“Watching TV is so un-Islamic”

OH NO! Now, how will they get their message of “peace” out to the world?

Terming it as an ‘unislamic activity’, the Jammu and Pakistan based terror group Lashkar-e-Toiba has issued a new diktat in the Banihal area banning people from watching television.

Taking a cue from the Taliban, the LeT terrorists are making sure that no one switches on their television.

The terrorists are resorting to violence if any of the villagers defy their diktat.

Lashkar militants have warned villagers of dire consequences if they do not stop watching television. In a recently issued diktat, they have described the ‘idiot box’ as an epicentre of all problems and blame the same for impregnating evil thoughts in the mind of villagers.

In true Taliban style, the Lashkar men also pasted a pamphlet on the boundary wall of a mosque.

Security forces in the area describe the Lashkar’s latest act as one of frustration and desperation.

Television being a powerful medium of information and the only window to the world has always been on the target of the terrorists.ZOPAG

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