“More people were killed at Chappaquiddick than at Three-Mile Island”

I’ve been reluctant to remark on Teddy Kennedy’s long-awaited death, as I could add little more than ugly vitriol to all the undeserved adoration he is receiving, but this column in the UK Spectator by Gerald Miller, author, broadcaster, columnist and polemical commentator, perfectly defines Kennedy’s legacy. Enjoy.

“Senator, you were expelled from Harvard for cheating, then you left a woman to drown in your car at Chappaquiddick. What makes you think you have what it takes to be President?” That was the opening question of an interview with the late Senator Edward Kennedy during his unsuccessful bid to secure the Democratic nomination for the US presidency. It might equally now serve as an obituary.

The answer to that embarrassing question, of course, can be given in one word: entitlement. The Kennedy dynasty has long assumed a divine right to high office and privilege that accords ill with the spirit of the American constitution. We saw it yet again, earlier this year, with the attempt to shoo-in the totally inexperienced Caroline Kennedy as successor to Hillary Clinton representing New York in the Senate. It failed: the Kennedy clan, as used to be said of effete Chinese dynasties, has exhausted the mandate of heaven.

Now that Edward Kennedy has died, the liberal establishment and its media acolytes have the onions in the handkerchiefs to orchestrate a show of grief over the loss of a “great leader”, as Barack Obama ludicrously termed this discredited playboy. No doubt the modernist Catholic Church in America will bury this indefatigable proponent of federally funded abortion with full honours. Despite his having led a life of extravagant degeneracy, the liberal “Catholic” caucus of the Pelosi/Biden orientation will fervently claim him as their own.

In Britain, Kennedy will be remembered for his championing of IRA terror, on the same knee-jerk anti-British principles that inspired his father, Ambassador Joseph Kennedy, to support Hitler. Yet Kennedy was awarded an honorary knighthood, just as America gave him its Presidential Medal of Freedom. What for? For being a Kennedy, of course. The Kennedy humbug was incisively deflated by a Republican bumper sticker that memorably claimed: “More people were killed at Chappaquiddick than at Three Mile Island”. Another succinctly said: “No one drowned at Watergate”.

What is it that motivates people in so-called democratic societies to create reverential myths around hollow idols with feet of clay? America is the one country on earth where only the rich are socialists. That East Coast tribe will now indulge in false hero worship and wild hyperbole about a man who, if his surname had been anything other than Kennedy, would have provoked widespread distaste and social ostracism. This time, the liberal elite is burying not just an individual but the political aspirations of a dynasty whose objectives were incompatible with the best interests of America. UK TELEGRAPH