pay political/religious homage to this stripe of irrational if not outright violent “church folk. What would America’s Founding Fathers say should they witness this perversion of religion? Would they just be publicly pilloried or lynched for pointing out their madness?
      The Taliban has its equivalent in the US and they are who I watch closely.

  74. Let US not forget that we have lots of crazy domestic “religious” nutcases of our own. What gets me is how in ALL such cases, the nuts are self-annointed, self proclaimed and think that THEY SPEAK For God. Get thee lots of Thorazine, you need to dial up your meds.
    Religion of whatever stripe can be used as a tool to rationalize wickedness, evil and violence.
    Education is the antidote to this. Libraries are a bastion against this perversion of hatred.
    The smell of human body waste is prevalent around the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and we are told that this site is sacred to the Big 3 global religions. The urine, feces and the smell of filth speak otherwise!

  75. the terrorists are the ones making trillions off these fears and wars and hatefulness. they are using the idea of jihad in several forms as a distraction while they continue to fill their coffers. stop the hating, wake up, and follow the money…….

  76. I wonder how brave this little bastard would be, if somebody held him down, looked him straight in the eye, and did it to him!

  77. FINNEGAN: You have stated what I have attempted to state for some time now, but far more eloquently and clearly. I would only add that the closest thing to violence ever done by Jesus Christ was to run the moneylenders out of the Temple. Small potatoes compared to muhammad’s reprehensibly evil, blood-stained legacy. A very good retort to those clueless, liberal atheists and agnostics who in their attempt to discredit us, so love to claim the Bible is every bit as bloody as the quran. The New Testament? Come on libtards! This is one way liberals obsfucate truth and avoid criticism of islam, either out of cowardice to do what is necessary, or because muslims are a tool for their socio-political agenda. The amusing thing about this is the fact that the islamists are using the leftists as tools for expansion and the spreading of sharia law into the West. When the inevitable happens, the islamists will come out on top at the libturd’s expense. The left is so clueless in their condescending arrogance that they keep feeding the muslim lion hoping the lion eats them last.

    “Cloven Hoof Posse!”~ “Liberals, positively Chamberlainesque…..Nevillesque?”

    “Whoop! Whoop!”

    • Islam is the religion of darkness. Satan is their god. Obama protects them because he is one. The plan is to lower our guard, lower the laws against true crime. Remove goodness and right living and replace it with depravity and the honoring of such heinous actions. Islam teaches savagery. Obama is a great deceiver. Look at his comments about gay and lesbians who are deviants and an abomination in Gods eyes, mhe lifts them up and honors them. Really, mr. president. ? Hmm, what does the Christian God speak about this.? You are a fool and all you liberal croonies are as blind and mindless as most muslims…look at the culture of Sodom and Gomorrah, look what The Lord God did to that vile place. Where do you see this america heading.? Look at the leaders of many of the majot cities. Look at how these people are living and what they stand for. Jerry Brown, you should be full of shame but chances are you are not. Another fool. There are only two genders. Male and female. Demented minds whether young or old are not good enough reasons to make all the other right minded and sane people to have to bow down and tolerate this deviant mind set. Sick in the mind and follow the source. By whose laws of true right and wrong do we look? We threw God out of our schools and what do we expect to reap? Gays and lesbians get offended when the light of truth is shone on their evil and deviant lifestyle. Of course they get offended, they should. Just like when a person is caught lying or stealimg should feel. Fools…

  78. all i can say is complete animals with no regard for human life,how anyone for any reason cut off another mans head is totaly beyond,made even worse by the fact that it was carried out by kid if 12 years old,i have a 12 year old son and if he ever saw that he would have nightmares for the rest of his life.
    islam is the worst of the worst of the worst,.im not a religious person but if there is a god out there please please god,save us from religion!

    • I cannot think of an animal that do as Muslims do, by forcing other animals to join them, or die the most agonizing death possible. Only demons from hell behave as these Muslims do. Please note, though, that not ALL Muslims are inhuman monsters, but a huge portion of them are, while the remainder must be regarded as the not-so-faithful-to-the-Quran as compared to those who are fighting and murdering in order to bring the entire earth under a barbaric 7th century collective.

  79. I am so tired of the lies being peddled by our own……whether it be the “Islam is a religion of peace” or the Fort Hood shooting being classified as “workplace violence”, as if the guy was just ticked off because someone stole his stapler.

    What it boils down to for both of the big two religions is this,(leave Judaism out of it, there are only 14 million followers), what are adherents called upon to do?

