The most brutal slave masters in the world were not white men…

….THEY WERE/ARE MUSLIMS. The Arab Muslim slave trade is alive and well in Sudan where black Muslims are slaughtered and brutalized by Arab Muslims.

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“They cut off the ears, they pluck out the eyes, they burn people alive.”

“We get nothing from Arab and Islamic countries. The only help we get here is from America.”

MUSLIM-ON-MUSLIM GENOCIDE: Arab Muslims are killing the Sudanese Muslims because they consider them to be ‘too black.’

Everyone knows about the genocide in Darfur. But the media never mention that it is systematic Islamic ethnic cleansing by Arab Muslims.

Islamic history is the world’s primary driving force behind black African slavery. The Islamic black slave trade engendered brutality, sexual concubinage, and elicited an extremely high death toll during the slave transports. The Islamic slave trade comprehensively dwarfs any other slave trade in recorded human history.

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