MUSLIM OUTRAGE (as usual) over artwork showing red high heels on a prayer rug

French artist questions the place of women in Islam, gets threats from Muslims.

The installation of French artist Georges Mehdi Lahlou questioned the place of women in Islam. It represents a place of prayer in the midst of which stood a pair of red stilettos. It was removed earlier than expected after having provoked the indignation and anger of some Muslims.

This reconstitution of a Muslim prayer room, where there are high-heeled shoes, aroused the indignation of people from the Muslim community, as the manager of the gallery, Olivier Dejong. The work of George Mehdi Lahlou, covered these days a black panel, has been dismantled ahead of schedule.

“Installation” Cocktail, or self-portrait in society ‘is a reconstruction of a Muslim prayer room, represented the infinite, “said the French artist Georges Mehdi Lahlou.” Thirty prayer mats are ready ground towards Mecca. Before each rug is placed a pair of men’s shoes, representing the man ‘in prayer. In the middle of a green carpet, is disposed a pair of shiny red shoes with heels.In my practice, I use very often that one female stigma for me ‘travesty’ and thus question my sexuality, “said George Mehdi Lahlou.

“The members of the Muslim community would identify so at first sight of the red shoes to a woman or a prostitute who is praying among the ‘men’, which is perceived as an act against Islam,” added the French artist . It regretted the misunderstanding regarding his work, which he says comes from the fact that the title does not read. ” ‘Self-Portrait in society’ suggests that the red shoes represent the artist. More than a prostitute, a transvestite who is represented, “said George Mehdi Lahlou. (Yeah, George, as if that will fix everything ISLAM IN EUROPE

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