SWIFT Meat Packing Plant executives cave in to Muslim demands for Ramadan this year

GREELEY, COLORADO: Dhimmitude to Muslims breaks out on the eve of Ramadan. But if Christians made the same religious demands on a private company, they would be laughed out of the building.

The Greeley Tribune reported on a looming breakthrough on the eve of Ramadan in discussions between Somali Muslim workers, management and union reps at the JBS Swift & Company plant in Greeley, Colorado. The Gale brothers, Marty and Michael, and other intrepid opponents of Somali-imposed Sharia in Greeley were at it again, protesting at the JBS plant.

The Tribune report, “JBS, Muslims vow harmony,” in today’s edition reeks of feel good sentiments about this patent capitulation to Dhimmitude. Just a day before the beginning of Ramadan, the holy month of fast and prayer for Muslims, talks between meat plant workers, union representatives and company officials continued in earnest.

The objective: Avoid a repeat of the showdown at sundown that flared at JBS USA meatpacking plants in Greeley and Grand Island, Neb., last September. ‘Miscommunication’ about how to handle the religious practices resulted in more than 100 Muslim workers — mostly Somalis, but also other East African refugees who’ve moved to Greeley in recent years — being fired last September for walking off production lines.


Graen Isse, a Somali who helps operate the East Africa Community Center in Greeley, said he thinks conflicts will be avoided this year. “We have good communication with the company,” he said. “I don’t think it’s going to happen. Before, there was no communication at all. The key is communication.”

Unlike last year at this time, JBS has created two prayer rooms for Muslim workers inside the plant — one for men and one for women. Also, the company has installed stations in restrooms that allow workers to thoroughly wash, which is custom before prayers.

Still, some Muslims on the B shift, which runs from late afternoon to late evening and runs into prayers at sundown, have requested a month long switch to the daytime A shift to avoid conflicts, Isse said. “I don’t think they’re going to move 400 workers to A shift,” Isse said of JBS. “It’s hard for them to do.”

East Africans?  Isn’t that a big tent for warring Somalis versus South Sudanese Christians to be underneath?   The reality is that self-appointed local Somali spokesman, Mr. Isse, is simply another community organizer paid for with taxpayer dollars at another Somali cultural center furthering Somali- imposed Sharia interests in this Colorado Front Range community. It is patent Dhimmitude at both the local and national levels. (Ah yes, our Organizer-in-Chief would be pleased)

The ghost of Sayyid Qutb, who attended what became the University of North Colorado in Greeley and was so offended by American social values he found there that he reverted to fundamentalist Jihadist Islam. The result of that experience drove him to create the foundational documents for Al Qaeda that led to 9/11. Qtub, who was ingloriously hung by Egyptian strong man Gamal Abdel Nasser after a rigged trial in 1966, must be smiling from his grave about this latest capitulation by patent dhimmis in Greely.

Yesterday, Mike Gale sent us via email this ‘humorous’ bon mot of the anti-Sharia protest scene at the JBS Swift plant in Greeley. Three of us protested at the plant today. There was increased security. We have found that Somalis know how to say the F word and also how to flip the bird. We were told to F – off several times and even the Somali women are flipping us off now. We must be doing something right. The majority of the workers at the plant still support us. They do thumbs up, wave and honk.  NEW ENGISH REVIEW

These Somai Muslims leave the asshole of the earth and come here, sponsored by the generosity of the American taxpayer. No sooner do they arrive and they start threatening and making demands on the people who have given them jobs so they can enjoy a good life. Send them back to Somalia where they will get slaughtered.  And boycott all Swift products.

On August 20th, a Greeley, Colorado pro-Israel Christian Zionist group, The Celebration Congregation, staged a protest over a Somali effort to impose Sharia in this Colorado community in the foothills of the Rockies. They are doing this to take a stand against creeping Islamization in their home community and America.


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