INDONESIA, the most ‘moderate’ Muslim country on earth approves new STONING LAW for adultery

Indonesia joins Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Somalia, and Nigeria in implementing 7th Century punishments for 21st Century ‘crimes.’

Stoned to Death
Stoned to Death

Bahrom Rasjid, one of the law’s drafters and a member of parliament, says the bill was passed unanimously Monday by the regional house of representatives. It will take effect within 30 days.The law imposes severe sentences for other behavior considered morally unacceptable, including homosexuality, which will be punishable by up to eight years in prison and/or flogging.

In addition, it calls for those caught having pre-marital sex to be beaten 100 times with a cane. The region has been taking steps to implement harsh Islamic Shari’a law over the last few years. Soon amputation of hands for stealing is expected to be imposed.

Shari’a or Islamic law is part of the special autonomy agreement that ended the long separatist insurgency in Aceh.

Human rights groups and members of the local government have strongly opposed the law, saying more debate is needed because it imposes capital punishment. JARKARTA POST