Obama and the California Libscum are spitting on veterans again

Veterans’ Land is being annexed throughout the country by corrupt politicians and greedy businesses. Help our Veterans in their fight against this Grand Land Theft!

Many of you are now more than aware of this new Cap and Trade bill brought to us by ‘our’ representative in the 30th district of California Mr. Henry Waxman.

Well, you may also want to know that Mr.Waxman has been quite busy these days not only by promoting the biggest tax in the history of the USA but also by helping to give away land he does not own. Whose land? The land of our revered Veterans, that’s whose land.

This land is slowly being doled out to special interest groups that benefit Mr. Waxman and his friends also known as the “Westside Political Machine” Sadly, he is not the only one doing this; politicians all over the country are ‘giving’ land they do not own to special interest groups. Eighty-five acres of Veterans lands were just annexed in Chicago. Where did it go to, who got it?  Read more: BOUDICABPI

We need YOU to make the American public aware of what greedy politicians and businesses are doing to our Veterans. www.VeteransLandGrab.us

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