Is Michelle Obama wearing a ‘suicide’ belt?

Of course, I’m sure Michelle has the overpriced haute couture leather model from Gucci. But you can’t deny it bears a striking resemblance to the Muslim woman’s basic nuts and bolts suicide belt.

I wonder if this ‘suicide’ belt cost us anything? As you know, our current First Lady has the most assistants in American historyOf the 26 servants at her disposal, that we’re paying for to the tune of $1,750,000 a year, are we to believe that none of them warns her about what not to wear? Like, “Gee, Mrs. Obama, you look great today, but I think the ‘suicide’ belt look distracts from your natural beauty.” Someone? Anyone?

Michelles suicide belt   Muslim suicide belt
Michelle's 'suicide' belt - Muslim woman's suicide belt
The real thing
The real thing


Apparently, suicide belts/bombs are becoming quite the fashion rage lately. And we know what a fashionista Michelle is.

Stopped at gunpoint in Logan International Airport in Boston, MIT student Star Simpson was arrested for wearing “fake bomb” art, consisting of a sweatshirt with wires, a battery, a circuit board, and lights. “Socket to me” and “Course VI” were written on the back, referring to MIT’s major in electrical engineering and computer science. She was charged with disturbing the peace and possessing a hoax device.

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Suicide Bomber Barbie

Wearing a vest of her own, Suicide Bomber Barbie unites the extremes of Western culture’s perverse aesthetic idealism with tragic desperation.

Bombs aren’t her only accessory. A bag with metal fragments finishes the look.

Simon Tyszko’s Suicide Bomber Barbie conflates Western commodification with Palestinian desperation. Religious and capitalist dogmas struggle within Barbie’s idealised form, in an artwork of potent incongruity. It is a work whose political stridency is tempered by a well placed humour. By his appropriation of a consumerist icon, the artist creates an emphatic subversion of this process, the artist seeking to help create the conditions of political change.

Suicide Bomber Barbie draws attention to certain kinds of moral, emotional, and political equivalence, which uncomfortably exist within the nationalistic and political systems that contain them. GARLING GAUGE