Yet another al-Qaeda threat on Germany set for October

They told the Germas not to re-elect Angela Merkel and they did, so now they have to pay the price.

I think Merkel should lock up every Muslim in Germany.

Dubai, 5 Oct. (AKI) – A message purportedly by Al-Qaeda, and threatening terror attacks against Germany this month has been posted to the the jihadist ‘al-Fallujah’ website. The message, signed by ‘Mourabitton’ appears prominently on the website with a banner headline and appears alongside videos from Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda’s number-two Ayman Al-Zawahiri. It follows several recent video threats against the country released by Al-Qaeda’s production arm As-Sahab. al-Qaeda Video to Germany

“To the German nation of unbelievers, we warn you for the third time, telling you of the exact date of the attack,” wrote ‘Mourabittoun’, which means ‘forward base fighter’ in Arabic. The message warns the attack will take place on one of the first Sundays in October. “That is a day of rest for you and for those who observe your religion,” the message read.

“To Muslims in Germany and abroad, we say: peace be with you,” the message states. “After the election, we say to the unbeliever, Crusader German nation, may poison spill upon you and those who want war!”

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling Christian Democrats won Germany’s general election on 27 September.

Several videos emerged ahead of the elections threatening Al-Qaeda attacks within Germany.

Those videos, made by As-Sahab, warned of an impending attack within two weeks of the elections if Germany’s 4,000 troops were not withdrawn from Afghanistan.

The world still remembers New York, Washington’s black Tuesdays just as it recalls London’s black Thursday… You, however, are more fortunate, because you can choose and have chosen blood and destruction,” read the message by ‘Mourabittoun’.

“That’s why we have decided to give you what we already gave Madrid and London,” the message added. “Angela Merkel, you have certainly drunk from the cup of victory. And you will drink again, but what you drink will have a different taste, because it will be the blood of your people, who voted for you and chose war.”

‘Mourabittoun’ calls on jihadists to spread the message across the Internet “to inform Germany’s population.” ADNKRONOS