Since both groups hate religion, why do Commies and Lefties sympathize with Islam?

Moscow Mayor calls for Jihad at Islam conference

Mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov compared the activity of the capital’s authorities with that of religious organizations and described it as “jihad.”

“Religion is Jihad, but not the one that scares people, rather, it helps people to create,” Luzhkov said at an international conference Russia – Islamic World: Partnership for Stability held on Thursday in Moscow.

According to him, “the creation is also fighting, efforts, and pains which each of us should take in human communication,

MUSLIM massacre of Russian children at Beslan
MUSLIM massacre of Russian children at Beslan

business, economy, and government design.” “Thus, we here in Moscow, also perform our own “jihad” overcoming ourselves,” Mayor Luzhkov highlighted.

He said that Moscow “counts 162 ethnic groups and 42 confessions by the number of large ethnic communities” and noted that the Moscow authorities thought it was “essential to form the basic principles of the world culture.”

Luzhkov noted that the city’s authorities “respect the world of Islam and Islamic communities and seek to create such environment that allows every Muslim to meet his or her religious needs.”

Estimating the international situation, Mayor Luzhkov came out against imposing by the USA their life principles on the rest of the world. “We must and will develop according to our own will, and those traditions given to us as the basis of our life by our ancestors,” he said. INTERFAX

How Russian forces deal with Muslim terrorists. (WARNING: Graphic Images)

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