British parents force 12 year old virgin girls into prostitution and then sell them to millionaire Arab paedophiles for up to $82,000 a time

Vice Squad cops arrested three women and a man from Manchester after secretly filming them offering to pimp six girls aged between 14 and 23. They also taped the gang bragging how they were prepared to peddle even younger, prepubescent girls.

The gang – described as being “like something out of TV’s Shameless” with most unemployed or on benefits also had links to Newcastle and Liverpool. A senior insider said: “This is about as sick as it gets.

“These are among the youngest girls we’ve found being offered for sex. “This gang was extremely greedy – it was all about the money. Sex with a virgin aged 12 or under cost anything up to $82,000.

Sex trafficking of children born here is extremely rare. Detectives normally see foreign kids from Eastern Europe, the Far East and Africa bought here to work as sex slaves.

An NSPCC spokesperson said: “Unscrupulous traffickers are controlling and terrorising vulnerable children within the UK, forcing some into the sex industry and abusing and exploiting many others.

“When the police and other agencies find these children, they need to provide immediate protection and support to help them overcome their ordeal. “We urge anyone who fears a child is being exploited to call the police, children’s services or the NSPCC.”

Meanwhile, the Yard’s Clubs and Vice Unit, known as CO14, is expected to take full responsibility for targeting the multi-million pound sex trafficking trade in London. As well as stopping foreign sex slaves being smuggled into the UK, they will investigate home-grown prostitution rings.

Palestinian Child brides
Palestinian Child brides

There is likely to be an explosion in sex trafficking in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics. UK SUN

Our friends at THE OPINIONATOR add this helpful insight about Islamic justification for this which is contrary to what they would have us believe about their religion:

The link between (child) pornography and muslim terrorism has been recently established as has the long time “open secret” of Islamic leaders and holy men encouraging, abeting and partaking of prostitutes.

The use of prostitutes is legitimatized by the Islamic answer/excuse to pre-marital and extra-marital sex with the situationally convenient sigheh or “temporary marriage” – which even allows for compensation to be paid to the woman/temporary bride.

Tragic but nevertheless fitting that the below news article comes to light at the same time you have muslim hate preacher, Adjem Coudary, on his latest ‘hate and venom’ road show.  Let’s recall this about Choudary & Islam:

The hypocritcal Anjem Choudary is a prime example of “Do as I say NOT as I do (did)” which included being guilty of anti-Sharia activities as drinking alcohol, using illegal drugs and gambling. He also engaged in viewing pornography and having sex outside marriage but premarital sex falls into an Islamic “grey area’ –covered by sigheh.

Young Choudary with booze, porn
Young Choudary with booze, porn

The blink and your married – have sex – and blink your not married reminds one of  the clicking of heels together like Dorothy’s magical ruby slippers in the Wizard of Ozchildren’s story.

Just like in the fairy tale -maybe that’s what the hate spewing Choudary did – he clicked his magic muslim heels together – grew a beard – and turned from “living like an animal” into the epitome of a muslim hate cleric – spouting among many things – the Islamic takeover of the UK and implementation of punitive Sharia Law, death to non burka wearing muslim women AND declaring jihad against the infidels.

Choudary today advocating Sharia Law for UK
Choudary today advocating Shari'a Law for UK

Rich, fat cat muslim paedophiles clearly prefer to not wait for their 72 virgins in heaven but rather purchase them, like the sex slaves these little girls are, on the auction block.

These muslim perverts, offended by all sorts of normal & legal Western customs and behaviours, clearly are not offended by pedophilia and rape.