    In Christianity, the example to follow is Jesus Christ. What did he do during his time? Did he call his flock to violence? War? Conquest? No, of course he didn’t. It is written for all to read. Jesus Christ was clearly depicted as a man of peace. Pointing to violence committed by Christians throughout history does not change that. Men, in their very non-Christlike quest for power did that, and they manipulated, and truly did pervert the religion to their own aims.

    In Islam, the example to follow is the Prophet Mohammed. What did he do during his time? He started out peaceful enough, but the latter half of his much longer prophethood is marked by hit and run raids on defenseless caravans, theft and murder, taking of prisoners for ransom and even the taking of war brides. Later, he moved to the big time and began sacking entire cities. He not only took prisoners who had surrendered, but he beheaded them en mass. He took more war brides and slaves and concubines for himself and allowed his followers to do the same.

    And we wonder why terrorists behead their prisoners today? Because Mohammed did, that’s why.

    It is written for all to read, in the Hadith collections, in ibn Ishaq’s biography of Mohammed, and in the Koran.

    Any claim by anyone that Islam is a religion of peace is either uttered by a completely ignorant person, or a complete liar. And since lying to unbelievers is permitted by Mohammed with the sanction of Allah so long as it forwards the cause of Islam, why should any of us be surprised that a Muslim cleric can keep a straight face while he tells us that the violent among them are perverting their perfectly peaceful religion?.

    It is not a perversion. The terrorists are the true believers and followers among them. Those who profess to be peaceful are the ones perverting that horrible religion.

    • Your right Mohamed and his people were not nice people. Funny his people are still doing the same thing now. They want to fight a holy war. And get us to pay for it with welfare. And Obama showed how much he is a commander-in-chief when our troops were allowed to be dumped in a garbage dump to save a buck.

      Yes I believe in saving a buck instead of paying Obama when he’s kicked out of office lets put him and his family in a dump. And instead of giving Arabs a house with tax payers money put them in a dump like they do to christens in Egypt.

  80. Thanks Randy,always nice to know….sorry..” KEN “!! ah huv support……..” FREEDOM”.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. CHRIS.CURRAN.”BONNIE”SCOTLAND.: Thank you very much! It must come from the Gaelic part of my Anglo-Scots pedigree, lol. Though I forgot to add “Bollocks o’ Steel” to my “Buttocks o’ Doom.” I must make amends. BTW, You’ve got it in you too, bro.

    “Cloven Hoof Posse!”~ “Scotland Forever!”

    “Whoop! Whoop!”

  82. Well said Randy,…..Christ !!..Iv’e never heard some o’ those words in my Life before,well done randy!!!!!

  83. MUHAMMAD ALAM: Your prophet muhammad was a lying, murderous, child molesting, evil piece of pig poo! If given the chance, I would DEFECATE ON HIS GRAVE AND WIPE MY ASS WITH PAGES FROM THE QURAN!!!

    “Thus farteth the Cloven Hoof Posse, with “Buttocks of Doom” and target accquisition, Mecca!”

    “Pfffffft! Pfffffft!”

  84. Stop with the lies. We know what Islam is. Your clerics have made it quite clear what the goal of Islam is. Your prophet had no forgiveness in him. A vile creature.

  85. i think it is not a good meaner to kill som one brutuly like behade som one . islam not a brutal religen islam don,t allowd us to do like this our prophad muhammd p.b.u.h teach us that if sombody beet u or behave worsly u should forgive him even in jurny of tahif wen p mouhd p b uh .sad peoples to imbres islm but chife of tahif make boys to beet p mouhd p b uh thy hit our p mouhd p b u h by stons and our p mouhd becom injerd. but u pray that o allah/god i forgive him u forive him to . this is islam that our prophat forgive his animes …

    • Ask Mohamed to teach you to spell. Your proving you and your people are stupid morons from the dark ages. If you learned to read and write better maybe you could read the Koran and see the truth.

  86. I have also served as a Hospital Corpsman U.S.Navy. I feel that a lot of people here at home do not realize just how bad it is in the rest of the world. The U.S. with all of its faults is still by far better at its worst than the best the middle east has to offer. The biggest problem with the large majority of muslims, is that they live about 400-1000 years in the past. When Rome had the same problem that we face (their menace was the jewish terrorists- zealots), they were left with only one alternative. Destroy the temple. So they did. We do need to get out of Baghdad. ***********************************. Add a few other strategic religious targets. Then those that claim Islam will simply have to graduate out of the middle ages and feudalism. Better for us. Better for them in the long run. We should not be afraid. It will save many more lives in the future.

