Young Iranian political prisoner: “They forced me to write down all the people I’d had sex with”

Minio, a young Iranian woman who was detained during the post-election repression, describes the humiliating experiences she went through at the hands of her jailers.

The last in a long list of complainants, an Iranian member of parliament has spoken out about the rape and torture of protesters detained following the 12 June election results. The unnamed Iranian MP, who worked on a committee charged with investigating prisoner abuse during the post-election repression, made the acknowledgment in a statement given last Thursday. “Raping of some detainees through baton and soda bottle has been proved to us,” he was quoted as saying by the reformist parliamentary news website Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei however blamed reformist politicians for focusing on prisoner abuse rather than the original “defacing of the system” by protesters.

Numerous accounts of prison abuse have emerged since some of the hundreds of people arrested in the repression were released. Even the most prominent cases have, however, beencarefully refuted by the authorities. Findings from the investigative parliamentary committee in question are also expected to be unreliable – the majority of the committee members are members of Ahmadinejad’s government, the minority, reformist politicians…

Iran’s mullahs confirm that rape and torture of political prisoners is not only allowed, it is necessary. However, in the case of a male prisoner, if he is observed to be enjoying the rape, then it should be stopped.

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Omid Habibinia, Swiss Media Researcher & Journalist
Omid Habibinia, Swiss Media Researcher & Journalist

This is not a new story, I personally heard many similar or even worse stories of rape and sexual assaults in jails or unknown custodies among detainees, both male and female. But most rape victims never talk about these horrible experiences even with their families, so we could not find many people who would talk about it.

I knew Mino’s story for more than one month and finally after some challenges in public opinion about rape in jails, she agreed to talk about some parts of her experience. As she is now under psychological treatment, we couldn’t expect more from her, I even don’t know if she said the story to her family or some human rights activists.

But as far as I remember these kinds of structured torture has happened every time in Iran’s jail for political prisoners and even ordinary people. We know about young girls who were raped by IRG members in 80’s and even before execution, we also know many famous cases in the recent years.

Almost all female detainees who freed from jail have some kinds of assaults experience but in different rages; however it is clear there would be not a big accusation.

Last night a young woman who recently escaped from the country told me she had the same experience last year as Mino, and we can also remember Taraneh, a female lawyer who recently was freed from jail says that she is the symbol of all women raped recently in jails after being arrested in demonstrations or by police attack to their homes. But as we talk more about these tragedies we understand better the structure of jail and political punishment system in Islamic Republic. OBSERVERS.france24