British Muslims praise Taliban “heroes” for sending British troops back from Afghanistan in body bags.

Dozens of homegrown British Muslim “jihadis” have cheered last weekend’s carnage in Helmand province that saw Britain’s death toll rise to 204 soldiers.

Last night there were calls by senior politicians for the Home Office to crack down on the hate-filled rants that will distress even further the relatives of troops who gave their lives fighting the Taliban. (But as usual, the British government will do nothing)

The shameful website involved stoked up hatred as it emerged that one of two soldiers killed trying to save their mortally wounded commander had recently got married before deploying to Afghanistan.

The gloating jihadi website, Islamic Awakening, is a forum for Islamic extremism, prompting a slew of vile attacks on the efforts of British troops to rescue Afghanistan from the grip of fundamentalists.

“Isma’eel”, said: “Man, they really are dropping like flies over there lol [laugh out loud].”

Another, calling himself “AbuJunayd”, said: “Inshallah [God-willing] the more the kuffs [non-Muslims] deploy, the more the bros will send em back in body bags, or crutches or with serious psychological problems.”

“Waziri” said: “By command of Allah, the invading forces will be forced to withdraw humiliated and defeated by a group of men who between them do not possess even one transport helicopter.”

“Noorah”, said: “They are really getting whooped. Don’t know how they think they can win.”

Senior Tory MP Patrick Mercer, chairman of the Commons counter-terrorism committee and a former Army officer, said: “It’s deeply distasteful and clearly the last thing that relatives of the dead want to see or hear.”

Last night the Daily Express informed the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism at the Home Office of the website’s content. A spokeswoman said: “The role of the internet in radicalisation is an area of concern to Government.” (Concern? Only concern? Sheeesh! Do something about these Muslim scumbags, like kicking them out of your country) UK EXPRESS