    • M.J. Stewart,

      You have a simplistic and incorrect understanding of the battle which took place against Rome. Rome had conquered the world including the ME and demanded all worship the Roman Emperor- Rome were the Nazis of their time- cruel, rapacious and tyrannical. The Jews would not worship the God of Rome- the Roman emperor and cooperate with Roman cruelty, slavery , coliseum shows throwing slaves to lions etc. The Jews were qay above the Roamns ethically, morally and in terms of simple human decency. Eventually, though the Romans destroyed the temple the Jews won. Jews are still here stronger than ever and the despots of Rome are long gone. Rome disintegrated- Constantine realized Christianity could be used as a tool to keep Rome together- and so the Roman Catholic Church came into being and coopted and corrupted the ethics and morality the Jews/Christians of the time – melded it with Roman values of cruelty which led to 1600 years of Cruelty, hatred, oppression by the morphed Roman Church against the Jews- hated because their values were and are the diametric opposite of the actions of Rome. For the Vatican ( think Rome) things have changed somewhat since the 1960’s, but hatred of Jews is written in to the New Testament by Constantine and his ilk and that problem will remain until it is purged from the texts. Same goes for the Koran which is a far more hateful and evil text against both Jews and Christians -both of which are far superior to Islam- and they know it deep down inside but instead of joining us in our success as civilizations they aim to destroy us and pull us back into the barbarism of the 5th century.

      • That was very well put and insightful for me. Thank you.
        I was raised Roman Catholic, but resented it. I have a fundamental problem with any organized religion, but believe strongly in God. My God doesn’t kill or injure a person based on their beliefs. No one religion has it right. They were all created by men, who by their very nature are flawed. I don’t have all the answer, but killing each other in the name of God is NOT IT!!!

      • Yes but Christians do not deny what they did, muslims do. Fundamentalist muslims abrogate the earlier more peaceful
        Verses in place of the latter, more violent ones. Mo/the writers saw the contradictions and put abrogation in place. Mo became more violent and power-hungry in the end so what he commanded was subjugating all other religions. Tell me which religion will kill it’s members who question it or leave?

      • I wish I had seen this MUCH EARLIER!!!

        The Biblical texts of the New Testament have NOT to the best of my knowledge been tampered with since about AD 200 (one century and more after they were written); thus, Constantine and the others couldn’t possibly have written in ANY Jew-hatred whatsoever!!! That is a definite LIE!!

        It’s another matter to say on the other hand that Constantine did co-opt the Church…

  87. If you wanna see peace and how man kind should live. Go watch The last samurai(2003)
    staring tom cruise. Beyond the fighting and the blood shed in which the samurai only fight when provoked. You see a peaceful civilization of farmers , who practice there martial art and meditate. The village of the samurai is so different compared to the world we live in today.
    we live in a world of fear, where you are afraid to let your children play outside anymore.
    A world where you set on an air plane and wonder if someone is going to blow it up, a world where your children must go through naked body scanners, to see if they have explosives strapped on them. A world where the nice old friendly man down the street ends up shooting his wife and daughter with a shot gun, because he all of a sudden goes mad. And on the tv they say ” he was such a quite nice man, who always brought us tomatoes from his garden every summer” who would have known that he would have shot his wife and daughter and then cooked their brains on the stove and ate them with ketchup ”

    If you go on youtube there are tons of news videos of parents who ate their sons eyes, or brains. I even remember hearing a story where a guy drugged another guy , and while he was sleeping, cut off the guys p*nis and cooked it in a frying pan and ate it. I am sorry but this kind of stuff is happening more often. The people of the world are getting crazier and crazier. How many times do you hear a story on the news, where a guy walking down the street minding his own business is attacked and killed by others. how about the story where a young boy was beat in the head with a railroad tie. I think humanity as a whole is starting to lose its mind.
    how long will the world last at the current rate ? It is only a matter of time before christ returns,
    maybe you are an atheist and say sorry don’t believe in a god. well if one doesn’t return soon
    and handle this mess, it is only a matter of time before humanity exterminates its self.
    middle east wars, wars and more wars. only a matter of time before a nuclear war breaks out and humanity exterminates its self. Be it 10 years or 30 years or 300 years from now. humanity will eventually exterminate its self…

  88. Countiries that give them citizenship and assilam and ‘freedom’……better watch their backs! It’s ‘coming’…..and it ain’t going to be pretty!

