AL-JAZEERA FLUNKIE condemns Israeli Army for human rights violations based on Palestinian hearsay

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH (that pro-terrorist UN organization) has accused Israeli soldiers of unlawfully killing 11 Palestinian civilians during the War on Gaza.

IDF video proves her wrong.

Captured in this aerial footage, a Hamas terrorist plants an IED and then climbs into a house containing uninvolved civilians. Later the civilians and the Hamas terrorist exit the house waiving a white flag, at which point IDF troops approach and arrest the terrorist. This is just one of many examples of how Hamas uses uninvolved civilians as human shields. This example is particularly egregious since the terrorist used civilians waving a white flag to try to evade IDF soldiers.

IDF video shows how Hamas rigged a school and zoo with explosives, showing Hamas’ willingness to use the Palestinian people as human shields.

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