‘HEALTHY HIJAB’ (Headscarf) – Coming soon to an ObamaCare office near you

Just think about all the Obama healthcare $$$billions this will save, a magnetic headscarf that can cure ailments ranging from headaches to fatigue.

An Indonesian entrepreneur is stitching magnets into the headscarves worn by some Muslim women, aiming to cure ailments ranging from headaches to fatigue. Herawati Widodo churns out “healthy” hijabs, or headscarves, from her factory in Central Java, exporting them to Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle East.

Widodo came up with the idea after reading research that said magnetic devices could reduce body aches and boost blood flow. Although there is no direct medical evidence, the scarves are selling very well, especially during the fasting month of Ramadan when many Muslims become more observant of Islamic rites. “We have 21 models of head covers and produce more than 2,000 pieces a month,” she said. On average, more than 3,000 pieces are sold in Ramadan, with some models already out of stock.

“I suffer from migraine headaches and it has stopped since I wore this,” said Ari Istiani, buying her fourth magnetic scarf.

A traditional hijab, which is Arabic for headscarf, is a single piece of cloth looped around the head, neck and chest, which is then tucked or pinned with the aim of preserving a woman’s modesty. al-Arabiya