Right wing victory in Germany doesn’t sit well with Muslims

And the pro-capitalist, anti-socialist government of Angela Merkel isn’t good news for Obama either.

On Sunday, German voters elected their most business-friendly, anti-multicultural government in decades. Angela Merkel— the leading grown-up on the world stage — returns as chancellor. Social Democrats — Germany’s establishment lefties — took their worst beating in post-war history. The hard-left Greens fell, too. Only the nut-case Left Party gained a bit of ground, thanks to protest votes.

Moscow’s unhappy, but resigned. The Kremlin misses former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who did all he could to save Saddam, put Russia’s interests above Germany’s own — and then went to work for a Russian energy company after leaving office.

Turkey’s angry. No-nonsense Merkel’s no multicultural mama. She doesn’t want the Middle East dragged inside the EU.

Obama‘s quiet. He may believe that Islam shaped America, but Merkel — a Lutheran pastor’s daughter who, as a teenager in East Germany, chose her faith over Communist Party privileges — realizes that Germany’s had enough trouble without dragging Mohammed into things. And her German supporters are sick of being told they have to indulge Muslim immigrants who behave barbarically.

Al Qaeda’s disgusted. The terrorists released a series of videos prior to the balloting, warning Germans to vote for surrender, or face the consequences. The videos backfired. Germans aren’t crazy about their Afghan involvement, but they don’t like threats to scratch the Mercedes.

Now Merkel’s Christian Democrats and her Free Democrat partners have a mandate for leadership backed by conservative majorities in both houses of parliament. This election extends the Euro-trend toward common-sense conservatism that began with the election of President Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s most pro-American president ever.

If the trend continues, we may even get a pro-American president in Washington. NY POST