Thank you to all my wonderful readers!

Today, I am thrilled to report that Bare Naked Islam has reached 1,000,000 hits in just a little over one year of publication. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, valuable insight, and gracious support.

That said, it is my greatest hope that one day soon, this kind of website will no longer be necessary because the threat of Islam and its radical followers will finally have been crushed, and the creeping Islamization of the West will be eliminated by the imposition of strong anti-immigration laws and the death of multi-culturalism style political systems. Europe is very close to the breaking point, and America is not that far behind. The only way we can fight this is through the spread of information about Islam and the danger it poses to all of us. Be vigilant and try to inform as many people as you can about the threat of Islam to the civilized world. –BNI