Saying ‘Muhammad was a paedophile’ could get you jailed

FREEDOM OF SPEECH is under attack, thanks to Muslim intimidation and liberal political correctness. The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and the UN are pushing to make any criticism of Islam in any country a serious crime, punishable by execution if Muslims have their way.

In several European countries it already is a crime to tell the truth about Islam. How long before it will also be a crime in the United States? Not long, if the Democrats can get their Hate Crimes Legislation bill, already under consideration, passed. We already know that Barack Hussein Obama is eagerly awaiting passage of this assault on the First Amendment.

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God Bless the Danes for standing up to the Muslims’ constant attacks on freedom of speech. Never forget, the Danes were the ones who published the ‘offensive’ cartoons of the prophet muhammad. TWICE!

I have a better idea, expel all the Muslims out of Europe.

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