Anti-Islam proponent Geert Wilders finally allowed in Britain

And the wild-eyed Muslim protesters are out in force.

As recently reported, the ban on Dutch MP Geert Wilders from entering Britain has been lifted and he is now there. An angry group of Muslim protestors greeted controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders as he arrived in Westminster today. Mr Wilders was only allowed into the country after a ban that saw him turned back at Heathrow airport in February was lifted. But a planned press conference outside parliament today was forced inside due to the presence of about 40 demonstrators, protesting at the presence of a man who has called Islam an ideology, not a religion, and called on the Qur’an to be banned. While MUSLIM protestors chanted “Sharia for the UK” and “Freedom go to hell” outside, Mr Wilders said the fact he was able to speak from the UK was a “victory for freedom of speech.” (MORE LATER)

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