“All Danes and Jews must die,” says Lebanese family that has forced 23 Christian neighbors from their homes in Denmark

Violence and threats from one Lebanese family onto their neighbors have turned into a horror movie for 23 families who face being moved out of an apartment building in Helsingør, Denmark.

Life has reportedly been hell for the 23 families since the family in question moved into Lejerbo housing association’s Unit 32 rental flats on Belvederevej last October. The residents have allegedly faced harassment,  on a daily basis.

The conflict peaked on Monday while the family accused of the rotten behaviour was entertaining relatives. Their children reportedly began throwing rocks and spitting at other families in the building’s playground area. When they were told to stop, their parents came down to the playground armed with knives and clubs. A melee ensued and two residents were injured and taken to hospital, while one man was arrested.

Threats have since followed the incident, including the Lebanese family spray painting, ‘We’ve killed a man. Watch your step. Ha ha!’ on the sidewalk outside the building. “You are a racist, whore, look bitch, all Danes should die, all Danes and Jews must die.”Occupants of Belvederevej Elsinore feel that they live in a war zone, it is a life of violence, threats and vandalism.

But instead of the aggressive family being forced to move out, Lejerbo housing association has instead volunteered to relocate the other families at no charge. The reason is that the one family cannot be evicted until the matter is settled through a court order.

In the meantime, many of the building’s residents were reportedly living in fear, especially those who testifying in the eviction case. The association’s Steffen Boel Jørgensen said it was ‘ridiculous that the 23 families had to move, but tenants were calling up and they had been forced out of their apartment to seek refuge with family and friends. CPH POST

Anne Engman, occupant: We have welcomed the Lebanese family. Christians helped give them things to wear. When we go out with our laundry, they will shout ugly words at us. Often we sit out there and keep an eye on our laundry. I stand and look at my daughter at 6 years, has been put to bed, standing and looking out the window – I just hear her scream, and then I look where she look, and then comes to a girl of 13 years rushing toward me with a rolling pin, and shouting ‘you must die, you die’. It is very violent. Right there, they hit a neighbor in the head. And we stand there and think, what happened to us three neighbors, what happened there. And John takes his daughter up, and suddenly from behind comes a man who has jumped off the balcony. They come simply from all sides, twelve people – they end up attacking us, three people.

Christian Engman: I helped to carry in a new sofa and  a bed when they were moving in. I hear my wife call me, and because I come out of the door that once I simply just say stop, and so I was just assaulted by this Lebanese family here. And I get into a stranglehold, and beaten. I try to come and remove them from my wife of my upstairs neighbor. You end up in hospital. It goes very fast, I must say. I have gotten some blows to the head and now have headaches.

Isabella Engman We have welcomed, we have said welcome. Christian helped move things to wear.Me and my girlfriend, we sit out on the playground, we just sit and talk, and then comes some little children go and bother us, throwing stones at us from the family. Then we go to my mom and say that they throw stones at us, and things like that, and so does my mom over and takes hold of his arm and says ‘you need not to throw stones at the children.’ Then my mom looked into his hallway, and says ‘now we’re talking to your mom about it here’. And so while my mother is inside the hallway to talk to the mother, then her maid at 14, pushes me over, beats and kicks me.

Elisabeth Dreijer Sorensen: I got a red cross on my door. And we then later got to know what that means – it is that we are infidels and it is on a death list. The vandalism does not stop there, there are three cars being scratched and all tires  punctured  after they received their eviction notice. But they are indeed still there three months later.

The Lebanese family spray painted on the sidewalk outside the building: ‘We’ve killed a man. Watch your step. Ha ha!’


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    • While I understand your tough talk the truth is very different. LOOK AT THE USA – your country is actually further down the road in being infiltrated by muslims yet what are you actually doing? NOTHING! You may talk big but how many muslims have been killed or actually even confronted? Your FBI and police and military have given way to muslims on every front. Stop talking tough abiout Europe and look at your self. There are many street movements and political parties in Europe but where are they in the USA? Where are groups like the EDL ? please explain – The only way this is going to end is in bloodshed and then I would agree that the Americans will come into their own. They will get up and fight – I am sure of that, but at the moment there is only tough talk

  1. What court order? Shit! The Danish authorities are hell-bent on giving a green light to the Muslim infidels to commit mayhem and murder against their own kind. That is what one calls collaborating with oppression meaning appeasement of the Muslim thugs.

  2. In some ways, that’s THE ULTIMATE INSULT!!!! You’re welcomed in as refugees and you instead aim to exterminate all those who raised the hand of hospitality just because they’re “infidels”!!!!

  3. De hører overhovedet ikke til her i Danmark. Men hvorfor i hed hule H—— griber myndighederne ikke ind ? Så snart vi etniske gør det mindste, bliver vi arresteret og sat fast.

    (Bad English Google Translation – They hear not even here in Denmark. But why in the cave called H – claims the authorities are not in? As soon as we make ethnic least, we are arrested and put in place.
    WHY? WHY? WHY?)

  4. De planter med vlje sådanne beton-fundamentaliser blandt folk helt uden kendskab til dem-for at få så meget splid og sætte folk op mod hinanden istedet for mod DEM. Det er helt hul i hovedet-hvorfor anmeldser I ikke de overfald til politiet??They plant extremists in the ordinary population in order to have them fight each other-and forget the politicians.

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