Hitler called Neville Chamberlain an A**hole. Imagine what the IslamoNazis are calling Barack Hussein Obama

Since Barack Obama has been dubbed the American Neville Chamberlain, it stands to reason our enemies are using a similar moniker for our Appeaser-in-Chief.

The authorised history of MI5, Defence of the Realm, details how their foreign intelligence counterparts, MI6, supported appeasement, but MI5 disagreed and began putting together a dossier from a number of sources.

The file claimed that Hitler was “convinced that Great Britain is ‘decadent’ and lacks the will power to defend the British Empire” (Just like the gay-rights liberal, disarmament-obsessed Obama) and added: “If the information in the [report] which has proved generally reliable in the past, is to be believed, Germany is at the beginning of a ‘Napoleonic era’ and her rulers contemplate a great extension of German power.”

At the suggestion of one officer they included samples of Hitler’s insulting references to Chamberlain which was said to have had “a considerable impression on the Prime Minister.” (Unfortunately, Obama’s ego is too big to be affected similarly)

Lord Halifax, the Foreign Secretary, underlined three times in red pencil Hitler’s reported description of Chamberlain as an “arschloch” before handing it on to the Prime Minister.

Hitler was also said to have mocked Chamberlain’s trademark umbrella, according to the report, which said he was “very fond of making jokes about the ‘umbrella pacifism’ of the once so imposing British world empire.” (What do you wanna bet they are mocking Obama’s ‘Teleprompter pacifism’)

Professor Christopher Andrew, the author of the book, said the report, delivered in November 1938, was “unprecedented” because it represented the “first, albeit implicit, indictment of government foreign policy by a British intelligence agency.”

In the end it had no effect, and Chamberlain and Halifax still believed Nazi Germany would stand by the agreement they had made in Munich even as they occupied Prague the following March. (Just as Obama thinks the Iranians will stand by their promise to only use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes) UK TELEGRAPH