Editor-in-Chief of an uber-liberal magazine says, “Obama is probably a clinical narcissist”

You know the worm has turned when liberals start eating their own.

Editor-in-chief Marty Peretz of the liberal New Republic magazine has become highly critical of The One. Just how critical? Well, here is Peretz using a Financial Times report on the humiliating Olympic snub of Obama in Copenhagen as the platform to launch a withering critique of the president’s self-defeating attitude.

If (Ego-in-Chief) Obama could not get Chicago over the finish line in Copenhagen, which was a test only of his charms, how will he persuade Tehran to give up its nuclear weapons capacity or the Arabs, to whom he has tilted (we are told) only tactically, to sit down without their 60 year-old map as guide to what they demand from Israel. NEWSBUSTERS

Speaking of liberal rags, even the NY Times is questioning Obama’s promise of ‘transparency.’

H/T AmericasNewsToday1

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