Muslim Terrorist Supporters charge NYPD with racial profiling in Queens raids tied to Muslim terror plot

The rally was in response to raids last month linked to a suspected bomb plot by Najibullah Zazi, 24, who authorities say was trained at an Al Qaeda terror camp.


Recent terror raids in Queens have led to a spike in fear and racial profiling, Muslim advocates charge. (How else do you root out Muslim terrorists without profiling?) About 40 people rallied outside the Flushing Public Library Saturday to draw attention to what they called an uptick in targeted policing.

“An entire community of people and religion should not be profiled or characterized as terrorists because of [one] certain investigation,” said Monami Maulik, who runs the South Asian immigrant rights group Desis Rising Up and Moving. (Too damn bad, they should be profiled considering that all the terrorists have been Muslims)

Naiz Khan, who allowed Zazi to stay at his Flushing apartment, said FBI agents raided his flat and he hasn’t been able to find work since. “I was so scared and I was so nervous,” he said. “I have been so affected by this.” (Who cares?)

“People are scared,” said Sultan Faiz, a leader at Abu Bakar Mosque in Queens. (Misplaced fear, they should be afraid of the terrorists, not the police)

Organizers say Muslims in New York haven’t been this scared since the months after 9/11, when some were subject to discrimination across the country.

The NYPD issued a statement saying they don’t engage in racial profiling. (Yes, they do, and Yes, they should) NY DAILY NEWS H/T Dave

If these Muslim slimebags would worry more about ratting out the terrorists in their community rather than accusing the police of profiling, we’d all be safer.

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