    Too many ‘soft people’ in the world today! You ‘softies’ better get ‘thick skinned’ and soon!

  89. REALLY? Moot point Mr. Obsfucator. For the most part, Christianity’s “religious wars” ended with the Treaties of Osnabruk and Munster, the so-called Peace of Westphalia which ended the Thirty Years War in 1648.

    That being said, for one to pound their chest in the praise of their idol (opinion) and to criticise another person’s faith is in itself not following the ideas of peace.

    Hello pot, meet kettle! Now take your moral relativism and your perverse, dissonant moral equivalence and troll elsewhere.

  90. Thomas Really,
    And further, regarding your comment, someone may “think” that another will “spend eternity in Hell. Peaceful, eh?” That strongly implies that you believe we should not have the freedom to think whatever we choose to. Since when, is it not peaceful, to think one’s own way of doing and believing, is superior to another’s? I always thought that one had to actually DO SOMETHING, antithetical to peace, before being categorized as “not peaceful.”

  91. Thomas Really,
    Islam is currently violent. Christianity and Judaism are not, so your attempt to obfuscate has failed.
    Naturally, one can look at history and see wrongdoings in all areas (not just religion). We are, at this time, living with islam, Christianity, and Judaism, as they currently exist.

    • If you consider that Islam started centuries later than Christianity, let’s just assume that they are still in their dark ages of religion wars, just like christians went through in the middle ages, and hope that they will live through it to adopt more open minded positions

      • Not a hope in Hell!!!!

        Christianity overall could eventually manage such a transformation thanks to the Early Church finding itself blending in certain Græco-Roman doctrines not too long after its founding (starting in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD); furthermore, it NEVER tells people to go out and kill in its name!!!! It doesn’t claim the extreme degree of perfection (particularly when it recognises the intrinsic EVIL of all Mankind) that Islam claims in its founding. Every Moslem is supposed to look to Mohammed, an absolute PARAGON of violence, cheating, lying and deceit, as THE IDEAL MAN; furthermore, it destroys people’s attempts to have ANY real relationship with God. This is the POLAR OPPOSITE of what Christianity commands!!!!

        Islam FORBIDS ANY tinkering with its beliefs whatsoever: that’s why it can NEVER hope to have any humanism incorporated into it other than what it already has (which in terms of its negative parts is HUGELY present)!!!! Especially in its Salafi/Wahhabbi format, there’s NO room for anybody like St. Thomas Aquinas, Erasmus or anybody else to bring in ANY “moderating” influences whatsoever, PERIOD!!!!!

  92. Pinkcadlac,
    You may want to open your history books again. More blood has been spilled in the world in the name of God than for any other reason. Muslim, Christian, and Hebrews alike are all guilty of murder in the name of religion.

    Any religion that claims to be the one true religion can not be a religion of peace. To claim dominance over all other faiths is inherently drawn to conflict and is therefore the antithesis to peace.

    For one to pound their chest in the praise of their lord and to criticize another person’s faith is in itself not following the ideas of peace. Just because you don’t behead non believers in the streets doesn’t mean your despise of others faith is peaceful. Christians believe that if you’re not a follower then you will spend eternity in Hell. Peaceful huh?

    • Pinkcadilac…..Jesus said “Enter by the narrow gate.But wide is the gate and broad the road that leads to destruction. and MANY go in by it . BUT Narrow the gate and difficult the way to Life and FEW find it ” This is not violence to the unbeliever ..it is INSTRUCTING them AND ADVISING them of the CHOICE that must be made…….you are not physically threatened into becoming a “christian” but God has made it plain that there is only ONE way to Heaven and He want you to be there …..if you dont want to chose Gods provision thats your choice and He will not MAKE you choose His way !!

      • Not threatened huh? I’m threatened daily with hell if I don’t accept your blood sacrifice as my personal saviour. Please don’t be a hypocrite. That said, at least no christians have threatened to behead me, although we are seeing more cases of unnecessary child death due to christians with-holding lifesaving health care.

  93. THOMAS: The only correct part of your statement is “the damn muslims are the worst of the lot though.” History demonstrates examples of Buddhist violence and wars. Buddhists are human just like the rest of us, and therefore not immune to these aspects of human nature. Buddhism is not another word for pacifism. Zen Buddhism for example, had a large following among the East Asian warrior class. My point is not to criticise Buddhists and Buddhism though, I admire them far too much to do that. I agree, muslims are by far, the most violent though.

