STOP the removal of Muhammad pictures from Wikipedia

Once again, Muslims are on the warpath trying to suppress Freedom of Speech. They are circulating a petition to force Wikipedia to remove all pictures of Muhammad.

Here is the WIKIPEDIA Muhammad pageThere is nothing on Muhammad that is offensive there. Tell Wiki to ignore their demands, and not succumb to Muslim threats and intimidation.

Here is the posting from the PRO-PAKISTAN website:

Pro Pakistan has lodged a peaceful protest against Wikipedia to remove the pictures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from their website. We believe that depiction of such pictures hurt the religious feelings of Muslims around the globe while their actual display do not help the readers in any manner. For this purpose,  i started a petition at PetitionOnline. I am amazed that the petition has become the top petition at the site and the numbers are increasing at a very fast rate. We will use all peaceful options available to us to request the Wikipedia team to understand the feeling of 1500 million Muslims around the world. With mutual respect and peace, we can make the world a better place.

As of writing of this post, 27665 people have signed it. Please share the petition with as many people as possible so that we can let the sensible people in Wikipedia understand that they are hurting the feelings of Muslims with this act. I am sure they will understand the situation and remove them.

To sign the Petition, please at the following link

Petition to Remove Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) pictures from Wikipedia.