SNEAKY, SNEAKY, OBAMA Administration tried to have covert talks with “moderate” Taliban

But they were rejected.

US Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke had requested talks with Taliban’s leader Mullah Omar during his July visit to Pakistan. Holbrook then demanded that the issue must be pursued covertly, adding that in case Taliban’s response to his request was affirmative, then the US would decide how to carry on the matter.

During the visit, Holbrooke, accompanied by the US ambassador to Islamabad, asked Pakistani officials to make the effort in bringing either the Taliban leader or his special representative to the negotiating table, a Press TV correspondent reports.

Holbrooke’s request is currently being considered in Taliban’s leadership council by Mowlavi Abdul Kabir and Mowlavi Abdul Latif Mansour, the report adds. (Since July?)

According to a member of Taliban’s leadership council, during his Islamabad visit in July, Holbrooke opposed suggestions by Pakistani officials that his appeal for talks with the Taliban leader should be made public.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that Taliban leaders have also embraced the idea of Saudi Arabia brokering of talks between the US and Taliban.

In a supposed effort to curb the violence in Afghanistan, which has also spread to Pakistan, the US announced earlier that it was open to the idea of reaching out to “moderate elements” within Taliban, another fascinating American idea that has only helped intensify terrorism in the region during its eight-year intervention. PRESS TV via Weasel Zippers

When asked about the notion of “moderate Taliban” versus “hardline Taliban,” Taliban leader laughed and replied, “No, there is no difference…they are the same.”

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