    • f’, fuck sake Thomas, you start typing and a bunch of bullshit starts hitt’n the page.where did you learn your history ?, from a 5 yaer old ?.

  94. Thomas-
    Where do you get off, claiming that the Christians and Jews are murderers?
    I’ve never heard of a preacher or a rabbi, exhorting his flock to destroy others. In fact, they do the exact opposite; instructing the faithful to exhibit love toward others, in order to demonstrate the teachings of the faith and attract others.
    If you don’t like religion, so be it, but don’t make stuff up.

    • Are you actually trying to tell us that Christianity has not promoted violence throughout history…. If you truly believe that, then you are ignorant and need to get hold of the facts before making anymore statements on an international forum that show you for the fool that you are .

      • There are some major differences that you are missing. Christ’s message is one of peace and brotherhood. Mohaameds is not. The Christians that you are referring to as murderers were the high priests, kings etc., not the general congregation member.
        Also, Christianity has gone a reformation of sorts, islam has not. Islma is much more political and the koran is violent. Don’t start comparing the koran to the old testament either. Not the same thing. Moral relativism doesn’t apply here.

      • It is true that violet things have happened in the name of Christianity by men being lead by ambition for power, not for the glory of God. But the example of Jesus is the example all true believers should strive for.and we fail MISERABLY ………..

    • Yes, just the other day the Methodists, after their potluck, went to a Baptist “Dinner on the Ground” and beheaded them all because the Methodists sprinkle and the Baptists immerse. Goes on all the time.

  95. there is no religion of peace except for the Buddhists!
    the christians are murderers, muslims are murderers and so are the jews.

    the damn muslims are the worst of the lot though/

  96. After saying that Fraeed will probably be on some Death list somewhere, just like Salman Rushtie was / still is,over here in Brittian,but give credit where credit’s due,thank you Fraeed,very brave of you.

  97. I am a Muslim from Iraq, we have seen with our own eyes how it was slaughtered for a Muslim to his Muslim brother. Iraqis slaughtered Iraqis. Not of the Jews is one of the slaughter of Iraqi Muslims. It was not the Christians of the slaughter of Muslims. I asked myself why we Muslims slaughter each other? I did not find the answer! Why do we Muslims retreat to the back while the world advances and evolves? How will we disseminate the Islamic faith among the people? How can you convince others that Islam is a religion of peace and love. We Muslims kill each other brutally? If someone asked me. You Muslims are killing each other for silly reasons. Shiites kill each of his name (Omar). Sunnis kill all of his name (Ali). What will you do to us? Unfortunately. We Muslims control us historical events took place before more than 1400 years. This is a fact.Some Muslims may say this is not true. Not. It’s the truth. We Muslims in Iraq are not afraid of American soldiers. We are not afraid of Muslims, Jews or Christians. We are afraid of our Muslim brothers.Now I’m ashamed of myself.

    • Fraeed….I sincerely hope you see my post to you. I am a Christian living in Australia. I was,nt always a Christian. I only became a Christian in my 50 th year after I called out to God (of the Bible) He showed me that Jesus was REAL. and gave me MANY dreams and visions of what He wanted me to do…..this was AFTER I acknowledged what Jesus had done for me,.,Islam teaches that Jesus is NOt the Son of God and did not die for our sin. Fraeed,….this is so wrong…..Our GOD(We call Father) loves people so much…..if you are looking for TRUE PEACE in your heart…ask Jesus to show you. Dont tell anyone ,just go into your room and say “Jesus show me who you really are and what you did for me ,Amen” I guarantee if you are truly sincere He WILL answer you Quickly……THEN you will see WHY all your brothers do what they do!!!.

  98. Islam is the works of satan himself. Always was always will. No Godly religion would ever say to anyone ,convert or submit or die’ Nothing in this life requires someone to behead anyone for anything .Godly religions attract , you believe in the doctrines or you don’t. Jesus said it best “let him who is without sin cask the first stone “. .

  99. Khader, I think we have a pretty good idea about Islam these days. “ISLAM WILL DOMINATE THE WORLD” “SLAY THOSE THAT INSULT ISLAM” “EUROPE YOUR 9/11 IS COMING” “DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM CAN GO TO HELL” Your agenda is quite clear. Over 18,000 terrorist attacks by muslims since September 11, 2001. Yeah, I think we can honestly say we know what to expect from you lot. You know what’s missing from your life mate? Pork! Have a bacon sandwich while you enjoy western technology.

