Slain fundamentalist MUSLIM TERRORIST led a secret life as a homosexual

Supposedly devout Muslim fundamentalist terrorist enjoyed being sodomised between mass murder missions.

The Indonesian media reports that slain fundamentalist Islamic terrorist Noordin Top’s body showed evidence of sodomy. Top was a terrorist mastermind responsible for the Bali Bombings and multiple terrorist attacks in Indonesia since, with a death toll in the hundreds, initially operating for Jemaah Islamiyah’s banner before splitting off regarding their brand of mass murder as insufficiently ghoulish.

He murdered hundreds in the name of Islam, pretending to live a pious ultra-religious fanatic’s life. The truth was a little different as the Jakarta Globe reports:

A forensic pathologist said on Wednesday that an examination of the body of the terrorist mastermind Noordin M Top, who was killed during a raid in Central Java last month, indicated that he had been sodomized.

“There is an anomaly in Noordin’s anus because it is shaped like a funnel,” said Mun’im Idris, a forensic pathologist from the University of Indonesia. “It indicated that somebody had sodomized him.” Mun’im was part of the team of experts that conducted the autopsy on the body of Noordin, a Malaysian-born terrorist sought for a string of attacks carried out across the country in the name of Islam.

His fanatic followers must be left feeling just as confused as the mass murderer was himself. The barren meaningless of his crimes always evident to us is now something they must surely now accept. VEX NEWS

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