Obama Administration to New York City: “DROP DEAD”

Despite averted Islamic terror attack, NYC terrorism funds slashed. Plan To Put Radiological Sensors Within 50-Mile Radius Of City On Hold After Department Of Homeland Security Nixes Cash.

After facing one of the most serious terror threats since the 9-11 attacks, Department of Homeland Security officials are slashing a big chunk of anti-terror funding to New York City. Local lawmakers say the cut could put American lives at risk.

Just weeks after Najibullah Zazi was nabbed in an al-Qaida terror plot to explode dirty bombs here, the feds have inexplicably slashed Big Apple terror funding designed to build a network of sensors to uncover nuclear or radioactive devices in a 50 miles radius of the city.

“To me this is beyond comprehension that less than a month after al-Qaida attempted an attack against New York City that you would have the Congress cutting the money that New York City needs to defend itself from a dirty bomb attack. It’s absolutely mind-boggling,” Rep. Peter King, R-Long Island, told CBS 2 HD on Thursday afternoon.

The city wanted $40 million to build the network at bridges, tunnels and other locations in the metropolitan area. Congress only earmarked $20 million for the program and then slipped NYC a doubly whammy — the money is in a pot that other city’s can apply for, so we may not even get the $20 million. WCBS TV

But Obama will give $$billions to our enemies.

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