Tell me again why the Obama thinks we should allow the Taliban to be part of the Afghan government?

What am I missing here? What possible benefit could Afghanistan derive from having the most brutal Muslims on earth, connected to al-Qaeda, gain contol over any part of the government? What have our troops died for fighting the Taliban for 8 years?

Oh, that’s right, the Obama actually thinks there is a moderate faction of the Taliban. Stupid me.

It’s quickly becoming apparent that the Obama administration is doing all it can to avoid giving Gen McChrystal and our troops in Afghanistan the support and backup they need so badly. The newest position of the administration is simply amazing – Obama says the Taliban are our friends, and they may get control over entire regions of the country. If the Taliban are our friends, then just who the hell have we been fighting? I don’t know what terrorizes me more- the Taliban and other Muslim psychos who want to destroy us, or our own President, who apparently lacks the ability to discern friend from foe.

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