Watch the Muslims BooHoo over ‘kidnapped’ son

And the dhimmi Canadian media are oh soooooo sympathetic toward the teary-eyed family, who claim their son “had no criminal record.” Turns out the son, Furqan Muhammad-Haroon, faked his own abduction.

But despite the family’s declaration, Muhammad-Haroon had recently been charged with stealing a green plastic recycling bin stuffed with hard drives and other computer equipment from the office of his former employer, IBM Canada.

Toronto police say they have found 22-year-old Furqan Muhammad-Haroon, and allege he faked his own abduction. Still, police remained tight-lipped. They had nothing to support the claim of abduction

His disappearance initially created headlines after police reported he was abducted at gunpoint, but police now say there was no abduction. Muhammed-Haroon was found in St. Catharines Tuesday, though police are not releasing further details at this time.

Prior to his being found, details had emerged that the University of Toronto student was facing charges of theft under $5,000 and that he was scheduled to leave the country the day of his supposed abduction, which is not allowed for individuals facing criminal charges.

Members of his family were stunned (Just stunned!) by the suggestion at a Monday news conference that their son might have faked his own abduction. “I can’t answer that question. Just talk to my lawyer,” said Muhammad-Haroon’s brother, Hassan Muhammad. The missing man’s father said Monday he wasn’t sure whether his son was alive or dead.

Muhammad-Haroon was last heard from at 3:30 p.m. Saturday. While driving in the Midwest Rd. and Midland Ave. area, he called a friend, saying he was being followed. Muhammad-Haroon has now been charged with public mischief. (Is that all? Shouldn’t this be charged as fraud?) LIVE LEAK

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