Why would Norway volunteer to take in Hamas terrorists?

Norwegian and Hamas officials have been meeting to discuss how released Hamas terrorist prisoners from Israel may be allowed to immigrate to Norway.

Why should Norway take them? Can’t they be released with all the other Hamas terrorists in Gaza?

Released Hamas prisoners may come to Norway reports Israel National News’ website, which in turn quotes the Chinese news agency, Xinhua, that reported on meeting between Norwegian and Hamas officials. Earlier this year a message divulged that Israel has agreed to release all Hamas prisoners in return of Shalit being freed from captivity in the Gaza Strip.  The meetings took reportedly place last week and  focused on the number of Hamas prisoners that Israel  insists should be expelled from the country.Galid Shalit was abducted on 25th of June 2006 in a raid executed by three Palestinian factions. Despite intense negotiations,  Israel and Hamas have not managed to agree on a release. COUNTER JIHAD

Doesn’t Norway have enough problems with Muslims already?