NYPD coverup of assault on Iranian female protester by Ahmadinejad security thug

The New York City Police Department is covering up an alleged assault on a protester by a member of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s entourage, claims an attorney who just served the radical Middle East leader with notice of a lawsuit over his terror campaign.

Larry Klayman of the government-watchdog Freedom Watch arrived on the scene in front of Ahmadinejad’s New York hotel Friday shortly after the attack. He said the female demonstrator, who had been protesting Iran’s government, asked him about representing her. Suddenly, officers from both the NYPD and the U.S. Secret Service intervened, cutting off the conversation between Klayman and the woman and refusing to allow him further communication with her.

Klayman told WND the woman was a “peaceful protester” opposing the agenda of radical Islam in Iran. She suffered bloody injuries to her face, he said. “I arrived on the scene just after the attack occurred,” Klayman said. “The person who was attacked asked me if I might consider representing her.

“Immediately the NYPD moved in. I asked if I could be present (when she was questioned). They told me to go away,” Klayman said. “They kept me from talking to what was then my client, even though she had asked for representation.”

A WND request for comment from the U.S. Secret Service generated a “no comment.” The New York City Police Department did not reply to requests for comment. But a reporter with Washington International Network, an English-Farsi language news service, was on the scene and immediately captured video images, interviewing people in both languages:

Last week, Klayman confirmed Ahmadinejad was served in his lawsuit alleging torture on the part of the Iranian regime.

The lawsuit is a class action case by an Iranian woman now living in Los Angeles whose brother was killed by the Muslim regime in Tehran. It seeks in excess of $10 billion in damages. WND

So was Mayor (Liberal Jew and Muslim apologist) Bloomberg more concerned with the well-being of the Iranian dictator than with a peaceful protester? Time will tell. Hey, Bloomie, Ahmadinejad wants you dead just as much as he wants all the other Jews dead.