Thirty Palestinians killed. Women and children caught in the crossfire. Missiles fired at a mosque. Palestinian prisoners ‘executed’ in cold blood. No big deal.

So where is the international outrage and demonstrations in the streets of London? In California? In Amsterdam? There are none, because Palestinians were killed by Palestinians, NOT Israelis, so nobody cares.

Tim Marshall, Sky News

On August 15th Hamas militiamen attacked a Mosque in Rafah in the Gaza Strip. Inside were extremists from the Jund Ansar Allah group (JAA). JAA were so extreme they viewed Hamas almost as liberals. They had declared Gaza an Islamic state and challenged Hamas to enter the Mosque. ‘No problem’ said Hamas.

In the assault Hamas desecrated holy ground, firing rocket and after rocket at the Mosque, some hit surrounding houses. It would be reasonable to assume that at least one Holy Koran may have been damaged. After they took the building they rounded up the survivors. Mobile phone footage shows what appears to be Hamas men ‘executing’ some of them.

It is not hard evidence, but local reporters say that is what happened, and the footage is certainly of the aftermath of the attack. Audio material has Hamas commanders ordering the killings. I put ‘executed’ in quotation marks as in this context, ie, the killing of someone, it is a legal term. But in the context of what Hamas did, perhaps it should be substituted for murdered.

And where is the outrage about these murders. The marches, the petitions, the calls for a boycott, the conspiracy theory of a war against Muslims, ad infinitum? I hear just the wind blowing across the freshly dug graves. Because unless the Israelis kill them, people don’t care. SKY NEWS

That’s right, Tim, nobody cares how terrorists die, we’re just happy they are dead.

Army of Islam- More Deadly than Hamas?

For a month now, Hamas leaders have been pushing the rule of Islam in the Gaza Strip. But another group there says it is more faithful to Islam than Hamas, and it poses a special danger to Westerners.

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