France spits on its Armenian citizens as it celebrates Turkey

The Ottoman Empire lives. France’s Armenians haven’t forgotten the genocide waged on them by Turkish Muslims, why has France?

Turkey’s bid for membership in the EU is suppposedly opposed by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, so why is he allowing his country to celebrate these genocidal Muslim maniacs FOR 5 DAYS?

The lighting of Paris’ Eiffel Tower with the colors of the Turkish flag, red and white, to celebrate the Season of Turkey in France, a nine-month festival promoting Turkish culture in France, including more than 400 activities in more than 70 cities around France, has been protested by both a French far-right party and a French Armenian diaspora organization.

Separately, the Coordination Council of Armenian Organizations in France (CCAF), a leading French Armenian group, called on French Armenians to gather in front of the Eiffel Tower on Oct. 7 for a protest. The CCAF expressed its disappointment that when the Year of Armenia in France took place in 2007, the flag of Armenia was not honored in such a way.

“The illumination of the Eiffel Tower with the colors of the Turkish flag is tantamount to encouraging nationalism. Turkey killed off Armenians to sustain this flag and continues to oppress Greeks, Kurds and other minorities. This is the flag of a country currently occupying the territory of a European Union member, Cyprus, the CCAF statement, released on Monday, read, according to the Cihan news agency. TODAYS ZAMAN

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