“JUST SAY NO” to calls for ban on anti-radical Islam marches in the UK

There are calls to ban two marches planned by a group called the Welsh Defence League to protest against radical Islam. Leftie opponents accuse them of being a fascist organization targeting Muslims.

Marches are planned in Swansea and Newport. Police say they are putting plans in place to avoid a repeat of violent clashes seen in Birmingham

Ninety people were arrested when protesters from the English and Welsh Defence League clashed with anti-fascist campaigners in Birmingham in September. Now the Welsh Defence League is planning to take to the streets of Swansea and Newport in the coming weeks.

They say they are against Muslim extremists and the introduction of Sharia law in Britain. One member said: “We’re not racist, because we’re standing up against Islam. I mean the police are terrified to upset Muslims, right, and the fact is that militant Islamists in this country, they’re on a jihad, a holy war against us, they want to kill us.”

The Welsh Defence League says Muslim and other ethnic minority groups can join but opponents say this is a smoke screen for their real views.

Jeff Hurford, from Unite Against Fascism, said: “If you actually look at their website the reality is they use the word jihadist for almost any Muslim – for almost anybody who actually speaks out about almost anything whatsoever is a jihadist.” (Most of them are)

But a member of the English Defence League (EDL) called Michael, who is black, insisted the group is not racist. “EDL support all English people who are proud of our country… That want to stop islamic extremism,” he said.

“We’re not racist. I’m a black man and I’m proud to be English that’s why I joined the EDL.”

Now there are calls for police to stop the marches in Swansea and Newport taking place.

Mohammed Tufail, from Race Equality First, said: “I think they should be banned I don’t think they should be allowed to express the views they’re expressing. (Muslims want to ban all free speech which they like to call ‘Western terrorism”)

“Because those views are racist, they’re fascist, they’re just picking on a community for no reason other than their faith.” (Idiot)  BBC