Here we go again. North Carolina school kids forced to sing praises to Obama too

The attached Song, or as I like to call it , and indoctrination chant, to President Obama is being sung at the Graduation of the 5th Grade Classes at Jamestown Elementary School, located in Jamestown N.C.

Jamestown N.C. is located between Greensboro and High Point in Guilford County , North Carolina.

Marcus Kindley former Chairman of the Guilford County Republican Party and candidate for the North Carolina Republican Party Chairman made this statement concerning the discovery of this action to be taken at these Children’s 5th grade graduation.

” This information was brought to my attention by a parent of a child attending this School. Such indoctrination of our children is reminiscent of Totalitarian Regimes marching their children out in praise the esteemed leader!

We as Americans have NEVER held our President up as a GOD! This shows the depths of socialism that permeates our schools, the administrations and the effort to indoctrinate our children by the State!

This type of thing must stop!

As a candidate for NCGOP Chairman I can assure you that I will lead the charge is stopping the indoctrination of our children, WE have no King in America, only citizens! We can only change this through the election and appointment of officials that believe in our State and National Constitution, and I believe those are Conservative Republicans. NCGOP

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