British Muslim online comedy series, LIVING WITH INFIDELS, is about a group of Bradford-based Muslim extremists planning a suicide bombing. Hilarious or disrespectful? I think it’s funny, so Muslims will probably be rioting in the streets.

The series centres around a bumbling, Bradford-based terror cell. Initially set on a path to martyrdom, Yorkshire’s jihadi warriors discover the West isn’t as bad as it seems. Tempted by the likes of Man U, cable TV and ample Abi upstairs, what’s a man to do? Will they find Paradise in the arms of seventy-two virgins, or is Shangri-La [utopia] closer to home, propped up at the bar in The Dog and Duck?”

The series, which launched on 5 August, has come under fire from relatives of suicide bombing victims (particularly 7/7), who consider the subject too sensitive to be laughed over. It has also faced criticism from a Muslim association in Bradford, which claims that it’s misrepresentative of Muslim youth. However, not everybody is disappointed. The series has already got a following on Facebook. OBSERVERS.france24

EPISODE 1: “If you could blow yourself up, where would you do it?”

EPISODE 2:  Planning mass murders

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