Swedish Imam says, “If We Lined All The Jews Up In A Row And Spat On Them,They Would Drown”

BOO FRICKEN HOO! He also says, “Islam is the most humilitated religion in the world. Nobody listens to us and nobody cares.” (Well, he’s got that part right)

He adds, “Muslims number over one billion now (by some accounts every one out of 4 people is a Muslim). Muslims are in every part of the world. (Therein lies the problem) Despite this, our blood is the cheapest in the world. (HA HA! Not cheap, worthless) The catastrophes of Islam are numerous. How many Jews are there? Does anyone know? About 15 million. 15 million humiliate 1 billion.  (Imagine if there were a billion Jews what they could do to you!) This is a farce. If we were to line the Jews up in one row and spit on them, they would drown. But because we don’t do this, and we remain the way we are, they call us terrorists. (Gee, I wonder why? )

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