UK Christian couple in danger of losing business over argument about Islam with a Muslim

Police arrested Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang, who run the Bounty House Hotel in Liverpool, after a Muslim woman complained that she was offended by comments made to her in March.

According to newspaper reports, the debate at the hotel involved discussion of whether Jesus was the son of God or just a minor prophet of Islam. Newspapers also reported the debate included comments that Mohammed was a warlord and Muslim dress for women was a form of bondage. The facts of the case are disputed, according to Mike Judge of the Christian Institute, a legal organization helping fund the couple’s defense. He says it’s important that Christians defend their right to talk about their faith.

“Freedom of speech is something that is protected in England. But it is being eroded and there are cases of Christians now being told by police officers that they are not allowed to express their religious beliefs,” he said. “This has caused the couple serious financial harm. The hotel has seen an 80 percent drop in its income, because a local hospital used to book its local outpatients there.”

Time to ban Muslims from immigrating to England altogether. And many most who are already there should be deported.