Muslim schoolgirl in Norway fined for hitting a girl who threatened to piss on the Koran (LOL)

A court in a suburb of Oslo (Norway) sentenced a Muslim girl to pay 10,000 kroner in fines and 1,500 in court costs for having hit a fellow student for saying she would piss on the Koran.

The Muslim girl was eating with a friend in the classroom. The other girl supposedly turned and said “I will piss on the Koran.” In court the other girl denied she’d said that, and that she had said that if it had been a graduation celebration prank-assignment to piss on the Koran, she would have done it.

The two disagree on what happened next as well. The non-Muslim girl says that the Muslim girl said “I will piss on the Bible”. The Muslim girl denies that and says she answered “It’s not allowed to say something like that – it’s a holy book.” (Go back to your country, then, in Norway, they have free speech) Later she admitted to the court that she said “I’ll piss on you.”

After recess that two went into the classroom. At the end of class the teacher noticed that the Muslim girl was crying. After hearing the story the teacher said that they won’t make more out of it.

The two girls had no contact with each other during class.
Right after class, the Muslim girl went up to the other girl and hit her in the face. The court didn’t get a clear answer on how many punches there were and whether it was with a fist or not. The victim got a red mark on her cheek.

The Follo court says that the Muslim girl saw the statement about pissing on the Koran as both insulting and hurtful, but that the statement couldn’t be considered defamation. (Good for them) Therefore, the girl’s anger can’t be justified by the law.

The Muslim student will not appeal the decision, but she thinks it’s unjust. She thinks she did nothing wrong. “I didn’t hit so hard, but so that she’ll learn a lesson. I had warned her several times. I’ve lived in Norway for six years, I have never done anything wrong and followed all the laws in the country. But when somebody says they will piss on the Koran, I will hit,” she says. (And somebody will beat you up one day, Muslim bitch) Yet she doesn’t blame her 18-year old fellow student. “It isn’t her fault, but (rather) her parents who should have raised her properly. (Crap!)  Islam in Europe

Get the Hell out of Norway, Muslims.

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  1. Why isnt the ditty muzzie skank in jail for assault? Assault is only justified in self defense. These backwater goat fuckers cant seem to understand that. They have been repressed by a theocracy for so long they actually believe its real an that their men arent just doing this to them because they are sexualy insecure. Theocracies shouldnt be protected by freedom of religion or our first ammendment because it is in essence being used to resitrict the freedom of others. Ban islam in the west an send the dirty brown animals an the white traitors who fell forr it to meet the pedaphile genie in the sky with their reward of virgin boys if they believe so much just keep killing yourselves but also stop having kids. We should sterilize them with depo too! Lol

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