Lefties have their panties in a wad over anti-Obama signs

The Huffington Post ran a feature on this subject, titled “10 Most Offensive Tea Party Signs,” which singled out, among others, the following winners — or perhaps “losers” is a more apt term:

  • Obama’s Plan: White Slavery”
  • “The American taxpayers are the Jews for Obama’s ovens”
  • “Our tax $ given to Hamas to Kill Christians, Jews, & Americans”
  • “Obama: What you talking about Willis? Spend my money?”
  • “Obama loves taxes, bankrupt USA, loves baby killing”
  • “Barack Hussein Obama: The new face of Hitler”
  • “Barack Obama supports abortion, sodomy, socialism, and the New World Order”
  • “Obama was not bowing [to the Saudi king]. He was sucking Saudi jewels.”

That’s pretty salty stuff. Reasonable people must concede that rhetoric like this is crude and offensive.

Ever since the Tea Party phenomenon exploded onto the political scene a few months back, the Left has been up in arms over the inflammatory and offensive rhetoric featured on some of the signs and placards displayed by those in attendance. Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow, among others, have fumed repeatedly about the bad taste exhibited by many of those expressing their displeasure with the President and his policies.

But they didn’t raise an eyebrow over signs like these. And nobody got arrested either.

A question does come to mind, however: Exactly how did the Huffington Post go about selecting these particular signs for recognition? A simple Internet search turns up a whole host of protesters’ signs that were considerably more offensive, and more graphic, than these. Many of them, in fact, issued explicit calls for violence against the President. Among the uglier, more reprehensible examples were the following:

  1. One sign exhorted Americans to “kill” the President and “bomb his f—in White House.”
  2. Another said, “I’m here to kill” the President.
  3. Another urged the powers-that-be to “hang” the President.
  4. Another said the President “is the disease, death is the cure.”
  5. Another said the President is “the only dope worth shooting.”
  6. Another showed a likeness of the President’s face with a bullet hole in the forehead, oozing red blood.
  7. Another called explicitly for the “death” of the “pig” in the White House.
  8. Another displayed a caricature of the President’s disembodied, bleeding head.
  9. Others featured the President’s face accompanied by such captions as: “Wanted: dead or alive,” and “Death to the dictator.”
  10. Another showed the President’s neck being fitted with a noose.
  11. Still another showed the image of a noose accompanied by a caption urging us to “support” the President (i.e., with the noose).

Perhaps examples 10 and 11 above, evoking images of lynchings, lend some credence to the claims of Jimmy Carter, who has told conservatives that, however much they may wish to deny it, their criticisms of President Obama are, in the final analysis, motivated chiefly by a subconscious racism that simply cannot accept a black man as President.

Oh, but wait. Actually, none of the signs in the numbered list above were displayed at Tea Party rallies protesting President Obama and his policies. They were displayed during the previous administration, at rallies protesting President George W. Bush and his policies.


And I’m told that it is a felony to wish that the President were dead? Oh, I guess that only applies to wishing Obama were dead. Give me a break.

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