Arab scum riot in Jerusalem on Yom Kippur

On the holiest day of the year for Jews, Muslim riots erupted at Temple Mount and spread to Old City neighborhood of Isawiya, where locals throw firebombs, set trees on fire. ‘It sounded like war,’ said a Jewish resident.

Five Israel Police and Border Guard officers were lightly injured Sunday night from stones thrown at them by 150 Arabs in the village of Isawiya in northern Jerusalem. During the riots dozens of Arabs hurled firebombs at security forces and set fire to tires at the entrance to the village. Residents of Isawiya also set a number of trees on fire, but the blaze was extinguished by firefighters who were dispatched to the scene.

Also on Yom Kippur, Arabs threw two Molotov cocktails towards Jewish homes in east Jerusalem’s Silwan neighborhood. The violence in Isawiya came on the heels of Sunday morning’s clashes between police and Muslim worshippers at the Temple Mount compound in the Old City, which reportedly erupted when a group of tourists entered the compound accompanied by a police force. Eleven Arabs were detained.YNET NEWS

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