  100. Sarah – The difference a lot of Western People(myself included)can’t get to grips with is, the Fact that Islam is a Religion AND a Law,in other Religions the Law is for EVERYBODY, and Religion a matter of choice,and so it should always be,if it becomes anything else other than choice then you are in the Brown stuff up to your Neck,thats what we don’t want here in Scotland,and many other Western Countries,the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE is vital to us,try and take the right to choose away from us then you are up to your Neck in the Brown stuff AGAIN, the time is going to come that the people of the Western World will not tolerate Islamic changes to OUR ways of life in OUR society, and, OUR Right to live OUR life according to Western Ways and Laws,and certainly should not “pander”to any incomers such as this Islam SHIT,If you want Islam,go to which ever Country is predominatly Ruled by it,and not in anybody elses,and keep it that way.!!!

  101. there is no such thing in islam. If a muslim do something wrong/ illegal it doesn’t mean that it is allowed by islam. Same goes for other religions. So please, don’t blame islam. I know this whole blog is againts islam.

    • Sarah, yes, there is. Obviously you have not read the quran:

      Qur’an 8:12

      “Your Lord inspired the angels with the message: ‘I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes.”

      • This because they contended against Allah and His Messenger and those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, Allah is severe in punishment.

        • REALLY?!?!?? “Allah” is the most POWERLESS ‘god’ I’ve yet ever seen or heard of!!! Even the false deities of the Græco-Roman, Hindu and other pagan pantheons had/have more actual power in their hands than “Allah”; let alone the Judæo-Christian GOD, who has it ALL!!!!!

          Furthermore, Mohammed is NO “messenger” of any god other than Satan (i.e., the Devil himself) – ALL his deeds of pædophilia, rape, murder, genocide, theft and grand lying are of the most malevolent spirit that has ever stalked the face of this most unhappy earth!!!! Truly, Mohammed is THE Antichrist forecast in Revelation!!! All that remains is for him to show up in his last and most deceitful imaginable mask of them all…

        • so you condone violence if its against your evil religion. all Americans should pay close attention to this type of mindset. its the thinking of a person who lacks critical thinking skills and has no conscience. Islam requires submission and recitation. there is very little thinking as is apparent with this person as is with most Muslims.

        • Although Mohammy is the false prophet; many Christians believe that peace is only possible with the removal of the garbage first; especially garbage that will not accept JC as their lord and saviour while worshipping a fake. It is hard for some people to accept the truth of this…in the same way that people find it hard to believe in extra-terrestrial life- even though they are part of ET in some small part DNA wise. Mohammed and his ilk could never stop an extinction meterorite; Christians could; so, we learn to PRIORITISE as a rule. A small percentage get a little excitable (like the disciple that cut off the Roman soldiers ear in a fight as they came to take Jesus….but too much information will confuse some of you.

        • Not trying to be adolfus’ advocate or anything, but when’s the last time Jews made a video of a beheading? Or stoned somebody for adultery? I’m a Christian. But I have no problem with ANY religion except the ones that are actively trying to kill me, my family and those like me. Jews, hindu’s, budhists, etc.. don’t fit this list. So, by definition, not garbage. Jews actively contribute to society and better the environment upon which they thrive. Ever wonder why pretty much all muslim land is a baren desert wasteland? Kinda looks like God may have turned his back on some people and their too stupid to realize it. They currently survive off of selling the black blood of the Earth. Even their ottoman symbol of the crescent and star is the ancient glyph for Venus (also known as lucix or Lucifer, the morning star) Venus is also called the morning star by ancient civilizations. Pretty damn obvious to me who Allah really is and it isn’t the God of the Jews and Christians, for sure.

        • …and the fuel you are all describing comes from fossils, you know when the world came into existence, after expansion in the universe, a few billion years ago… No Allah, no Yahweh, just atoms and stardust, Am I the ONLY rational person here? :(

      • barenakedislam u just quoted a verse from quran, but u have to read the whole chapter and why the chapter was revealed ,unless u open ur heart n mind with peace n tranquility u cant understand the truth, if u think ur relgion is truth then follow ur relgion , and as far as i know no religion on this earth preaches hatred or enmity so i hope ur religion also dnt preach so read the quran with open heart nt with a point to prove it wrong

        • Enough of us here HAVE read the Qu’rân exactly as you suggest – by whole chapters and in context!

