Why do black people become Muslims?

The Arab Muslim slave trade is alive and well in Sudan where black Muslims are slaughtered and brutalized by Arab Muslims.


UK GUARDIAN Many converts feel uncomfortable with the term “black Muslim”, as they regard themselves as part of a worldwide community of believers who do not recognise “race”. However, others are less reticent about associating their blackness with being a Muslim, and believe that Islam is the “natural religion of black people” and provides the means for full “spiritual, mental and physical liberation” from an oppressive system designed to subjugate them.

My research reveals that there is no one, straightforward reason for conversions, but a plethora of theological, emotional and cultural motivations. Practically all those interviewed suggested that Islam had given their lives meaning and woken them from a spiritual malaise.

Others said that their faith provided inspiration and strength to engage with a society they regarded as corrupted by materialism and moral relativism. And for those whose lives had previously been errant, Islam’s decisiveness on a range of religious and socio-cultural matters had given them a focus and an anchor. Equally, many of the women interviewed suggested that the Islamic focus on modesty had liberated them from the rampant fashion-related consumerism that objectifies all women, and sexualises pre-pubescent girls.

Arab Muslims are killing  Sudanese Muslims because they consider them to be ‘too black.’

What I also found of real interest was the fact that the vast majority of those interviewed had some previous connection to Christianity, either as former church attendees or through having relatives with firm ecclesiastical connections. This differs from white converts who tend to have no previous religious experience.

I also found that the aforementioned Malcolm X had influenced many black folks, particularly men, to consider Islam. In many respects brother Malcolm’s life reads like a blueprint for the majority of those with whom I spoke. He was bright child who was brought up as a Christian, but was failed by an institutionally racist society. As a result he became a delinquent who subsequently fell foul of the law. While incarcerated he embraced Islam (in the form of the Nation of Islam) and this turned his life around , resulting in him becoming one of the most eloquent, courageous and uncompromising spokespeople for black civil and human rights.

Arab racism against Black Muslims in Iraq.

The media never mention that it is systematic Islamic ethnic cleansing of African Muslims by Arab Muslims that is behind the genocide in Darfur.

Finally, I would say that Islam is providing a spiritual alternative among those who would generally have looked to Christianity for answers to life’s great questions. My book is an attempt to find out more about a phenomenon that is enriching Britain’s religious landscape, and should hopefully be a catalyst for greater discussion and study.

Islamic history is the world’s primary driving force behind black African slavery. The Islamic black slave trade engendered brutality, sexual concubinage, and elicited an extremely high death toll during the slave transports. The Islamic slave trade comprehensively dwarfs any other slave trade in recorded human history.



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  1. I read that Malcolm X converted to Islam after reading his African ancestors were apparently Muslims. It is sad that he failed to learn that they were converted to Islam in the first place by Arab conquerors…

  2. Trade one kind of slavery (poverty,indiference,racism,etc) for another that is much worst. A true way of life does not demand to subjugate others or. conquer. a true way of life does not have castes or levels or rank and file. everyone who follows it or not is of equal footing whether they follow that path or not .

  3. I’m not entirely sure about how I feel towards these comments. I am Black, well educated, married and have never been to jail. I do not hate white people or any other nationality. What I do hate is racisim and the ignorant things that people say out of their mouths to make it seem as if its okay to think that way. I feel sorry for you people. You are the ones that are ignorant the ones that need to be educated. We are not animals, were are not lesser than anyone just because of our skin color. It saddens my heart that some people still believe these things. You are truly lost. My husband is Korean and white. My brother in law is white. I do not hate them. I love them and I love my Black family. I can not deny my color. My husband LOVES my natural hair and encouraged me to keep it that way and not conform to the way jerks like you say we should look. For the life of me I never understood why any black man chooses to become Muslim. Its embarrassing. I can’t be mad because that’s how you were raised, that’s what you believe. But those aren’t the facts. If everyone beloved that a entire race as a whole were all the same no race would ever speak to another race. I am truly hurt. I will never conform to what you believe. You are disgusting. If I could spit on you I would. But even my spit is too good to waste on the likes of you. Horrible. @ Keith and anyone else that thinks that way.

  4. Blacks become Muslim in jail. They join to get out of there cell more to go to meetings church ect. They all so hate America and white people and it’s a way to show it. But they are not rely religious. How can they be all way getting locked up for committing crime. They use Muslim as a way to hang out with there friends. When you don’t work you have lots off free time. To bad they don’t get a job. Pay for ther kids, And stop doing crime. But they will never do that as long as my tax money feeds them and gives them a roof over there head until next time they go to jail. They live off the tax money from hard working Americans from birth to Death. Blacks as a group contribute very little to America. They have limited self control,education, intelligence and they refuse to follow the norms of society. Hopefully soon the blacks will kill them selfs off with drugs,gun crime, aids and bad choices. Only reason there still alive is America keeps them alive. What a wast of tax money that is. The world be a much better place with out blacks or Muslims.

  5. Because maybe some of the most
    Famous islamic states were in africa,
    Like the nigerian city states, tekrur, the old ghana or mali, gao, timbuktu.
    And all these were black african states with a high
    scholarly advanents in philosophy, islamic religion and many other subjects.
    It is speculated that the term
    Mulatto is in fact arabic, simply meaning the offspring of people of different nations and this mixing took part on the suaheli coast.
    It has nothing to do with colour. The main necessarity to be regarded as a human, is to be a muslim.
    The last white slaves under muslim rule were liberated
    in Algier by the napoleonic troops.
    Aethiopia was always spared out of muslim conquest, because the äthiopians saved mohammed.
    On the other hand, american blacks also could have an affinity to african chritianity, since ethiopia is one if the oldest christian countries.

  6. No other book will explain the curses put on you that made you a slave. In the fits. Place. Like the so called. Old testament so called. Negroes use your computer. In the right way do your research that Biblesold testament.not Is about you Muslim. Can not explain your curse of Deuteronomy. Like the Bible!!! Wake. Up black. People. From usa!!!!!

  7. First of all this should teach the black born in USA that you. Are. Not and. Never was a Muslim you are a Hebrew Israelite your history is in the Bible. Read the Bible. And you read your history no other book no quran. No other. Book will explain. Your take from Israel too spread across the 4 corners of the earth like the Bible. So called. Negroes. Wake up!!!!!!

  8. I like this article it talks about what is going on in American Prisons, they have been coming into prisons converting black inmates with we hate whitey and promoting iscum.

  9. “Shem, the son of Noah was the father of the Arabs, the Persians, and the Greeks; Ham was the father of the Black Africans; and Japheth was the father of the Turks and of Gog and Magog who were cousins of the Turks. Noah prayed that the prophets and apostles would be descended from Shem and kings would be from Japheth. He prayed that the African’s color would change so that their descendants would be slaves to the Arabs and Turks.”
    Tabari II:11
    That should explain it right there. I just don’t understand why become a slave to something that degrades you..

    • That’s why I won’t join.

      Islam enslaves, has enslaved, and will continue to enslave, the sons of Cush.

      Christianity and Judaism have broken the chains of slavery from the wrists and ankles of the sons of Cush. Judaism, in the form of Israel, continues to defend the basic human rights of the sons of Cush (see article on Sudan declaring war on South Sudan, and Israel providing material and military aid to the South Sudanese).

      Islamma delenda est.

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