“I sympathize with HAMAS and HEZBOLLAH,” says CAIR SpokesTerrorist

CAIR (unindicted co-conspirators in FBI terrorism case) spokesterrorist nearly comes to blows with Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch at Rifqa Bary hearing in Florida.

Look who speaks for the anti-Rifqa machine: a CAIR “honor member.” And the media could not get enough of this Hamas lover. The magnificent Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch takes him on.


CAIR’s threat to National Security

CAIR leader Hussam Ayloush is on a crusade against the FBI; he’s upset by how the government agency fights terrorism. What he’s not upset by are the terrorists who threaten America and America’s allies.

It’s a pattern by Mr. Ayloush that could easily lead one to believe he is a threat himself. Hussam Ayloush, head of CAIR-California, is associating with and praising some of the world’s most notorious supporters of terror. READ MORE: PAJAMAS MEDIA