          Regardless: it’s obvious that you Moslem minds are so utterly POISONED to logic and science that you can’t accept what absolutely EVERYBODY ELSE accepts without demur once they realise what’s being dealt with via science and logic!!! When reading all of Chapter (Sura) 9, it’s open HATRED and calls for the total destruction of non-Moslems is INESCAPABLE – how can you expect us to go against reason upon that???

          Furthermore, you Moslems have ABROGATED as much as 40% of your Qu’rân – whereas the Jews and Christians have NOT abrogated one single word thereof!!! It’s all there not only to be read and referenced but also to be pondered, never to be blindly dismissed even if Christians and Jews disagree on various interpretations thereof…


    • Typical excuse. I’ve seen many like this before and none of them dare to touch the manual which is the quran either literally, metaphorically or historically.

      Hasty generalization fallacy.

    • Sarah, study psychology for a couple of years, then read the haddith and Qu’ran in full. Then you will know what a psychotic maniac Mo was. And your religion and culture wants to keep you down in the dirt with all the dignity of women from the stone age. You are so brain washed it’s pathetic. Islam is a disease spread by a sick, sick man.

  102. No, they didn’t behead the 12-year-old boy; rather, it’s the boy who beheaded somebody else who’s obviously OLDER than that!!!

    Either way, most horrifying (performing such a VILE act is enough to make a psychopath out of most children of that age…) – and as to being told not to think, that’s exactly what the muzzies and the Commies WANT OF US!!!

    Here I remember the Soviet “creed for intellectuals” making the rounds during the time of the USSR:

    “Don’t think. If you think, don’t speak. If you speak, don’t write. If you write, don’t publish. If you publish, confess your errors and denounce what you’ve written!”

  103. Thoose are the worst animals here at our beloved Earth. That is also my feeling that they doesn’t belong here, nore shall they have any moore life to spend at Earth from now on. May they all Rot in Hell !!!!!!

      • I’ve seen videos og Imams claiming that in their countries, girls quite often reach puberty and sexual maturity at EIGHT or NINE (he was defending the Fact that Mohamed married Aisha when she was SIX and consumated the marriage when she was NINE) I wonder what she went through from 6 to 9 ? Man of God? I think NOT!

      • I cant help laughing at some of these comments.If read one after another it is so funny and ABUSIVE,,,,no one would ever speak to another persons face like this……we,er separated by thousands of miles …safe!! lol

    • 31. Surah Luqman

      7. And when Our Verses (of the Qur’an) are recited to such a one, he turns away in pride, as if he heard them not, as if there were deafness in his ear. So announce to him a painful torment

    • Typical COMMUNIST!!!!

      This the text of a bitter “Creed for Soviet intellectuals”, widely whispered around intelligentsia circles under Communist times and in Communist countries:

      Don’t think.
      If you think, don’t speak.
      If you speak, don’t write.
      If you write, don’t publish.
      If you publish, confess your sins and denounce what you’ve written!

        • On this Website we know FAR MORE about your IDOL Mohammed than we wish we had ever had the misfortune to know!!!!

          You Moslems who come here just can’t get it through your heads that we non-Moslems are FAR BETTER in every possible way than you, all your IDOL’S FALSE PRONOUNCEMENTS notwithstanding!!!!

          THAT IS WHY we HATE ISLAM – because we know it for what it is!!!!

  104. the best solution to this problem IS,, NOTHING!!!!

    • WRONG – it’s not thinking by itself (and I know this is an OLD post), but the wrong KIND OF THINKING that’s EVIL!!!!

      The Islamic kind of thinking is NO THINKING at all – that’s why “fausto vaca” must be a Moslem…

  105. Bring it on. We’re ready for you shit under the fingernails, couldn’t get a girl, so I have to wait for my 72 virgins, losers.

  106. Just one little thing for Conservative Cowboy: please don’t denigrate dogs, who’re a heck of a WHOLE LOT MORE noble than all the 1,500,000,000 Muslims of the entire planet!!!!

    Dogs are the best pets for Mankind, and they’re His best friend: that Muslims so hate them ought to prove to them just how utterly possessed they are by Satan!!!!

    • agreed. Dogs are man’s best friend. loved by all of mankind unless you are a Muslim. Dogs are considered Kafir by Islam along with Jews and Christians. Hey, thats not an insult to me. I love dogs.
      I get insulted and ready to fight when Muslims compare Mo. to Jesus. that gets me going.

