Egyptian torture video

Blogger Wael Abbas has published footage of a man being tortured in what he says is an Egyptian police station. The horrific scenes seem not to have greatly shocked the Egyptian public.

Wael says that the scene appears to have taken place in the Ad-Dawahi police station in the harbour town of Port Said, situated at the mouth of the Suez Canal. His source, which he says is reliable but prefers to remain anonymous, does not know when the scene took place but affirms that the torturer is the station commissioner, Mohamed Abu Ghazala.

Contacted by FRANCE 24, activists from the Port Said branch of the NGO Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said that they have tried to find the victim in the video, but nobody has come forward. They told us that acts of torture at the hands of the station commissioner in question had already been documented by the group. Interestingly, they also told us, the victim does not have the local accent of the Port Said province.

The torture video footage shows a person hung by their wrists in an interrogation room. He begs his torturer to stop. “Please Mohamed Bey [an old-fashioned dignitary address from the Ottoman empire], stop, I’m going to die. I’m not an animal. I’m a human being.”

The officer replies, “Shut up you son of a bitch”.

“It’s the authorities themselves who leaked this video. The point is to intimidate people.” This video is certainly authentic. Any Egyptian will tell you that torture is commonplace in the country.

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So that’s why the CIA sends terrorists to Egypt to be interrogated. Good idea!

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