Is the Islamization of France a fait accompli?

The Eiffel Tower will be ablaze in red and white to honor Turkey starting in October. It’s all part of a nine-month-long celebration of Turkey, called “La Saison de la Turquie”, offered by France to the country Nicolas Sarkozy most wants to see in the European Union, despite his protests to the contrary.

And it is on the occasion of this celebration of Turkey that the Eiffel Tower will be lit up with the colors of the Turkish flag in October. That’s right. The Eiffel Tower will be adorned with the white star and crescent on a red background. Turkey will have, in fact, one foot in Europe. And the mayor of Paris will roll out the red carpet. Frédéric Mitterand, Minister of Culture, acknowledges this and has given his blessing to such a sacrilege. The celebration, about , began on June 30 and goes on until the end of March 2010.

Nicolas Sarkozy has been proclaiming loud and clear his opposition to Turkey in the EU, to prove no doubt that he is no lackey of America’s. He has been proclaiming it so loudly that we know he doth protest too much, especially because of his earlier proclamation that Liberal policies have made Islamization inevitable

From July 2009 until March 2010, The Festival of Turkey in France (“La Saison de la Turquie”) will take place: “over 400 cultural, economic and social events.”

This all-out gigantic exhibition, organized by Cultures-France, the agency delegated by the combined ministries of foreign affairs and culture, will unfold just about everywhere in France. The agenda of festivities appears in a beautiful 32-page booklet that became available a few weeks ago. But… we are hearing absolutely nothing about it. Strange, isn’t it?

The operation is being guided by Henri de Castries, chairman of the board of directors of AXA, for France, and by former ambassador Necati Utkan, for Turkey. But someone let it be known to Henri de Castries that he had to wait before advertising the event. This is the only explanation possible for the silence. Wait for what?

Wait until the European elections are over. For until then our citizens must hear only that Nicolas Sarkozy is fiercely opposed to Turkey’s admission to the European Union: you can vote for the UMP party with confidence knowing your deputies are resolute on this issue. Such is the endless double game of Sarkozy who never loses an opportunity to remind us of his opposition to Turkish membership. Yet since he took office, the one who had promised to put an end to negotiations has done nothing to even slow them down.

Moreover, this Festival of Turkey is a pure operation of Turkish propaganda. Its purpose is to show to what extent Turkey is a modern country, an impressive center of cultural ferment, on the cutting edge of technical advances. In a word, European. It “aims to reflect the diversity of its culture, with emphasis on the desire for change and openness of a Turkey that is a mosaic, and to stress the contributions of Turkey to European culture,” we are told.

Now in this diversity and in this mosaic, we search in vain for Christian Turkey. They hunt down (Holocaust) deniers, it seems. Yet here is an obvious denial that no one finds shocking.

For example, when speaking of relations between Turkey and France, one question that comes to mind is that of the Armenians who fled Turkey at the time of the genocide and settled in our country. There is nothing about it. The French of Armenian origin do not exist.

In truth, Turkey denies its responsibility in the perpetration and execution of several crimes against humanity – the Armenian Genocide (1,500,000 deaths), the Aramaean Genocide (1,000,000 deaths), the Greek Genocide (500,000 deaths), and the Assyro-Chaldean Genocide (250,000 deaths) – and adapts its foreign policy through negationist rhetoric on a planetary scale and through threats of diplomatic and economic reprisals against any State that debates the issue of recognition of one of these genocides.

Never before seen footage of  Turkish Muslim genocide of Armenian Christians.

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The festival begins with an openly Muslim show, “Ottoman” music is omnipresent, and the Aïd holiday that signals the end of Ramadan will be celebrated on September 19 at the Châtelet Theater and down avenue Victoria in Paris, all decorated in the colors of Turkey. GALLIAH WATCH and EUROPE NEWS