ITALY: Libyan terrorist bomber “prayed with us” says Muslim leader

Don’t they all?

Milan (AKI) – The Libyan who detonated a bomb at the ‘Santa Barbara’ military barracks on Monday, Mohammed Game, prayed at Milan’s Viale Jenner Mosque, said the head of the Islamic Institute in Milan. “He is a Libyan (nuf said)who hung out everywhere and who even prayed with us, just like thousands of others do, but we did not know him very well,” said the institute’s president Abdel Hamid Shaari in an interview with Adnkronos.

On Monday, an Italian soldier was injured after 35-year-old Game exploded a bomb hidden inside a toolbox at the entrance of the ‘Santa Barbara’ barracks. The man is said to have entered the courtyard of the barracks on foot, where he was confronted by a military guard. He then detonated the rudimentary explosives, which were reportedly made of solid nitrate.

The toolbox where the man hid the explosive device contained two more kilogrammes of explosives, and according to reports, it only partially detonated. Authorities have said if the entire load had detonated, there would definitely have been deaths.

Early reports said the man shouted: “The army must leave Afghanistan!” “After the blast, the man did say something, but according to witnesses his words were unintelligible as they were all in Arabic,” said public prosecutor Armando Spataro.

“He had a dark coloured jacket and his face was bloody. He shouted: Help me, Help me!” said a witness, Giovanni L, a sergeant major.

According to the witness, when Game was being taken to the hospital he “pointed a finger towards the sky, like a victory sign.” (Hospital? Why didn’t they just kill him?)

Following the attack, Game was taken to the Fatebenefratelli hospital in Milan where he was reported to be in critical condition. (Good) The Libyan man suffered severe injuries to his face and eyesight and his hand has been amputated (Even better), according to medical sources at Fatebenefratelli hospital. ADKRONOS