EUROPEAN UNION ‘DHIMMI’ COURT halts deportations of Afghan war criminals

The European court has halted the Netherlands’ planned deportation of several Afghan refugees who are suspected of committing war crimes because THEY MIGHT NOT BE SAFE IN AFGHANISTAN?

Six former refugees have already been sent back but plans to deport at least six more have been put on ice after the court said it had its doubts about guarantees for their safety, Trouwreports on Tuesday.

The judgment is an interim ruling and it will be several years before a final ruling is made, says Trouw. In the meantime, no more deportations to Afghanistan can be carried out. One had been scheduled for Thursday.

Some 350 asylum seekers who are suspected of war crimes are currently in the Netherlands, most of whom come from Afghanistan, Trouw says. They are mainly former members of the Afghan secret service who were involved in torturing opponents of the communist regime in the 1980s. DUTCH NEWS

So, I guess it’s better to leave them in Europe and the UK so they can kill infidels?