‘A God Who Hates’ by Wafa Sultan, Syrian-born psychiatrist who created an international firestorm when she challenged an Islamic cleric on al-Jazeera TV

WAFA SULTAN, included on Time Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2006, is a courageous woman who continues to inflame the Muslim world by speaking out against the evils of Islam.

Wafa Sultan invited scorn and hatred from Muslims everywhere when she appeared on Al-Jazeera as the first Arab Muslim woman on that network who dared to confront the entire Islamic nation, the Prophet Muhammad, the Qur’an, and Allah.

From the front page of The New York Times to YouTube, Dr. Wafa Sultan has become a force radical Islam has to reckon with. Forced to live in hiding because of constant death threats she receives for leaving Islam, now she tells her story and what she learned, first-hand, about radical Islam in a passionate memoir that is also a cautionary tale for the West. She grew up in Syria in a culture ruled by a god who hates women. “How can such a culture be anything but barbarous?”, Sultan asks. “It can’t”, she concludes “because any culture that hates its women can’t love anything else.” She believes that the god who hates is waging a battle between modernity and barbarism, not a battle between religions. She also knows that it’s a battle radical Islam will lose. Condemned by some and praised by others for speaking out, Sultan wants everyone to understand the danger posed by A God Who Hates.

Wafa Sultan on ‘Why I Left Islam’ (in English).

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