UK refuses to take in more JUNGLE MUZZIES

The UK Border Agency has rejected calls for Britain to accept some migrants from the illegal camp in Calais known as “the jungle.”

It’s about time!

High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres had said the government should consider granting entry to those who already have large families in the UK. He spoke after French officials said the camp would be shut down imminently. But the UK Border Agency said genuine asylum seekers should make their claim in the country where they enter Europe.

The UK supports all action to tackle illegal immigration and to break up trafficking routes

An agency spokesman said: “People seeking asylum should do so in the first safe country they come to, those who are not in need of protection will be expected to return home. (Yeah, let the French deal with them)

“The decision to close illegal encampments in and around Calais is a matter for the French government and we will continue to cooperate with them on tackling illegal immigration.” France’s Immigration Minister Eric Besson told French television that imminent closure of the ‘jungle’ would send a strong message that people traffickers could no longer use Calais.

Some 1,500 people, many of them from Iraq and Afghanistan, are now living in insanitary settlements close to the port. BBC

Next stop Britain? Afghan boys trained as Taliban suicide bombers now in Calis Jungle want to head to UK.

Two Afghan boys who were groomed by the Taliban to become suicide bombers revealed their determination to reach Britain today as they faced eviction from a notorious refugee camp in Calais. The 12-year-olds are among 2,000 migrants who spent the weekend praying and dancing as they waited for bulldozers to move in to clear the site dubbed The Jungle.

Celebrating Ramadan in the Jungle
Celebrating Ramadan in the Jungle

Many of the migrants kicked out of the camp – an area full of refugees’ improvised shelters – are now expected to launch desperate attempts to reach Britain. The boys will be among the many hundreds expected to have to make their desperate bid for the UK tomorrow morning.

Heavy duty riot police and soldiers are already mobilising at the French port amid fears the situation will get out of control as bulldozers move in to destroy the camp. Home Secretary Alan Johnson said today he was “delighted” about the impending closure of the camp.


And he insisted that Britain has ruled out taking them in by saying that genuine refugees should apply for asylum in the country where they entered the EU. Some migrants have started holding banners protesting at the planned clear-out – even calling the slums of the Jungle their home.

The camp’s closure comes as Europe’s Justice Commissioner will today demand a change in the law to allow ‘Britain-obsessed’ asylum seekers into the UK at their earliest convenience.

Jacques Barrot, a former French minister, believes the reform would assist migrants who are sleeping rough in Calais, waiting for a chance to enter Britain.

The Jungle, an area of wasteland full of improvised shelters, kitchens and even a mosque close to the town’s ferry port, currently houses around 800 men and women who want to claim asylum in Britain or disappear into the black economy. UK DAILY MAIL

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