    • if you think you lot more noble than muslims then try to be like wat u claim, u think muslims are posessed by satan, then wat r u possessed with, does ur relgion or jesus taught u this


        We Westerners know too well when real possession takes place – when somebody loses their reason (something that fits Moslems all too well!!!). Those of us who have our reason intact know better than to even give one INSTANT to such MORONS as you Moslem HATERS, DEVILS, SATANISTS and everything else!!!!

        Your “allah” in actual fact is Satan himself – and all Moslem deeds endorsed by the Qu’rân against “infidels” prove as much…

      • Zaid, yes, all of you are possessed by Satan. All of you are the Anti-Christ, all of you are Anti-Buddha, all of you are anti-humanity, and all of you are anti all religion, anti-peace, anti-compassion, anti-mercy, anti anything civilized.

        • Yep, certainly proves revelations: “They will ‘behead’ you for my name.” Plus, only the anti-Christ will give you a choice to either covert or die…not Jesus who gives you a choice! There is NO choice with Islam.

  107. im 12 and this is the most groosem retarded stupid thing i have ever i was looking up 12 year old boy kickups and this thies islamic people are arsholes

    • You Guys are pigs because you eat pigs. You eat filthy things which are not good for humans. Alcohol is dangerous, smoking is dangerous. Muslim or not muslim I don’t care but you shouldn’t blame other religions because of black patches. Christians changed their own scriptures, Jews killed Jesus. Guys be peace to each other love one another. Whoever gives a stupid reply to me then he must be a shit head. You guys are brain washed by these people who are Sikhs. They are not Muslims. Shikhs have beards and stuff. It’s suppose to be anti-Sikhism not anti islam lol. Please God give them guidance to the straight path not of those who lie or those who kill. People are going to be judged through their deeds not their religion!!!!!

      • MOSLEM LIAR!!!!!

        All your taqiyya, kitman, Al-Walaa-wal-Baraa, “play victim, blame everybody else” in spite of your guilt, FALSE “superiority” can’t disguise the fact that you Moslems have only EVIL in yourselves!!!!

        BEGONE from here – take your lies, distortions, double-talk and everything else ELSEWHERE!!!!! Our GREAT Western art, music, medicine and science prove you Moslems are THE lowliest possible imaginable of the low!!!!

      • Smoking is dangerous all right – even King James I of England realised that over 400 years ago. HOWEVER, a little bit of wine WITH A MEAL is OK for anybody that’s NOT an alcoholic and/or a child.

        We Christians haven’t changed our Scriptures ONE IOTA – EVER!!! Nor have the Jews – and it was NOT even a majority, not even a substantial minority that killed My Lord Jesus, but a TINY MINORITY of scribes and scholars that called themselves “the Sanhedrin”!!!

        Furthermore, it’s Western science that shows who are the ones who have REALLY been “brainwashed” – Moslems!!!

        Also, Moslem LIAR: if people will – according to you – be judged by their deeds, how do you explain your psychopathic, utterly-UNREASONING HATE of non-Moslems??? How do you condone this MONSTROSITY being done, even (and especially in fact) if this man is not a Moslem??? Can’t you see that your LIES have been exposed for what they are???

        I GLADLY take up your challenge – for no “infidel” can EVER be worse than a Moslem (and the GREAT MAJORITY of non-Moslems are FAR BETTER)!!!!

      • How hypocritical! You say “be peaceful to each other” yet you call people pigs. There is a man that said, “The reason why you people do not eat pork is because your ancestors are pigs.” It sounded weird, but now I see the connection. It is because people like your are calling other people pigs, just like you said, when in reality your ancestors are pigs, that is why you are scared to eat them.

      • I don’t care what side of the fence your on with Muslims, but I will tell you that there are lines you do not cross with Americans. The main line is you start messing with our families , our rights and our country , it isn’t going to matter who you are or what you believe. You will die. Fearing the government is a fatal mistake. It is the people that will destroy you and the world that you occupy.

      • Gee, I don’t know what’s more dangerous – alcohol, smoking, or some religious nutcase with a machete lopping people’s heads off because of a twisted daddy approval complex.

        Get the drift, scumbag?

      • You are a big liar. You know what is shown above is wrong and attribute that t Sikhs.very cever. And as tell us what is writteno n the head band…..Punjabi…..you are disgusting and makes it more clear with your allegations

      • Fucking liar, Muslims have beards because it is an offence to show ones neck to Allah. Islam is the cult of children fuckers.

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